How to Know the Best Commercial Dehumidifier?

If you are looking to freshen the musty mildew smell of your basement or warehouse, be sure that a residential dehumidifier will not do the job. What you need is a commercial dehumidifier which is tougher and heavy duty as compared to the residential dehumidifier.

But this could be an overwhelming job considering the options available in the market for the product. To make matters simple, the following is a guide consisting of frequently asked questions about the commercial dehumidifier which will hopefully make you sure about the choice to be made:

1. What is the difference between a residential and commercial dehumidifier?

Residential dehumidifiers are small in size, quieter in noise and cost effective in price. Due to its smaller size and less noise, it can be easily used in a residential area like your living room and it does not even play havoc with your room décor. Also, this product is made of light plastic which makes it perishable within a short period of time. Whereas commercial dehumidifiers are tougher and more durable as they are made of steel and heavy duty plastic. They are expensive as compared to the residential dehumidifiers but they are worth the investment because of its durability.

2. What is the role of a dehumidifier after a major leak or flood?

A major leak or flood needs instant action. Once the water is cleared off, a fan can be a time-consuming option to dry off the remaining moisture which could further cause mold and growth of bacteria. Here commercial dehumidifier plays an important role as not only the process of drying is faster but in turn, it also prevents from forming of mold and curbs the growth of bacteria. For increased efficiency of the working of the dehumidifier, it is necessary to keep the door and windows open during the process... read more

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