In our effort to protect the usefulness of the community, we are reviewing accounts as they are created to weed out spammers and bots. But sometimes they slip through the cracks.

What Is Spam?

Here are some examples of spam on this site:

  • Any posts, discussions, or comments that are obscene or vulgar. 
  • Any posts, discussions, or comments that are not related to small business.
  • Mass unsolicited sales messages.

How to Handle Spam

If you suspect a member is a spammer, please send a message to our community manager, Amanda Henson, letting her know the user name of the suspected spammer, as well as a description of the activity that has you questioning their account. 

Thank you for your patience and your helping in keeping our community spam-free!

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As for my personal (+/- 3-5 years) experience/observations, concerning spam/scam/abuse protection, on different international social networking sites and community portals, I could recommend for the Bonfire web developers team the "Tagged/hi5" features for neutralize (report/block/delete) such kind of unwanted contacts. (Pls, fellows, excuse my "self-made English", if any)

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