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How to Generate More Sales in an Increasingly Millennials Dominated Web

As Millennials age, they displace Baby Boomers and members of the Generation X as the predominant generation in most company’s target demographic. This has led to an internet audience dominated by a group that was either born with the internet or those who “grew up” with the internet.

With a 98% smartphone ownership…


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How Retargeting Can Help Your Ad Campaign.

What is Remarketing?

The unfortunate truth of any online ad campaign is that some people who first click on your advert aren’t going to stay around to actually make a sale. Whether they lose interest, forget, or just don’t…


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Making UX and SEO Work Hand In Hand

At the core of search engine optimization is the creation of quality and unique content that caters to the needs of your target audience while delivering a robust user experience. This is why many summarize the crux of SEO as…


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Can’t Shake the Haze? 11 Ways to Jump-Start Your Day

In business and life your sense of wellness should be of prime importance. If you are not happy, chances are you will not be productive either. Happiness comes from many different sources and you need to stay on top of your game for the best outcome in all regards. Seasoned Arizona attorney Jeffery Phillips goes as far as saying that every layer needs to take a pro bono case at some time, listing the benefits which…


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How men like Anik Singal can make a difference in your Entrepreneurial life.

Everyone is wary of clichés, and understandably so. However one particular cliché seems to hold an undeniable truth we all must agree upon, and it does so with only 5 simple words which say: ‘No man is an island’.

We all go through different activities and duties in our everyday lives, and as such we find…


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Tech Productivity Hacks from Jeffrey Phillips for Busy Lawyers in 2017

“Improved productivity means less human sweat, not more” — Henry Ford

Being productive is probably the most hammered-upon topic of a young adult employee’s working life. It becomes more of a life saver than merely an admirable quality. As a young lawyer…


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How Business Process Outsourcing is Changing Traditional Businesses

When most people think of their dream jobs, they only think of the job itself. If you’d always wanted to be a doctor then you probably only thought of the part of the job that involves treating patients. If you wanted to be a civil engineer then you probably only imagined yourself putting up amazing new…


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Anik Singal and 4 Other Inspiring Americans of Indian Origin

There are a number of very prominent American citizens of Indian origin who have made great strides in various fields of human endeavor – from science and research to politics, from information technology to the academia, and from the media to music and entertainment. Many people are inspired by their stories,…


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Four Top Tips For Buying and Selling Top Domain Names


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The Difference Between A Brand And Branding Explained Simply

Between Branding, and a Brand

Branding is such an important component of your business that getting it wrong can affect your…


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The Importance Of Wholesalers In Business And Retail

Wholesalers play a huge and fundamental role in the process of getting manufactured products into the hands of customers.

Retailers, such as pound shops and other discount stores, rely upon wholesalers to purchase…


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Keeping Your Business Economical Saving Money on Utility Rates

The purpose of every business is to make profit and reducing operational costs and expenses is a great strategy to do so. When expenses are reduced alongside making and increasing revenue, the bottom line of a business does well.

A great way to reduce expenses and cut down costs is to save money on utility costs. With saving money on utility costs, every little bit and amount…


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When Should You Switch Your Business’ URL to a Different Domain Extension?

This is a common question many small business owners would like to know, considering the repercussions (and costs) that go into the project itself. Many marketing professionals will likely advise you to do so for security purposes…


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Misconceptions Small Businesses Have About Cloud Services

Improved technologies have made it easier than it once was to start a business. However, running the business successfully remains a challenge for most small business owners. More businesses continue to spring up quickly, powered by new technologies, while a lot of businesses are closing up because new technologies have made them redundant.

Small business owners have to continually adapt to avoid being…


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Accessibility is Vital For Business Web Sites - Now and the Future

Web accessibility refers to the improvement of design to ease up web navigation for people with disabilities. Web accessibility ensures that people with disabilities can understand, navigate, perceive, interact and…


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Business Sites Must Be Accessible Now and Visions for The Future

Today, there are over 3 billion internet users, while there are over 1 billion websites online. Add mobile apps to that, and you have several billion interfaces that users interact with daily.

But, there is…


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Tips on Accommodation for those Travelling to the US on business

Hi guys thank-you to all who have chatted and friended me I am always here to give cutting edge marketing advice and can see that many of you are on that trial with your websites. I want to take a different post this time and as I can see that there is a good amount of…


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5 Super Local SEO Tips for 2016

If you have a business that is dependent on patronage from local resident then Local SEO is important for your business. Local SEO is a branch of SEO that is focused on helping people resident in the same location as your business to find you.

Over the course of 2016, the number of people shopping online or looking for items online before heading off to a local store will keep pace with growth trends from…


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