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A Lowdown on Angel Investors for Small Businesses

By Bert Seither, Director of Operations at Corporate Tax Network

About the author: Bert Seither is the Director of Operations at Corporate Tax Network, a national accounting and business development firm. For nearly 10 years, Seither has assisted small business owners to help put their companies on a path to prosperity.

In the small business…


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What you Need to Test all of your Electrical Appliances

If you add up how many electrical appliances you come into contact with on your average day at work then there is a good chance that this will be a very high number, even for small businesses. It will include all the IT equipment as well as devices in the kitchen and other areas, and in any industry this will likely be a large amount. Electrical devices can be extremely unsafe to use if they are faulty, and unfortunately each year there are many injuries and even deaths caused by people…


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What 10 questions should every great sales person ask?

In sales you should be listening for 80% of the time and talking for 20%.  If you ask the right questions, you will find out your prospect’s real needs and find a way to sell your product/service as the solution. When selling, follow the steps below with every question:

  1. Ask
  2. Listen…

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5 critical success factors for a future business sale

Businesses do not typically sell by accident.  The owners that end up selling their business for a significant amount of money have usually been preparing for that day for some time.  You don’t have to be thinking about selling your business any time soon to start planning now for the day when you might want to.  If you consider the…


Added by Laura Humphreys on January 17, 2014 at 11:00pm — 1 Comment

Your business is like a shed!

Here’s something I tell business owners all the time… “your business is like a shed”.


Read on for the explanation…

If I asked you to build a shed, what would you do?  You would do what you do with any project, right?  You’d get a picture of what the shed is supposed to look like. You’d look…


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How do you build a saleable business?

A successful angel investor friend explained to me the concept of exit strategy like this: To achieve a successful exit, it helps to view your business as a product. A good business person empathises with their customer and understands their reasons for buying your product. You know what need your product fulfils in the market and who will want to buy it. You use your expertise…


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Do you have the right mindset to be successful, rich and free?

As part of my Liber8me business mentoring programmes, I spend time interviewing successful business people. My key criteria for selecting an interview subject is that the person must have built and sold at least one successful business, which has created wealth and freedom of choice for them. I ask what they believe are the key traits that have made them successful. A pattern…


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What is the best VOIP for small business?

What’s the Best Phone VoIP Service for a Small Business?

This article is based on the idea that you business should be using a VoIP phone system instead of a PBX system or a bunch of individual landlines. If the terms, VoIP or PBX is gibberish to you, we recommend reading  this overview of phone systems options.…


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Press Release by the Numbers

Breaking down the press release process can be easy as 1-2-3, quite literally! In this article we’ll look at the numbers behind the art of the press release.

1 Interesting Subject

While this means you need to make sure what you’re writing about is definitely newsworthy and actually worth reading in the newspaper, it also means you should focus your press release on…


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Legal Services For Business Owners

When most business owners think about business, they usually don't immediately anticipate all of their legal needs. Unfortunately, this puts them in a situation where when they need legal service, they don't have it and go on a mad dash to find it. I've assembled some useful information below to help the average small business owner determine their legal need, and find out the…


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3 Ways To Keep Employee Costs in Check

Until you run your own business, you might not realize it. But once you do, it's on your mind constantly. Nothing costs more for a business than employees. It's not just salary, either. All down the line, employees incur cost after cost. Business owners can drive themselves mad trying to keep those costs in line.

The most efficient way to cut employee costs is to cut employees, and that's not feasible for most businesses. It's the people who make the company work. Without them,…


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What is responsive Web Design and why do you need it?

  If you and your business are not familiar with the term “Responsive Web Design” (RWD), you need to be not familiar with it, but you probably also need to reassess your website as well.   Wikipedia defines Responsive Web Design as this:

a Web Design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience-easy reading and navigation with a minimum of…


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How to Make Your Business More Valuable to a Future Buyer

This is an excerpt from my book Liber8 your Business: The revolutionary business planning technique that will set every small business owner free.  It’s such an important point when it comes to building a valuable, saleable business, I thought I’d share it in today’s blog:


How to…


Added by Laura Humphreys on January 5, 2014 at 8:30pm — 2 Comments

Winners have a strong brand. Do you? A lesson on branding from The X Factor USA

I’ve been trying to explain the importance of branding to people all year and then recently I watched the final of The X Factor USA and I saw the power of brand building in action… in a way I think will help people understand.

The three finalists had each been working hard on their personal brand the entire competition:…


Added by Laura Humphreys on January 2, 2014 at 9:29pm — 2 Comments

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