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Reasons Behind the Growing Popularity of Magento

CMS platforms are flooding the markets since the success of WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Some of them changed the world of websites we live in. And some of them have become history with changing times. However, here we talk about one of these platforms, which has made serious inroads with respect to ecommerce websites. Yes, we are talking about Magento.…



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Top 5 Reasons to Migrate to Mobile CRM App

“One technology year is equivalent to 4 human years” - says a popular quote for IT advancements. While we were still at the debate whether a CRM is an integral tool for small to medium enterprises, we have a new vertical knocking on the door. A CRM Mobile App.…

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Quick Checklist to Increase Sales of Your Magento Website

Magento is one of the most preferred eCommerce platforms worldwide. Reasons? Well, we can name user-friendly features and excellent performance as some of the major ones. With Magento 2, you can reduce the operational costs of your online store up to 50 percent. Here, we will talk about another issue- How to increase sales of your eCommerce store using the features of Magento?…

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Five Reasons to Migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Over a decade has passed since the advent of the first beta version of Magento. The most recent update of this open source eCommerce platform has come in December 2017 as version 2.2.2. Since its launch, Magento has redefined the ecommerce web development process. If you own a Magento Store, you can cope with the growing competition in the ecommerce sector.

But to remain competitive all the time, you need to embrace…


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TapCRM Mobile App- Stay Updated with The New Updates

Having a CRM application on your mobile is imperative if you want to empower your sales, marketing, and customer service teams with CRM data access on the move. If your organization has Suite or Sugar CRM at place, TapCRM, a mobile CRM app comes handy to get help you get access to CRM system with your smartphone. Sales representatives and administrators can avail all the benefits of TapCRM alike.

Screenshot from 2018-01-31 17-44-15

A plethora of…


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How Does Australia Post Shipping Extension Offer Pleasant Shipping Experience?

How to make the most out of your Australian Magento Store? Well, you need to take care of shopping and shipping experience alike! AppJetty, an official Australia Post Partner, provides Magento store owners with Australia Post Shipping Extension. Whether your ecommerce store is based on Magento 1 or Magento 2, you…

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How Are Magento Mobile Apps Driving Ecommerce Growth?

From “Look I got a text!” to “Hey I’ve downloaded this really cool app. I can now order online!” We have come a long way in our interactions with mobile phones. They have…

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WooCommerce 3.2- What Is New for Users?

What is a secret sauce of success for WooCommerce? The answer is- Simplicity. Be it installation or customization, simplicity is inherent in WooCommerce. That is not all! Since inception, this WordPress-supported plugin focuses on the user experience. WooCommerce extensions and plugins enable the developers to integrate the…

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Top Features of One of the Best Odoo Themes!

Do you know a theme can make or mar your Odoo eCommerce website? When the eCommerce sector is thriving with the advent of new players, you have no choice but to choose the best theme! But, as we have many themes available, selecting the most suitable theme is quite a task. Let us make things easier for you!…


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How to Overcome Magento Website Drawbacks

If you have a Magento store, chances are high that you will stay ahead in the ecommerce game. But, mind you! Increasing sales above a certain limit is a whole nother story. Only leveraging the features of Magento framework is not sufficient for boosting the sales number. You need to overcome the drawbacks of Magento eCommerce website as well. How would you do it using the technological advancements? Yes, your guess is right!…


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How Does Odoo Handle Complex Accounting Processes?

Accountancy has always been a complex issue for SMEs and large enterprises. Whether it is an expansion of business or daily transactions, everything requires the utmost care. This is where technology lends a helping hand! It offers you two types of accounting software solutions. One is individual or a feature-centric software. However, it cannot serve all the objectives.…


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5 Vital Reasons to Make Mobile CRM a Part of Your Business System!

Business competitions scale new heights every day! Better customer service can keep you stay ahead of the curve in this situation. You can take help from the CRM system to offer a more personalized experience to your customers.

But then, how would you access and manage the CRM system on the move for expanding your business and interacting with prospects?…

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Five Must Have Plugins For Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

We cannot ignore the fact the world sculpts itself in a new shape every day with the injection of ecommerce. Entrepreneurship also has its own kind of technology driven motivation. Ecommerce, Entrepreneurship, and technical innovations, all go hand in hand. Moreover, they all play a major role in sculpting our world.

What does an eCom…

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The Redefined Heights of Ecommerce Possibilities

Amazon is truly a market leader when we talk about ecommerce and ecommerce store. eBay and Alibaba came along, had their own share of the pie. But, as long as it is about setting trend, Amazon is the trend-setter. If there is any doubt, last year’s move for Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud became the first Cloud Services Providers to have PCI DSS…

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Magento Admin App: A Perfect Way to Manage Your Ecommerce Store Activities!

Having an online presence of business comes with a lot of ease and profitability. It does not ask for a lot of investment and you can start small. Over the years, we have witnessed several business owners who have moved their businesses from offline to online. And there might be a possibility that you too, are one of them.

Magento-Admin-App-A-Perfect-Way-to-Manage-Your-Ecommerce-Store-Activities But does it just end with having your presence on the world wide web? The answer of course, is…


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WordPress Plugins: The Creative Backbone of WordPress

WordPress Plugins & Widgets, WP Plug-ins & Addons - AppJetty

For a long time, the developers’ community acted as purists with respect to Web Apps Development. There was a strong belief that custom coding from scratch could be the only option. However, after many Open Source platforms providing faster mechanisms, the developers have adopted new methods. And, WordPress is one of the market leaders due wide range of …


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The Drastic Violet Shift of CRM Apps Towards Mobile Platform

In less than a decade, Steve Job’s first iPhone gave birth to a new phenomenon. First came the iOS, followed by the Android. Together, they routed the Symbian, Java and everyone else. It certainly made a huge difference to our lives. More so, it made a huge difference to how we exchange information.

Talking purely from the Business perspective, a decade ago, we lived in the era ruled by standalone systems. The architectures shifted from two-tier to three-tier. And, very soon we…


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Important Tips to Speed Up Your Magento Website

When it comes to having an ecommerce website that offers convenience, Magento is the most commonly embraced platform. Based on a study by Magento, Merchants will generate more than $224 billion online by 2020, through Magento platforms. This statistics surpasses the growth of worldwide digital commerce.

Although Magento offers world-class features and functionalities, some business specific functionalities go…

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How Store Owners can Save Time Using Odoo Themes?

No matter how easy it may seem, but conceptualizing a website from scratch requires much more than just designing ideas. Especially, if the task is to visualize an ecommerce site, it is nothing less than theorizing a Quantum Mechanics thesis. No extrapolation of the facts in this statement.…

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10 Excellent Must Have Magento 2 Extensions for Your Ecommerce Store

“User Experience.” The one and only word that drives online businesses around. Provide a mediocre user experience and the visitors will never visit your store again! Convenience while making online purchase is what online shoppers look out for today. And ecommerce store owners always strive to provide that. They do this by creating their websites on Magento - one of the most popular platforms that drive the ecommerce…


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