If you feel it then comment on what you think makes it so magical for your business and life.

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Wrapping up one year and the anticipation of a new one is always magical for me. Goals, changes, possibilities...In fact, working on a blog post on that right now! :)

Yes, that is it. I have a friend that has a business and we have been making lists, and checking them twice (sorry) for a few weeks as we are cleaning and revamping our websites and offerings.  Creating new packages and getting that last bit of training in and gearing up for new business packages in 2012.  It's great to be able share and bounce ideas with someone. I guess December is the promise of something new...bright lights on trees and Santa.

I love this time of year! My husband's birthday is tomorrow so the entire month is full of celebration. I like taking the time off to be with family and friends and reflect on why I do what I do and how happy I am to be in business for myself. 

I also love setting goals for the coming year. There is so much promise and possibility in the new year. 2012 is going to be incredible!

Sounds like a very happy time. And I agree with everything you have said. Thanks!

Like the others who've commented, I've been thinking about 2012 goals, too. It's exciting to consider revamping my website, earmarking some funds for professional development next year, and working out a new budget. But I also enjoy taking some time to reflect on the success I've made over the course of 2011!

I try to remember that December is still a month to get things done. I like to focus on ending 2011 on a high note. Sometimes it is too easy to put off starting certain tasks or assignments until the new year, when we still have plenty of time to get a head start before then.

Of course, I also have many hopeful goals for 2012. And I like to review my goals for 2011 and consider how many of them I managed to check off. It's also a chance to reasses and re-evaluate my expectations, so I can find even better results the next time around.  

Emily, love your comment regarding setting aside funds for professional development!

Thanks, Sabrina. The hard part will be selecting which course(s) to take!

December being magical starts with remembering Christ's birth.  It also has so much to do with family and friends, cookies, gifts, fires in the fireplace, scented candles.  We have our annual Christmas Craft sale in my house with my mom, sister-in-law and lots of friends who are crafters...a fun day.  Family get togethers for Christmas Eve and Christmas top it all off.  Not to mention that it's the biggest SOC month of the year.  December is magical!

I think it is because of the holiday where everyone is planning on what they are going to etc and as an employee at http://www.jotbar.fi/ i proven that december is very magical cause all the employee is doing a good job to get their bonuses.


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