Bad Customer Service? Three Ways to Deal With Bad Customers..

When you run a business, you run into customers (kind of the point). Business owners feel like they need to please every customer that comes their way. But this is not always right. Just because somebody is interested in your services doesn't mean they're a good customer. There are times when these customers can be difficult, leaving your business exhausted.

Bad customers need to be fired and cut loose. By never looking back on these customers, you will create a positive impact on your business and co-workers. But which customers are the ones you need to wave good riddance and how do can you identify them?

alldayPA takes a look at the typical attributes of what makes a customer bad and how to terminate their bad custom:

Bad Eggs:

Sometime or another, you will come across customers which are foul-mouthed, egotistic and insulting. These customers make the most obscene demands and want everything at half of the price. If you say no, they become even more intrusive.

Dealing with these customers can be a real drain on your morale, time-consuming and not nice. You're not being paid to take abuse, nor should you be. Work with the people who appreciate what you do and are willing to pay for what you provide without complaining.

Bad Fit:

Some customers can wear your service like an old pair of jeans – perhaps you use to be a good fit or perhaps you never was – they're always after something and you can never get it quite right. These customers are constantly changing their needs; wanting a full-service expectation and a limited-service budget.

Whatever the problem; they're not getting what they need out of you and this means that you are a bad match for them. This customer relationship isn't working. Ditch them before they ditch you!

Bad Investment:

Are you familiar with the old 80/20 rule? The one that predicts, at some point or another, 20% of your customers will be driving 80% of your profits? You can't afford to loose money on dead-weight customers. Instead you should be focused on the clients that are the most profitable and who fit in your reason for existence.

You only have so many hours in a day and you need to use them effectively to make your business a success. Ensure all customer relationships are win-win for both your business and your customers.

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