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8 principles of brand building every business owner must know

Ok here comes another rant.  Something else I feel PASSIONATE enough to SHOUT ABOUT IT. Today’s outpouring is about your brand… and why if you seriously want to grow, you must take this subject very seriously indeed.

I do believe the power of a company’s brand is the single most misunderstood and…


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Why Add Live Chat Software to your Ecommerce Website

It is no secret today that the Internet has emerged as the world’s largest marketplace with millions of products being bought and sold each hour across geographical boundaries. Online sales constantly continue to inch northward. Worldwide business-to-consumer (B2C) ecommerce sales have indeed increased by about 20.1% in 2014 to touch $1.5 trillion, according to a research study conducted by eMarketer. Unparalleled ecommerce sales has paved the way for a need for unmatched customer support…


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Expenditures Reduction Through Outsourcing

Companies go to great lengths to replace office printed materials with digital files. Still, most enterprises rely on printed documents as a fail-safe alternative to digital archives, even though printing takes up to 3% of a company’s revenue. The solution is to give printing the same level of importance as the IT department, and to develop strategies that will increase employees’ productivity, protect sensitive data and support environmental efforts. One of…


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6 Common Mistakes To Avoid For A Proper Tax Management

Being an entrepreneur, one of the utmost aspects which you consider is the related profit of the business. Isn’t it? Of course, hard work along with accurate decisions instigates the much needed success for the businesses.

However, this is just one sided facet. There are various factors which when…


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How to integrate Live Support on Your Website

Not too long ago, there was a time when modifying either a web page or an entire website for that matter required the intervention of programmers, developers and coders who remained constantly preoccupied juggling multiple deadlines. The steps were many and the procedures were complex. Web technologies have become so user centric today that individuals with virtually no technical backgrounds can not only build websites using content management systems (CMS) but also maintain these websites…


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How To Keep A Customer Complaint Log - And Why!

Whether you manage a large company or are a sole trader, your customer complaints are invaluable.  No business is perfect and errors are a learning experience – believe me, I’m learning.   By documenting your customer complaints you will turn negative into positive, resulting in a more profitable business.

The negative value of customer complaints

• Complaints cost you money via credits and lost sales

• Complaints cost you time in resolution

• Complaints not dealt with to…


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The darker side of business ownership …

I don’t have time to write this blog.  But I can’t sit at my desk in integrity and not write it. Because I’ve owned a number of businesses and I have been to the dark side.  And when my mission is to set business owners free, I can’t ignore the blackhole that seems to engulf certain entrepreneurial…


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Learn From My (Social Media) Mistakes

I’ve been active on social media nearly as long as I’ve been a virtual assistant and boy oh boy, I’ve made my fair share of social media mistakes.  So this week, rather than be positive and tell you what you should do, I’m going to give you a bit of a reality hit and tell you my top social media mistakes.  So you don’t make them!

Here goes:

Not double checking posts and updates for spelling and grammar.

You’re on your phone and rushing to post your update before your…


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Do Your Documents Do Your Business Justice?

One of my coaching clients called this week with a project we do time and time again.  Document Makeover.  Over the years she has accumulated a number of templates, forms and documents which she uses with her clients and as is so common, as her library has grown, so too have the inconsistencies.  Our project was to ‘make my docs professional, reflect what I do and appeal to my clients’.

Our process for this project was simple, and one you can easily follow for your own document…


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Retail Marketing Makeover: Embrace the Webrooming Trend to Increase Retail Sales

As a local business owner, you may have worried that your brick-and-mortar location would suffer as consumers turn to the internet for their shopping needs. But with a retail marketing makeover, you can harness the power of online shopping trends to convert brick-and-mortar shoppers.

One trend in particular that every business owner should address in their marketing strategy is an increasingly prevalent phenomenon known as “webrooming”. This is when shoppers begin researching and…


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How long does it take for inbound marketing to start paying off?

There is a lot of buzz lately regarding inbound marketing and its effects which outpass the much slower economic rebound of traditional marketing. Consequently, many businesses and companies are considering this type of promotional plan, but they still wonder how much they will have to spend…


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3 Ways Displaced Employees can Maximize Group Career Counseling

Rafael, 37, was a laid off IT Network Manager for a small company. Like many of his colleagues, he was entitled to outplacement services and group career counseling.

But he was bitter, confused and panicky. Understandably so, considering the bad news he received. 

On the day of the counseling session, Rafael felt the unwelcome change in his morning routine. He was supposed to be getting ready for work. Instead, he’s on his way to a ‘woo-woo’ AA type therapy…


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All Tasks Are Not Created Equal (How to Prioritise Your Task List)

I started working with a new client this week, helping him manage his emails and calendar.  Like most clients, his days are full on and he’d been talking to a colleague who has a VA.  Now he does!  So while I can give him back some hours now he’s not having to respond to all emails, he still has a list of tasks much bigger than his available hours.

Below is the strategy we’ve worked out to help him to achieve more out of his day with the help of some prioritising.  And with…


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What makes a saleable business?

In this video, I’m talking to a large group of business owners about creating success in business. And as those who know me will tell you, my definition of success when it comes to business is … to build an asset that ultimately feeds you financial freedom for the rest of your life.

If you ever want to sell your business (and even if you don’t) there are 9 key…


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What are the differences between a 401k rollover and a 401k transfer?

When you decide to roll over an old 401k into a new 401k or a self-directed Individual Retirement Account (IRA), you can opt for an:


  1. a.    401k rollover, or a
  2. b.    401k transfer


401k rollovers and 401k transfers share some similarities, but the differences between a 401k rollover and a 401k transfer are what savvy investors hone in on to…


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25 things an entrepreneur isn’t

As a small business owner you are first of all an entrepreneur. Regardless of how success is defined in your particular niche, it is beyond doubt that successful businesspeople share some common traits.

There are also traits that can never be used to describe successful entrepreneurs.

Don’t worry if some of these can be used to describe you presently. You can gradually shake them off by developing a winning attitude.

Setting goals and coming up with…


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Where do small businesses spend their money?

There are 23 million small businesses in the U.S., and those small businesses have increased their budgets and are looking to spend more money this year. Why?  Because they expect 2015 to be a good year -- a year with both increased profits and revenue growth. How do we know that?  A recent survey conducted by Wasp Barcode Technologies of over 1,000 small business leaders…


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Does your business ever feel like a life sentence?

My early mentor in business was Robert Kiyosaki. I studied with him all around the world, long before he wrote the Rich Dad Poor Dad books.  One day, at his business school in Hawaii I was sitting next to him at dinner.  We were talking about finding your life purpose and building a business around this.  I asked Robert how to find my purpose, my passion.  He replied,…


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Plan your business with the exit in mind… a mantra I never grow tired of!

If every business owner started their business knowing it was meant to be an asset not a job, we would be a nation of wealthy entrepreneurs and one of the leading economies in the world. My mission is to help every business owner I come into contact with grow a business as it should be… something extraordinary that they can eventually exit from and leave a legacy of greatness.…


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Small Business Time Management - No Device Required

You busy? Sometimes it feels like these two words replace, “Hi, how’s your day”.  So here’s another two words to use instead.



No fancy smart phone apps, no cloud based software.  Two. Words. (devices have their place but those goodies can wait till next week’s post)

These two words will solve your small business time management woes and yes, you’ll replace those minutes … hours … and days that have always gone up in a puff of smoke with quality time…


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