Hey all,

This conversation was started on the old platform so I thought I'd bring it here, too. 

I have a theory about how successful business people interact with their clients that I'd like your help with.  There are some topic and scenarios that make you say 'ewww, awkward' and totally avoid.  Yet those are also the times when there's a great opportunity to grow yourself or your business.

So, here are my questions to you, which I hope you'll answer below, but feel free to shoot me email, too.

  1. What worries you most when dealing with awkward conversations in business?
  2. What information would help you have uncomfortable conversations?
  3. What types of examples would you like demonstrated to help educate you on how to have uncomfortable conversations?
  4. What would it me to you or your business to master uncomfortable conversations?

Besides testing my theory, I'm also developing mini-courses around some of the most common conversations.  I appreciate you helping me out with a little research- thanks!

Warmly, Dina

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Interesting topic. I'm usually straight forward and don't engage clients if it's not a right fit so I can't really answer your questions. Good luck on your research.

I am thinking of recent interactions with a client - the awkwardness is usually because we both need to be clearer about what is needed.  And it doesn't help that I used to deal with a different person within the company.  Everyone has different working styles, and we also bring our own insecurities.

I'm not really sure what you mean by "how to have uncomfortable conversations" - this is the goal?

Perhaps, yes. The objective is to learn to be more confident communicating around difficult topics.  The goal is being able to navigate/negotiate better which leads to more profits/opportunities, better relationships and a happier, less stressful business. 

So many times it's easier to tell a white lie to avoid conflict, especially when you like the client and don't want to bother or hurt him.  Doubly hard to be clear when you don't like the person, think their wrong or worry about not being right yourself.

What I'm trying to discover is whether biz folks see any value in learning those skills and what you'd call them.

Thanks Leora, talking that out really helped.

Commenting on your comment Dina.. You wrote above that you are "trying to discover [is] whether biz folks see any value in learning those skills and what you'd call them."

I DO see value in learning these skills.  I've always hid behind my writing, and find "normal" conversations to be difficult, never mind client conversations that are awkward.  Must be my type B personality.  I've always managed, to be sure, but I'd love to see what mini-courses and training you come up with!

Good to know, Kate.  Thanks for telling me that- it helps alot.  Talking with my coach today -cause every biz person should have one ;)- we discussed that my mission is to help entrepreneurs access and successfully use their personal power. I call it taking the 'ass' out of being assertive.

At home. At work. Wherever.  Because once you feel powerful, and that's just the ability to make things happen, you can relax, worry less and be more generous and compassionate with yourself and clients.

Here's what's up first- a series on pricing.  How to set your price, say it confidently so you get it, and how to raise it without damaging your business.  

Would that help?


I love that you are starting with pricing.  I sometimes don't ask for what I should, and I know it.  I'm not sure what stops me from asking for what I'm worth.  I suspect that it's a self-esteem issue!  I need to work on that, and your post is a cold, hard reminder!  Thanks. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Right now i am worry about my performance on doing customer service in a call center company where i am a trainee and  hope that i do a good job about it.

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