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Six Tips for the Best Email Marketing Layout

No one wants to read an email that’s hard to navigate, boring or an eyesore. Use images and other media to balance text but keep content simple and mobile-friendly. Here are six tips for email layouts that will grab (and hold!) the reader's attention: 

Email Layout Tips and Best…


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4 Tips On Using a Personal Loan to Grow a Small Business

You may have saved some money and you’re thinking of growing your own business. Owning a small business is great because it is a way to generate an income passively. In other words, you get some money while your machinery is…


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How to Become a Gmail Power User

Get a Gmail productivity boost: experts’ tips and tricks to help you save time and make the most out of your inbox.

Being a Gmail power user often lies in knowing just a little more than the average user does. And if we know something, it’s a Gmail inbox, so we thought we’d let you know how your inbox can simplify your life. With a series of little tips.

First of, let’s see how to:

Organize your inbox with stars

Using Gmail’s…


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7 Ways to make your business stand out


All business owners know the rate at which businesses fail. Although many factors lead to failure and bankruptcy. The lack of differentiation is among the leading causes. For your business to succeed, it has…


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5 Tips for Managing Your Business Expansion

Every business owner out there wants their company to scale up. However, once that starts happening, you can't just sit and wait for things to go your way. What you need to do is manage your expansion effectively and only then will you get to take your business to the next level. And if you’re wondering how to do this, here are 5 tips that are guaranteed to do the trick.…


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10 New Year's Resolutions for Small Business Owners

New Year’s Resolutions to Make This the Best Year Yet!

It’s a new year… YEAH! So what are you going to do different this year to get you closer to your goals? Making some new year’s resolutions will get you on the right track.  Commitment to a well thought out plan, and the flexibility to make changes and corrections when needed will greatly contribute to your personal and business success.

2018 New Year’s…


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Facebook Tips: Go Live!

Facebook Live is a great platform for live streaming video. Tap the button from your Facebook for Business page, write a short description about your stream, and smile for the camera!

Four Facebook Live Streaming Ideas for Small Businesses:

Behind The…


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Are You Using Lead Management CRM Wisely?

Why Leads Give You the Cold Shoulder & What to Do

Converting leads into customers translates investment in lead nurturing software to adequate returns. Most of us spend lot of efforts in generating leads. However, producing leads is varied with different requirements of time and money. Producing leads may be easy but conversions are usually the difficult part of any business.

In addition to this, there is a…


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9 Early Warning Signs of Startup Failure

90% of startups fail is a spine-chilling fact for many while for others they may fall in the list of 10%. As a startup, you have to go through various stages of trial and error. Sometimes you feel everything is going smooth, while sometimes you think it is never going to…


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5+ Ways to Reduce IT Costs

Controlling costs is a challenge every business must face. This is especially true when it comes to technology spending, with organizations projected to spend $3.5 trillion…


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What is Website Localization And Why Should You Care?


As Managing Director of a translation services company, I have dedicated most of my career to languages and to helping other…


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Top Tips For Working From Home Effectively

Do you work from home? Are you like one of the 3.9 million other Americans who get to do their jobs in their pajamas? Working from home can have a lot of benefits, from avoiding the rush hour traffic to awaiting the plumber when you have a home repair disaster. But it can be a challenge as well.

If you struggle to be your productive self with children or pets making background noise, take a few tips…


Added by Christina Comben on January 10, 2018 at 10:04am — 2 Comments

Legal Representation and SMB Owners

Quite often, SMB owners overlook the importance of good legal protection. However, if you’re an SMB owner, this is definitely something you’ll want to avoid doing. Being an SMB owner, you’ve probably shed blood in order to get your business off the ground and the last thing you want to do is get ruined by a legal issue you had absolutely no clue about. That’s why having a good legal representation can come in handy. And if you’re still not convinced that you…


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Why Should all Small Businesses Turn to SEO?

SEO is important for both small and large-scale companies. It is not a bogus concept to draw money from business owners. It brings results, both qualitative and quantitative, if done in the proper way. Many companies lack the basic idea of doing SEO, which is why they have ended up creating a bad reputation for such good a digital marketing strategy. But, if you are patient, selective and open to changes, you can get a good return on SEO.…


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How to Increase Engagement on Facebook

Businesses Love Facebook

74% of people say they use Facebook for professional services (Hubspot, 2017), and it continues to be a powerful platform for small businesses. A common mistake, however, is to create…


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8 Killer Tips for Salespeople

Selling is as much a skill as it is a talent, and that means you can sharpen up your abilities with the right guidance. Give these eight great selling tricks a try!

1) Don't waste time on weak prospects.

Veteran salespeople understand that…


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5 Vital Skills You Need to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

The world is full of failed entrepreneurs — men and women who had great ideas but could not execute because they lacked business acumen. They just couldn’t achieve positive cash flow before funding ran out, and so they had to shut down forever.

To make it as an entrepreneur today, you need to be a master of your craft. You need to produce a truly remarkable product or high-quality service that sets you…


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Content Marketing: Tips and Best Practices

Content marketing is a powerful marketing tool for small businesses but in this rapidly evolving market, it can be difficult to keep pace with content marketing trends. Long gone are the days when content marketing meant blog posts; there are many ways to share content and engage your…


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5 Vital Reasons to Make Mobile CRM a Part of Your Business System!

Business competitions scale new heights every day! Better customer service can keep you stay ahead of the curve in this situation. You can take help from the CRM system to offer a more personalized experience to your customers.

But then, how would you access and manage the CRM system on the move for expanding your business and interacting with prospects?…

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Five Tips to Help You Become a Better Salesperson

  1. Show up and show up on time

It should really go without saying, but too many sales are lost because of lack of self-discipline. Make sure you follow through and double check that your head is well and truly screwed on! People aren’t going to want to buy a product or service for someone who…


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