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Old-School Marketing Tactics

The rise of the internet and our dependence on everything digital has allowed digital marketing to take hold of our world. From social media marketing to email campaigns and website pop-ups, digital marketing is the #1 choice of new businesses and start-ups worldwide.

In fact, many marketing professionals are abandoning traditional marketing methods altogether, because they think they are outdated. But, depending on your business, digital marketing techniques may not be the best…


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8 Skills Every Employer Desires in Their Employees

Chances are you've developed and honed specific skills on jobs over the years -- those that have made you successful up to now. Employers often refer to these unique abilities as transferable skills, meaning they can be used in future jobs to help you…


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5 Lies Small Business Owners Tell Themselves (and what to do about them)

I have started, grown and managed over four small businesses in my 5 decades on this planet.

There are a lot of “tips and tricks” articles out there, and they are helpful, of course. I’ve learned though, that it’s my mistakes I need to pay attention to; they are my greatest teachers if I stay open and don’t lose myself to negative thinking.

Here are some of the common thinking traps small business owners -and wannabe small business owners- fall into (and what to do about…


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4 weird and wonderful niche products that converted to commercial success

If you’re developing a startup business plan, it doesn’t always pay to rely on products that are highly specialised — unless you’ve identified a genuine demand.

But British people do appreciate things that are a little different — whether they’re excellent engineering products or eccentric shoes.

So maybe thinking outside the box is the key to a breakthrough — here are four weird and wonderful niche products that converted to commercial success.

  1. Gentlemen’s…

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Should You Choose VueJS Over React?

Choosing a front-end development tool can be a tricky and wearisome decision. Comparing VueJS vs ReactJS, along with other tools that can be included in a comprehensive comparison, is a highly relevant topic, especially in 2018. Entrepreneurs that are interested in extending their web business conduct deep research to understand which tool caters to their business needs the best. But it is not so easy to pick the right tool, mainly because all of the most…


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5 Smart Software Investments to Help You Wrangle Your Business’ Most Tedious Tasks

When a business makes the decision to invest in new software, free or otherwise, the end-goal to ultimately make the lives of you and your employees easier, right?

 Unfortunately, that’s not the reality that many businesses face as they’re stuck with bloated software that actually puts more on their plates. On the flip side, companies can’t totally rely on freeware for risk of running a bare-bones business that can’t meet the needs of its employees or…


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What Makes Survey Automation the Best Feature of Survey Tools?

We live in the world of millenials. To get feedbacks from the modern customers, the business owners have bid goodbye to the paper and pen surveys. They have embraced online survey tools which enable them to enhance their business model and offer better customer experience. Unfortunately, not all survey plugins work flawlessly. Most ask for some sort of micro-management and supervision from the business…

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7 Reasons why mobile apps are under-performing in 2018 - Measures to Take

The main asset of any e-commerce business is usually a highly optimized and well thought out profitable mobile application. Nevertheless, sometimes it’s not working out as it suppose to. Why is it happening? Below we will consider several possible reasons for this situation.



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Why Is Web Application Development Important for Enterprises?

In the modern business environment, it is imperative that business organizations ensure their online presence for promoting their brand. In the case of businesses involving online interaction with their customers, prudently designed web applications ensure achieving the twin benefits of achieving online presence as well as enabling customers to buy or make their transaction conveniently over the Internet. Here’s where the need for an efficient web app…

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Perks of Choosing WooCommerce for Your Ecommerce Website - Infographic


When launching an ecommerce website, choosing the right platform is one of the major concerns for business owners. With several platforms available in the market, there is always a confusion as to which one to go for. SMEs often choose WooCommerce as a selling platform as it is an open source and comes with numerous themes that helps them to build both dynamic and static websites. Moreover,…

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Invest in the Best Ecommerce Website Design Company

As a well-known website designing and app development company Notion Technologies has bagged a lot of awards for their services in the sector and strives to deliver a complete set of top-class web and application…


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Boost Your Company's Digital Marketing Efforts in 4 Easy Steps

If you want your business to stand out in a competitive industry, it’s extremely important that you come up with a well-designed marketing strategy. And since we live in the digital age, your marketing strategy simply needs to have a digital component. In fact, with so many people online, investing in digital marketing is the best way to get your business recognized. And if already did this but you want your digital marketing presence to be more effective,…


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How Local Businesses Can Go National

Starting locally, depending on your industry, it may have taken your firm several years to get to the point where it is, leading your local market in expertise or service. If you have plans to go regional or national, you will…


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The best an entrepreneur can get from business events

Business events no doubt are beneficial but have you ever considered them just a learning facility? If so, you have missed up a lot and if not plan to miss more read this post till the end.

Entrepreneurs can get tons of ROI from such occasion, given targeting the audience smartly and effectively. A recent study in Spain shows €5000 millions of revenue generated by organizations by just holding such gatherings. The figure clearly illustrates how important conducting such conferences,…


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5 Strategies for Increasing Employee Productivity in Your Workplace

Sometimes a company can have a fantastic product that customers do want and still fail. When this happens, there can be many different possibilities for what lead to that breakdown. However, one of the most common sources is…


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Starting an Online Trading Business – Here are Your Options

The idea of trading for a living really seems interesting, especially now when you can do all the trading from the comfort of your home. However, it’s critical that you choose the right things to trade with. The web offers you plenty of options and it’s up to you choose what kind of online trading business you’ll start.…


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Latest SEO Trends to Focus in 2018

Two months of the year 2018 already passed and with every passing day, Google is updating its algorithm & strategies to deal with websites. With these changing algorithms, SEO Trends are evolving in parallel. Now it’s not the same old SEO where you just had to put some link building activities, go through some On-Page optimization, a little bit of keyword stuffing and boom… You will be ranked at the top in SERP.

In 2017, Google Rank…


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5 Steps to Follow after MVP Fails

The journey of a startup begins as soon as the idea stuck in mind. No matter, whether the idea is about developing a mobile app or software solution, your next step is to brainstorm it and find out whether it will be successful or not.

It is worthwhile to mention that 9 out of 10 startups fail. It is a spine-chilling fact that holds many individuals from pursuing their dream. As…


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Effective Restoration Services For Damaged Property

If people’s property was the ill-fated victim of a fire mishap or damage due to water, it is imperative that you seek the help and assistance of a professional fire and water restoration service company. They reputed firms will use their expertise and knowledge to minimize the losses of people have sustained. Period is of the extract when it comes to dealing with these problems as the worst damage can usually occur well after the fire has been put out or…


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