Moving into a new city and establishing a clientele base

Hi all, I joined SBB last month but haven't really utilized it. This seems like nice place to develop connections though so here we go.

I've recently moved to Denver, Co. and have been trying to get a following as far as clientele for my business (the cold, cold world of personal training). I've been hired at a local gym and do some free lance work on the side at a studio in downtown Denver. I have my own business cards and I've been relying on word of mouth. One of the problems though is I don't really know anyone in Denver and despite making a Facebook page to promote myself and a twitter account, I lack an understanding on how to connect to an audience.

This has been my biggest problem; connecting with people outside of the meet and greet that I've done in person and really just tapping into the general population. Any advice to get me out there would be really appreciated. Developing a FB or twitter following advice would also be very helpful. Thanks!

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Hi Matthew,

Congrats on your move. I just moved from Boston to Oakland, and know how hard it is to re-establish a business.  I found that Meetup was really helpful as I started to network.

Initially, I was attending to meet other entrepreneurs, which worked great. I'm slowing building a network.  Now, I'm researching groups to speak for.  Could you do something similar? The mom biz groups I belong to enjoy topics on keeping fit at home, ergonomics or a related topic. 

Last thought about following up.  As I write this there are cards on my desk to follow up with, so my face is red... Here's what I've done to make it more pleasant.  I ask people to go for a short walk.  Healthier than coffee for both of us!

So many people move to cities nowadays. I don't believe that we should expect the full urbanization of the world population but just look at some stats of cities population Mexico City is growing at the expense of the rural population.


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