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Majorly used TV Marketing Stategies

When you see an advertisement on TV, you know it's a commercial, but did you know that there actually several techniques that companies use in order to persuade consumer to buy products? Here are the three most popular TV marketing strategies used on television today.

TV Marketing Strategies

We all see advertising on TV every day, but when it comes…


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5 Tips to Reduce Risk When Starting a Small Business

By Bert Seither, Vice President at 1-800Accountant

About the author: Bert Seither is the Vice President at 1-800Accountant, the nation’s leading accounting and consulting firm for small business owners and entrepreneurs. For over 10 years, Seither has assisted thousands of small business owners to help put their companies on a path to prosperity.



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What is a “Gold Standard?”

As a general financially-related definition, a “gold standard” is a type of monetary system in which a country’s fiat currency (paper money) maintains a value that is directly linked to the value of gold. Nations that work on a gold standard set the gold spot price at a fixed amount, and that amount is used to determine the real value of that nation’s paper money.

For example, if the United States were to go back on a gold standard with…


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4 Features of Business Vehicle Tracking

With the innovation of most recent technologies, the two way radio hire is one of the more diminutive and less demanding errand for everybody. Truth be told, these days radios have come in the business to support different extra capacities that can undoubtedly fit with any sort of provision. One essential utilization of this two radio framework is for military reason. The military association utilizes this gadget for expansive number of purposes, which additionally incorporates…


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Bad Bosses: Three Practices Ruining Your Business

Reputation is the biggest asset a business can earn; it's also the easiest to jeopardise. Reputation is the reason people choose to buy into your services, believe in your words, and ultimately choose you over your competition. The quickest way to destroy the reputation you have earned is to follow bad practices. Bad practices can result in a loss of custom, complaints being issued and the bad-mouthing of your business.

In the competitive world of today, it can be difficult to…


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Are You in Need of a Business Detox?

Workers and employers are fully aware the importance of achieving and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. I mean, there are hundreds of articles stressing the concern, sharing tips and tricks to accomplish the sought-after ideal. But no matter how much they talk, or how much they read, they're not fully-switched on to fostering such life techniques. Consequently, they continue to spend ridiculous hours trying to meet deadlines, elevate their career and contribute to the growth of the…


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