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What is a “Gold Standard?”

As a general financially-related definition, a “gold standard” is a type of monetary system in which a country’s fiat currency (paper money) maintains a value that is directly linked to the value of gold. Nations that work on a gold standard set the gold spot price at a fixed amount, and that amount is used to determine the real value of that nation’s paper money.

For example, if the United States were to go back on a gold standard with…


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4 Features of Business Vehicle Tracking

With the innovation of most recent technologies, the two way radio hire is one of the more diminutive and less demanding errand for everybody. Truth be told, these days radios have come in the business to support different extra capacities that can undoubtedly fit with any sort of provision. One essential utilization of this two radio framework is for military reason. The military association utilizes this gadget for expansive number of purposes, which additionally incorporates…


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Bad Bosses: Three Practices Ruining Your Business

Reputation is the biggest asset a business can earn; it's also the easiest to jeopardise. Reputation is the reason people choose to buy into your services, believe in your words, and ultimately choose you over your competition. The quickest way to destroy the reputation you have earned is to follow bad practices. Bad practices can result in a loss of custom, complaints being issued and the bad-mouthing of your business.

In the competitive world of today, it can be difficult to…


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Are You in Need of a Business Detox?

Workers and employers are fully aware the importance of achieving and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. I mean, there are hundreds of articles stressing the concern, sharing tips and tricks to accomplish the sought-after ideal. But no matter how much they talk, or how much they read, they're not fully-switched on to fostering such life techniques. Consequently, they continue to spend ridiculous hours trying to meet deadlines, elevate their career and contribute to the growth of the…


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5 Steps To Sign Up For Obamacare

Open enrollment begins November 15 and ends February 15, 2015. This is the time of the year that anybody can sign up for Obamacare health insurance. If you’re looking to buy coverage for yourself or your family, this guide will show you how to enroll in 5 easy steps.


  1. Go on and click “Get…


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5 Ways to Improve Your Internal PR

When we talk about PR, what comes to mind? Typically, you’re probably thinking about how a company conveys itself to the public. Social media, press releases, newspaper stories, interviews. All those things that can paint your company in a positive light with the public. Any way that you can build your brand…externally.

However, something that we don’t spend much time discussing, and something that many professionals and business owners fail to realize, is that PR efforts…


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You’re a Small Business - But That Doesn’t Mean You're Stuck With 'Small Business Software' For Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable for QuickBooks: Best Practices and a New App to Help You Get Paid A LOT Faster

For smaller businesses using QuickBooks, collecting accounts receivable can be hard but it doesn’t have to be. Join us for a 1 hour webinar where you’ll learn best practices to increase receivables performance with your QuickBooks system and the benefits of A/R management software. Attendees will also get the opportunity to see some of the features in…


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Learn How to Go From The Small Guy to The Big Guy

Are you seeking to land a promotion at your workplace? Perhaps you're the newbie at work and are looking to earn the respect of your fellow co-workers? Or maybe you are looking to elevate your career by applying for your dream job? Whatever your reasons, to flourishingly advance from the small guy to the big guy, you need to develop a workplace professionalism, a can-do attitude and an aptitude for success.…


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A Checklist for Improved Accounts Receivable Management for Small Businesses

Collecting outstanding invoices and protecting your company from taking on bad credit risk is a tough job; use this credit management and accounts receivable checklist to make sure you’re making smart credit decisions and collecting the money owed to you as quickly as possible. The list below touches on best practices throughout the credit management and collections process; from evaluating customer creditworthiness to collecting past due invoices and everything in between.…


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Study Local Press Releases to Learn How to Craft Your Own

Nothing helps you out like experience. Of course that doesn’t do you any good if you don’t have any yet, so how do you know if you’re doing your job correctly when you’re first starting out? Like anything in the writing world, before you put your pen down for the first time, it’s important to look over past examples of what others have done.


The same goes for local press releases. Your predecessors knew (or at least thought they knew) how the town worked and what…


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Telephone Answering: What Not to Do

When you're answering phone calls in your company's name – unless you're employed to monitor phone calls – you probably don't think about how you should respond or what you should be saying. However a good telephone manner is important for many reasons: the right attitude can generate a positive impression and influence the callers behaviour, and power future actions towards your business.



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How to Make Your Audience Feel What You Want Them To

Many a tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist has shouted from the rooftops that industries like PR and social media are all about manipulation. We want the public to think and feel a certain way and will do anything to achieve that aim.

Well, don’t tell them, but they’re kind of right! While I wouldn’t call it manipulation, we do spend an awful lot of time crafting messages…


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How Can Technology Help to Improve Your Small Business?

By Bert Seither, Vice President at 1-800Accountant

About the author: Bert Seither is the Vice President at 1-800Accountant, the nation’s leading accounting and consulting firm for small businesses. Seither has assisted thousands of entrepreneurs to find prosperous paths over the past 10 years.

From offices to shopping malls to classrooms, we are surrounded by technology all…


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Web 2.0 : How to Overcome the PR Challenges of Social Media

Feeling down because no one opened that mass-emailed press release? Don’t, the content isn’t the issue -- it’s the delivery system. Today, people are getting their news from a company’s website directly, through a specially designated tab with links to all things social media-related. This honest, engaging, and transparent delivery system is easy to accomplish by following four steps.



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Five Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Business

Opening your first business comes with a steep learning curve. Mistakes are imminent, no matter how knowledgeable and prepared you think you are. Check out this article for useful advice on what not to do during your first year as an entrepreneur.

Your first year as a business owner will be like a rollercoaster. You’ll work longer hours than you ever thought your body could…


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Infographic | Old Practices To Throw On The Bonfire

Learn how working holidays, virtual meetings, lunch on the go, saying yes and your work uniform is affection your business! alldayPA have designed this infographic to show which old business practices you should throw on that #businessbonfire …


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Bad Customer Service? Three Ways to Deal With Bad Customers..

When you run a business, you run into customers (kind of the point). Business owners feel like they need to please every customer that comes their way. But this is not always right. Just because somebody is interested in your services doesn't mean they're a good customer. There are times when these customers can be difficult, leaving your business exhausted.

Bad customers need to be…


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How to write a business plan!

Behind every successful business, is an infallible business plan and this process should not be taken lightly. Writing a business plan requires your time, focus and hard work to help you decide what you want for your business and the marketing tools you would need so your business can perform and rise towards the right direction. A well planned business structure will give you clarity in how to grow your business and how to attract clients and funds.

Why Do You Need a Business…


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Need to Know! Buying a Restaurant Based Franchise

When opting for a franchise, many businessmen get tempted to invest in a fast food or restaurant franchise since it sounds like a safe choice and what we often hear from people is that food franchise has a high margin. You may have seen many successful restaurant franchises around but what many people can’t see is the challenges they go through when buying, operating or managing a food franchise. You are probably determined and ready to buy a restaurant franchise since it appears as a fast…


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Personal Loans Building Blocks of a Stronger Credit Score

It is no doubt a tough task to maintain a good credit score. What can repair the credit score with fewer hassles? Well, one of the best ways is to get a personal loan. Further going into a debt to boost credit score might not please you as a good option, but if you use the loan to restructure your debt, then you can justify your stand in each of the credit bureaus.

Why A Personal Loan

Credits are of two types – resolving credit such as credit cards and…


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