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I have now undertaken the exercise of setting up accounts for Blogger, Tumblr, Flickr, Four Square, WordPress, Google+, and Pinterest - just to name a few.

I can see the beneficial potentiality of WordPress and Google+ - these platforms seem quite solid with respect to the social media effort. I also use Linked-In, which has been great on a local level.

Would those interesting in sharing their views constructively share with me the benefits of the other platforms aforementioned above? How does one keep track of all these platforms and effectively manage them?

My sixth sense tells me choosing a few platforms and focusing on them will yield better returns. For those individuals who can manage all of these platforms has my respect - it just seems like there are far too many to keep track of...


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I agree with your intuition.  I've decided to focus on Facebook (because my audience of women entrepreneurs is definitely there) and Google+ after reading Guy Kawasaki's new book, What the Plus!  He makes a great case for G+ being THE platform.

I use Buffer to feed my FB page and tweet.  Recently I suggested they add G+ and they're just waiting for the API. I still love twitter but more and more I'm using it less to reach potential buyers and more to talk with partners or colleagues.

I'm on pinterest but for my personal use.  Maybe one day I'll get around to making a business board. Having spent my early days as an attorney working with battered women, I'm against Foursquare.  Just too much geographical information.  I use Yelp so I'm not sure why I find it offensive.

Hope that helps.  Looking forward to what others add!  Warmly, Dina

Hello New friend!

Thank you for asking nd I hope you are doing Good!

There is alot social networking sites, as I`m sure you know too!  I use several, but this seems to be better than the rest I`ve seen.

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Hi Joe, it is easy to feel over socialized (IMHO)

I currently tend to focus on Twitter, FB (both fan page & personal) - tying them together with a Tumblr blog.  I am currently reading through Guy Kawasaki's book on G+, and will ultimately get a presence there.  I also use my Linkedin account to stay connected.  I find it very valuable especially for business.  I end up 'cross pollinating' from one social arena to the other.

Each of the media markets really are doorways for you to connect with clients - I have heard it said that Twitter is best for brand updates, and FB best for brand marketing - but Guy would tell you the G+ really has some advantages over those.

Not sure if that helps at all -


Facebook has been the perfect platform for me.  As owner of a advertising website for people in direct sales/home party it has been a great tool for find prospective clients.  I get good traffic but it brings even more :-)  not to mention the great business relationships. 

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Wordpress and Google + for me is the best social media website and all the accountants at proven it cause they are all using it.

Depend on your business. Facebook is th e best for all.

As Soel said, it mainly depends on your business. In general, my choice is Pinterest and Tumblr. With these two platforms you can easily acquire visitors with some creative posts and attractive posts. Also you can get some followers for you

No doubt these days social media platforms have become customer care platforms for businesses. Customers prefer to get assistance and give feedback on various social communities. Apart from above mentioned social media platforms, Facebook is a great social networking website. 


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