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Top 25 Apps That Everybody Needs on Their Apple Watch

Do you know your wearable, the Apple watch, can become your fitness buddy? All thanks to the success that this smartwatch has been received for the last few years, there are numerous apps for this, aimed to improve your health and well being. 

So what makes…


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Uber for Babysitters: Trusted Child Care Now Available On-Demand

We all know that parenting can be tough. Especially, for working parents striking a balance between their professional time and baby’s time can be challenging. While every parent tries to devote as much personal time to their young children, they are often constrained. Also, there are times when parents need to go out for a…


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10 Popular Bus Booking Apps in India Changing the Way We Plan Travel

Gone are the days when people used to plan for hours to get their bus reservation. Be it long queues in front of ticket booking offices or prolonged waiting time over the telephone, people had to go through a lot of hassles while booking bus tickets. But now the scenario has completely changed in the Indian bus travel…


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Uber For Tow Trucks App – Get Roadside Assistance On Demand

Have you ever watched Seinfeld? If yes, then you probably know Cosmo Kramer, a person who is willing to live his life on the edge. The fun fact is that his car never breaks down. But most of us are not always that lucky.

If someone’s car breaks down or runs out of gas in the middle of the road then the person may…


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Everything You Need to Know About Non-functional Testing in One Comprehensive Guide

Testing is a crucial part of every software development process as it helps to ensure that not only customer satisfaction is guaranteed, but the software itself matches all standards and requirements. While testing was traditionally limited to the functional requirements, the concept of non-functional testing has gradually come under the spotlight. Its growing importance could be attributed to the…


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How AI will Change the Face of Mobile App Development in 2019

Probably apps like Siri, Cortana, and Assistant pop into your head at AI applications or core chip. But the world AI is much larger than this personal Assistance. Sophisticated features and innovative features can be given in a mobile enterprise combining advances in artificial intelligence and ML (machine learning).

As mobile developers have…


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Top 5 mistakes to avoid when adopting OKRs

Objectives and Key Results is a powerful alignment and goal tracking methodology. Created by Andy Groove and popularized by John Doer, OKRs received a worldwide adoption nowadays. They align and motivate the team to set bold goals and achieve them. Organizations that use this approach focus on the most critical metrics and thus are more productive. 

However, even though OKR methodology is relatively simple, it’s…


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10 Reasons why you should have Shopify as your eCommerce Platform

Among a range of worldwide ecommerce sites, no one has time to actually go shopping, because you know that Shopify is a complete online sales site with an affordable start-up price and an easy-to-use GUI. Shopify has consistently proclaimed its rank as one of the largest eCommerce platforms that users are the most beneficial and easy to use, offering market-proven solutions that will help drive your business.


It is a fully managed eCommerce site with Shopify features, which…


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How Has On-demand Business Model Become a Successful Strategy for Entrepreneurs?

The on-demand economy is mushrooming and has taken over the conventional business models faster than we thought. The combination of these services with apps has changed our lives in a better way. People no longer need to stand in a queue and wave their hands to stop the bus, Yellow Pages is no longer the only option to find the best restaurants and service professionals nearby. We are…


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How To Implement Account Based Sales?

Everyone is talking about account-based marketing and its impact. As the marketing strategies have evolved in recent times, account-based marketing has become a strong force to reckon with!

What Is Account-Based Marketing?

Account-Based Marketing is a marketing strategy that uses…


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Important Things to Know if You Want Your Startup to Go Paperless

Going paperless has so many advantages. First of all, your brand will become environmentally friendly. Saving trees is not just an empty phrase. On top of that, your files will be well-organized, and you won’t have to deal with piles of paper anymore. Also, you will free…


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Things to Know about Request a Quote for WooCommerce Plug-in

Ever wondered of an option through which it would become possible for your customers to add products to a particular place and get price quotations for the products that they are interested in? 

If you are wondering whether there is an alternative that allows your costumers to…


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Best mobile app development tools in 2020

The hefty competition in the industries pushed the business owners to realize that accompanying the speedy IT moves can help them grasp more opportunities. Today, mobile is another limb of the human body. A person can spend the whole day without talking, but cannot spend the whole day without using a cell phone. The cell phone not only contains the…


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DisplayPort Cables: An Important Accessory for Every Setup

When it comes to computer cables, what comes to mind is power cables, Displayport cables, HDMI cables, AUX cables, etc. One of the important cables in this list is the DisplayPort cable. Let's talk about that. DisplayPort has been a popular choice for computers, whereas HDMI has been popular for televisions. So, why has the …


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7 Steps To Acquiring New Customers To Buy An Existing Product or Service

Starting a business is exciting stuff—and it's really hard. But there you are, you get enough clients to make a real go of it. You adjust your business model to accommodate all the dazzling new traffic you're getting, and now you're dreaming of hordes of sales flying in so fast, you'll have to turn some down. But then, slowly but surely, your sales taper and become stagnant. That growth you envisioned isn't pushing past the wall you've hit.


Once the market hears about your…


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Email Marketing For Brands: Tips to Improve Email Campaigns

If there’s one thing that’s bound to stay in the world of marketing, it’s email campaigns. Yes, email still stays alive, with millions of people using it daily not just for work and personal communication, but to also keep in touch with business they bought from or are interested in. Because of this, an email will forever be one of the main strategies marketers use to inform their target audiences, selling products and gaining conversions.  

However, email marketing campaigns aren’t…


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The Ghost Restaurant Model: A Paradigm Shift in Food Delivery Business

Have you harbored a dream of starting your restaurant? If yes then you would probably have all the plans in place and a host of ideas for making the business work.

However, the excessive investments involved have ensured that your intentions are yet to be put into action, haven’t they? We can hear a collective sigh in answer to this question, and most heads were nodding despondently in the affirmative. After all, dishing out…


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How QR Codes Can Facilitate Diverse Industry Business?

Have you ever scanned a code with your smartphone to make payments? Then, you are no stranger to the QR code! QR codes have become immensely popular to engage users, carry out an action and to grow your business. Around 11 million households in the US are expected to scan a QR code in 2020. In China, transactions worth USD 1.65 trillion were done through QR codes. …


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Six Branding Strategies You Can Use for Your Startup

As you begin hustling and ducking and diving in order to get your business up and running, marketing may fall by the wayside. However, mapping out your branding strategy early on can really pay dividends down the line.

Branding your business will help you truly identify your target market. A great branding strategy should offer your audience a…


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List of Top Uber Bike Taxi Apps Across the World

Taxi booking and ride-sharing apps have completely revolutionized the way we use a cab to move from point A to point B. Now we can quickly hail a ride from an app from any place and track it in real-time. Cab rides can still be expensive and may not be the right medium for travel for certain times and places in a city due to challenges like…


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