Cybercrime is the biggest challenge in 2017 for SMBs - How To Deal With It?

Small businesses are moving rapidly to embrace the new technology changes that are happening in 2017 and these changes will continue for many more years. They are expanding and making their plans to be technologically advanced and fight the related challenges. Still, there are many technological challenges faced by businesses which cannot be overlooked for it can affect the SMBs drastically. To survive in this increasing digital world you need to have quality security measures against cyber crimes which will increase at the same pace at which the technology is improving.


You may think why SMBs are the target of these cyber crimes and security issues? Well, as per the survey conducted by Ponemon for small and medium sized market, about 58% of SMBs do not take cyber crime as a matter of security concern. The National cyber security Alliance said that about 77% owners of SMBs were under the impression, that cyber crimes can’t harm them. However, the reality was eye opening and in 2014 the survey revealed that 60% attacks were on SMBs.


So, the stats were quite opposite to what SMBs claimed and that is why SMBs have started taking cyber security threats seriously. But, the security challenges still remain.


So are you ready for these technology changes and fight the biggest challenge, i.e. “CYBER CRIME” ?


Let’s see why cybercrime is a challenge in 2017 and in the coming years:


Most of the SMBs do not have a well laid IT infrastructure and a sound strategic approach towards technology which is a biggest hurdle when it comes to dealing with cyber crimes. They are so engrossed with common small business problems to such an extent that they ignore the IT issues and do not think for overcoming security threats either for now or  long term. Even though there are reliable IT solutions to work as a shield for your business when it comes to cyber attacks and it will also allow your business to stay competitive. Then why wait?


Things that SMBs can do to root out cyber crime problems:


  • Be aware about security policies: There are some security policies which must be followed strictly and you and your employees must be updated about these security policies to keep your IT environment safe. For example, you are always intimated when keeping a password. You would be asked to keep long passwords which must consist of characters, numbers and letters and the password needs to be changed after a month or so.  Updating devices, firewalls and operating systems to keep the data protected is another important aspect of security policies.


  • Managing money: money management is a crucial step towards the expansion of business. It will not only help you survive the slack business period but allow you to make wise business investments in future.  Professional advice on finances can be quite effective here. You need to be ready for the uncertain economic landscape to sustain your business and therefore as an SMB you need to spend smartly. Spending on cyber threats to keep your business safe is a valuable investment and not an expense.

  • Dependence on Experts: You need to balance well when it comes to growing business and doing business. Daily strategic decisions decide the health of your business and small business cyber security concerns can be dealt in a terrific way by a CIO consultant or an IT strategic consulting professional explicitly.


Fight the challenging Industry Dogmas like cyber crimes with strategic planning services that works

Cyber crimes are on the rise and if not dealt by an expert, it can hit your business hard. So, why not hit small business challenges and opportunities strategically with the assistance of an IT expert and say good bye to all the cyber crime and security tragedies that can hamper your running business and make it stagnant. You will be prepared for future security concerns too. This is how you can go about them.


  • 1. Build successful growths strategies:

To sustain your start up business you need growth strategies. A CIO consultant can help you formulate these strategies and implement them at all levels smartly so you can get satisfying results. They will also prepare the organization to deal with cyber crimes without any issues when it comes to adopting new technology for business expansion.


You need small business advisors who have the skills and knowledge to develop unique customized IT strategy for your business.

2. When you are hiring experts, you need to shift your priorities:

You need to keep up with the nascent trends related to cybercrimes and security concerns. It is vital for SMBs to shift their priorities to make things more streamlined. You just can’t hire experts and leave them on their own or do not follow the IT strategy they have built for your business to fight these cyber crimes. When it comes to hiring IT strategy experts, you need to work closely with them.


The simple rule that applies here is, “help them to help you”. They can provide you support across multiple areas, but before that they would need to conduct an IT assessment in which you must be there at all times to understand what will work for your business and why. This will also help you to do business more extensively.

3. Don’t think just for now or your present business position, think strategically for long term (Because strategies work):


A survey conducted by Wasp Barcode Technologies on 1100 small businesses in US across a number of fields presented some numbers related to IT priorities which these SMBs inculcated. It can help you to stay abreast as well when it comes to deciding about the IT priorities. The survey name is “State of Small Business Report.”


The stats revealed that 33% businesses upgraded the server infrastructure, 38% replaced their computer hardware, 33% upgraded the network, 29% upgraded wireless infrastructure and 37% upgraded network security. So, these changes are being made already, imagine the amount of technological changes which will take place in the coming years.


So, as you see the importance of IT solution for small business there is no doubt that it has to be taken substantially so SMBs can fight the challenging Industry Dogmas with strategic planning services that works. If you make IT your priority and choose the right IT experts to develop a realistic strategy, then no one can stop your business from thriving continuously. Moreover, you will always be well prepared in advance for malicious cyber attacks.

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