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What is the role of a branding agency or an external brand consultant?

Competition has increased;

Consumers are distracted;

Businesses are fighting for customer attention.

On the top of it, with digital proliferation, the game of marketing has completely changed.

The importance of branding as a competitive tool has increased because competition is intense in every industry and a brand needs to…


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How To Prevent Hacks At Your Business

Online businesses are becoming prone to cyber threats, and hence, owner and leaders are taking the need for securing their devices and network from these attacks very seriously. Some ways can all be used to inflict malware to systems such as data breach, causing a significant effect on your business. According to reports, smaller companies are more likely to suffers most consequences from cyber threats compared to a larger enterprise.…


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Management Skills — How to Successfully Lead and Manage a Team

Management skills are special abilities that only a few individuals possess and execute properly within an organization or establishment. Managers play an important role in building, maintaining and improving a company, industry and other organizations. Some of these skills are developed through learning and on-the-job experience, while others…


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7 Rules for a Successful Mobile App Development Process

For everything in life, there are rules, the development of Android applications is not an exclusion to this fact. Very often, people think success in the Android app development out of the blue, maybe it is. There are ways by which the winning ideas are inspired.

 There are two or three decisions he must first go before a company starts on his…


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Printing Industry: Leveling it Up with Artificial Intelligence

Reports from Tractica suggest that a huge surge of $58.37 billion in annual revenue from AI-based products and services is to be expected by 2025.

Before we talk about how big AI is getting and how it’s making its way through every industry, let’s take a look at its history.

In 1956, Prof. John McCarthy…


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Top 7 Predictions for SMO in 2019

Originally posted on:  Social media has been at the root of various controversies with allegations ranging from fake and manipulative content to breach of data privacy. Netizens, for the first time, realised how people with illicit intentions can use their data to interfere in national…


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A sneak-peak on the future of cryptocurrency applications!

Technology has remarkably grown in the century that bank passbooks have vanished and the entire money transfers happen at our fingertips. From long queues of bill payments, the transaction has been revamped to mobile applications, saving our time and efforts. 

Cryptocurrency, virtual currency is the boon to the fin-tech industry, but the underlying blockchain technology much more than altcoins. Blockchain…


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Virtual Reality Business Opportunities to Drive Sales Growth

Virtual Reality created a lot of buzz in recent years. The business world is still trying to explore more about this technology while transforming tech trends. 2019 is the year where the different size of businesses came up with the innovative VR ideas to grab the attention of potential clients and users. The amazing thing about virtual reality technology is transforming the ideas into reality.

Virtual Reality is considered as an amazing technology which offers to transform…


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5 ways to keep your factory clean and optimise productivity

Practising personal hygiene and cleanliness is very important in the workplace. This creates a healthier environment for people in the company and helps the organisation become more productive and efficient. Just like the home, the workplace needs to be kept clean and tidy. It sees numerous people walking through its doors, so invest a couple of hours into making the working environment better for yourself, your colleagues, and your employees. These steps will make all the…


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How to Start a Photo Book Business: The Ultimate Guide

To start any type of business, firstly, you require two things:

  1. Your gut feeling
  2. Deep market research

If you have decided upon starting an online…


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The Eventual ERP Software for Oil & Gas Industry

For every type of business, it is really very important to manage data and information from relevant sources is compulsory by all means. Without having an effective source for recording data and information it is completely impossible to tackle all these records in a better way. Whether you are running a huge size of business or you are running a small size of the business it is very much important and compulsory to locate essential resources to record company data. With the innovation in…


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What Role Is Blockchain Playing in The Education Sector?

Blockchain is the technology that developed with the creation of Bitcoin, which hides behind other crypto-currencies and allows its decentralization. We consider the Blockchain as the new Internet and cryptocurrencies as an element of it. In other words, if the cryptocurrencies did not…


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What Are The Best Cloud Based Business Applications?

As the business world moves further towards being completely cloud based, the use of applications to make operations more efficient is also becoming more crucial. Gone are the days when a meeting agenda would be sent via e-mail…


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What is Data Governance? How it Impacts Security?

The availability of data at every touchpoint has enabled organizations all over the world to make better decisions. However, with great power, comes great responsibility. The management and protection of data in an organization are of utmost importance in this day and age. A recent incident of data leakage reports…


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Which Is Better, Web Development Or Software Development?

If you are one of those casual speakers who use the terms Web Development and Software Development interchangeably, you need to reconsider this blunder. Today, we will not only learn how different both the roles are from each other and their respective utilities but also help you prioritize one over the other according to your skillset. This will also help you decide which kind of offshore IT services would you or your enterprise need.



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Tips for Managing Rental Property’s Reputation Online

The age of the internet, every service should be judged through the research. The renters also give the close look at the reviews about the facilities and more before choosing the property to stay in. If any negative comment is there, then you may witness that the demand of the same may be decreased. So, it is highly needed that you give the importance to the presence of a rental unit on the internet like the way that is the best. If you are not able to build a reputation, then it can be a…


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Turn Your Warehouse into an Eco-Friendly Business

In recent years, many companies decided to switch to green practices and become eco-friendly. Of course, this is not something that can happen overnight and it's better executed in steps. As part of almost every business, warehouses are not only the easiest to start with but also substantial contributors to the greenhouse effect.

They use a lot…


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Recent Trends to Flourish Your Business in the Ecommerce World

Advancement in technology, helping your brands grows speedily. In the recent past, the eCommerce industry has risen tremendously. 2017 was an amazing year for this industry.

Ecommerce trends mean what customers buy, how they shop online and how they respond to…


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Difference between Local SEO and Global SEO

SEO classically stands for Search Engine Optimization, this is where you establish your web pages and device certain methods to help you rank as high as possible on search engine result pages (SERPs). The higher your web pages can rank on Google/Bing/Yahoo/etc.

With regards to Internet advertising, the main focus is to create a compelling website for a target audience and then drive traffic to it. Here Digital marketing agencies do this using a number of different techniques,…


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