How to Set Goals eBook

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Is your goal setting process working for you?

Goal setting is possibly one of the most underrated things you can do in your business, but also one of the most important.

It really doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re starting or project you’re undertaking, if you don’t set goals, it will be nearly impossible to make consistent, forward-moving progress. Without goals—and a process for tracking the steps in your goals—you won’t know where you’re going or how you will get there.

How to set goals.... and achieve them

That's why we wrote this easy-to-follow eBook on how to set and achieve goals in your small business. It includes step-by-step advice, worksheets, and all of the tools you need to form goal-friendly habits that will benefit you in every stage of business ownership (and in life!).

More about this goal setting eBook

  • It includes 20 pages of step-by-step goal setting instructions.
  • There are 7 worksheets and tools provided in an editable PDF format, so you can either type right into the PDF document, or print and complete the worksheets on paper.
  • You will receive the download link via email after placing your order.
  • This product is a only a digital download; you will not receive a hard copy.

Ready to finally crush your goals? Grab your copy and get started.