How IBM is the Game-Changer in Consulting

IBM is one of the largest tech firms in the world. The company, through a number of its consultants, has been playing a key role in the revolution of the provision of consultation services.



Through Watson Health, IBM has been useful to health care by assisting organizations that focus on research that is based on the provision of healthcare. The organizations have been utilizing it to ensure that global healthcare is achieved and that new health challenges are solved quickly and efficiently. For instance, Watson has been used intensively in the fight against combating the Zika virus menace globally. Through Watson Health, it is also possible to use analytics to monitor clinical trials and gauge the effectiveness of Zika vaccines. The access to advanced analytics has played an essential role in promoting preventive and curative healthcare globally, and it has ensured that more lives are saved. Globally, more hospitals now use the IBM Watson to augment their non-clinical patient experience.



The IBM Watson has also been useful across the globe in enabling the accomplishment of small tasks. It has the capability to monitor and analyze consumer habits, a task that has seen its abilities become increasingly complex. The IBM Watson also has the ability to help individuals who are overweight to get rid of the excess weight. Using the Armour's app, it can record an individual's routine and incorporate it into the Al system to give the individual personalized fitness tips. This has revolutionized the fitness at home trend that has become popular among the people who prefer to keep fit without passing through a gym or seeking professional advice.



The IBM Watson also has an impact on people's lives by ensuring that agricultural production is reliable and due precautions are taken in cases of anticipated harsh weather conditions. The IBM Watson has the ability to analyze complex weather data and predict future weather conditions. This allows the authorities to give the necessary technical advice regarding agricultural practices that can allow them to thrive in the case of changes in the weather system.



Cyberbullying is on the rise, a phenomenon attributable to the increased consumption of the internet. IBM has been in the limelight for being among the vocal participants in the fight against cyber-attacks and cyber bullying. IBM, through Watson, has made it possible for governments and multinationals to analyze large security reports and data, which enables them to improve the ability of their security personnel to improve their security analyst capabilities. This is geared towards ensuring that the detection of threats and response to avert search threats is spontaneous and quick. This is likely to reverse the rising trend of cyber-crimes cases.



IBM’s Watson group has also played a key role in transforming consultation in the education sector. The Watson Enlight planning tool allows each teacher to provide a personalized learning content to their learners paying attention to the specific needs that each student has. The tool makes it easy for teachers to understand each student's academic strengths and weaknesses and to create an individualized learning experience to learners.


IBM consulting areas

The IBM Watson uses IBM dashDB that can be compared to google big query or Amazon’s Redshift, enterprise warehouses that have an ability to synthesize millions of read-only data sets. Google’s big query allows for super-fast SDL queries infrastructure using Google’s processing power making it easier to analyze and retrieve data. Google bigquery is also suitable for consultation services due to the availability of compatible third-party tools that can visualize the data or load the data. Big query user friendly as it does not require deployment of other external resources such as disks or virtual machines.

Bigquery is essential in terms of business to business communications. It allows businesses to share and manage information in regards to listing projects, jobs, data sets and sets.


IBM, through its consulting subsidiary IBM Watson, has been instrumental in the provision of a wide range of consultation services to its clients globally. Project Pro Institute outlines that business consulting has become an integral part of the global business cycle. The rise of consulting as a core aspect of business operations is attributable to the changing nature of the global markets and a need for information and honest opinions regarding different aspects of a business entity. For instance, a firm would like to receive accurate information from its clients regarding the quality of its products or services, the quality of the delivery process, and the company's ability to satisfy its customers.

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