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Become a Smarter Business in 2012!

As a small business owner in a failing economy, eliminating unnecessary expenses in overhead and operations is one of the sure ways to keep your business afloat. Making this decision is critical to your success. Revamping your business to fit the “Go Virtual” business model should be the first step taken in operating your “Smarter Business.”  Choosing this type of model doesn’t have to mean a major re-writing of your business plan or taking out a small business loan.

This is…


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Thinking about Creating or Revamping Your Website?

How many times have you sat down at your computer to initiate some sort of business-building task and thought "If only my website were ____, I would feel more confident doing ______ for my business!" ?

I'll be presenting a free webinar this Tuesday, April 24th at 1pm ET/12pm CT/10am PT where you will learn the 7 Essential Details to Save you Time and Money on Your next Website project. This will be a content-rich, actionable presentation. And for fun, I'll be drawing…


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Are You Guilty of Success Hopping?

Remember back in the day, when you'd go to a nightclub and end up visiting at least 3 more by the end of night? Yep, you got it! Club Hopping! A simple way to describe it is when you go from club to club in search of a better experience than the last. When my sisters and I would prepare to go to the nightclub that evening, our goal was to remain in the club we set out for. We didn't have enough money back then to go from place to place. Not to mention, all the gas, time and energy we'd spend…


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Become the Icing on the Cake!

Formulating a business endeavor that will without a doubt service your potential customer's need is like finding a dog that can undoubtedly replace your dog that you considered a family member for many years. It's a pretty tough task where you'll never get it just right. However, you can get it close enough with room to make it better with time.

You see, a consumer to your business is like icing to cake, it's something that's necessary. Even though you can create a cake without icing,…


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Are you a proud microbusiness?

What IS a microbusiness?

Glad you asked.  This is what the wikipedia said:

A micro-enterprise (or microenterprise) is a type of small business, often unregistered, having five or fewer employees and requiring seed capital of not more than $35,000 . The term is often used in Australia to refer to a business with a single owner-operator, and no employees.…


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Are You A Movie Producer, Playwright Or Author?

Are you a movie producer, playwright, author, etc..? Writing movies, plays, books, short stories, articles, documentaries etc…can be time consuming and demanding work. You should get help with typing your manuscripts and documents. Many times you need all of the help that you can get. You can outsource your manuscripts and have them typed by the Typing Specialist. 

The Typing Specialist can type all of your documents or reports for you.

The typing specialist can come…


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Taking Charge of Your Accounts Receivable in 5 Easy Steps

Did you know? 1 in every 2 small businesses in the US struggle because of customers that can't or won't pay. This creates an even larger problem for these small businesses because it affects their cash flow (which is the ultimate thing that small businesses must have control over). If these businesses aren’t receiving the money they are owed, it puts a major hitch in their business operations. Small businesses need to aim to solve…


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A Step-by-Step Guide to Successful Business Blogging

If you’ve had plans to start a blog, or just can’t seem to grasp the whole blogging concept, read on. These basic tips and tools will simplify the process and help you get started on a clear road to business blogging success.

“A blog is in many ways a continuing conversation.” ~Andrew Sullivan…


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Free Small Business Tools – MeetingBurner

Free Online Meetings For Up To 15 Attendees


Are you looking for a great collaboration tool that gives you many of the features of the big names like WEBEX and GOTOMEETING but without the high cost? How about a FREE FOREVER online meeting tool that let’s you collaborate in real time with up to 15 people and is NOT ad supported?

Have we got the tool for you!…


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How to Submit a Press Release to Websites

There are two distinctly different areas that accept press releases: media outlets and press release websites. Often, businesses submit to both to increase the visibility and searchability of the content, and is a good rule of thumb for marketing.

Just like everything else, there are some benefits and drawbacks for using these type of sites. One of the major disadvantages is that the press don't troll these sites for story ideas.

If you're expecting your story to be picked…


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What Customers Really Want

A business utilizes a number of tools to help understand their existing and potential customers. Site analytics, surveys, social influence trackers, customer rating tools and some many more are all part of the package. We test and measure, test and measure, but in the end are we truly learning what our customers really want by using such impersonal tools to do the work…


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Have some great business advice?


Do you have a great piece of advice that would benefit another small business owner? If you are in business I can almost guarantee you have many!

How would you like to share that information with other business owners so that they can learn from your challenges and apply it to their own business? Yes? GREAT!

We are looking for small (under 5 minutes) clips of audio or video related to small business challenges and your…


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How to use the new Facebook Timeline to spring clean your page

The countdown to March 30 is on – only a day left!

March 30 is, of course, the day that Facebook will roll out the Timeline layout for all business and nonprofit pages, whether they are ready or not.

When I first heard about this mandate, I immediately got defensive.

“What about all the time-stretched and overwhelmed small businesses and nonprofits, the ones who don’t have marketing departments, the ones who have no time or tech savvy, the ones that…


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Micro-Pricing: Tiny is the New Big!

With the power of social media, anyone can be a rock-star entrepreneur. And get paid like one if you’re willing to try a new pricing model. Micro-pricing!

An Internet Gutenberg

When Gutenberg invented the printing press he set the written word free. One of my favorite authors, Stephen King, became one of the first self-published authors on the…


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Pin A Quote Lets You Pin Text to Pinterest

This post was originally published on

Here’s the thing: I’m a bride-to-be AND I work closely with social media, but for some reason, I’m not a fan of Pinterest.  I created an account, and I pinned a bunch of things, but I just didn’t get into it. Maybe it’s because I’m a…


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What EXACTLY are Copyrights?

I will begin with a basic description of copyright law with a brief example. A Copyright is best described as a set of rights granted by the government for the expressions of ideas or information.

Quite literally, it is the set of rights the owner has to allow copies of the expression to be made.

Copyright law only covers these eight types of works: 

  1. literary works; 
  2. musical works, including any accompanying words; 
  3. dramatic works, including any…

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8 Problems with Email Marketing

Look at it this way: these are issues that are preventing your email marketing campaign from becoming the best that it can be. These are problems, that you can’t rightfully ignore, that are holding you back from generating leads, sales and conversions.

And if you do neglect addressing and fixing these problems, then you’ll surely fall into email obscurity.

1. Software

Free doesn’t always mean…


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How to Close Your Small Business Live Account

If you are one of those small business people who took advantage of Microsoft's free website tools and hosting, you’ve certainly heard MicrosoftWebsiteFlowerPencil is discontinuing these services effective April 30th, 2012. I found the Microsoft Small Business Live free website and hosting irresistible, so I built one for myself as well as several clients; this was before I found WordPress. Now I…


Added by Lynn Dye on March 9, 2012 at 3:30pm — No Comments vs. Buffer: Does One Trump the Other?

I recently wrote an article about how much I loved the social media scheduling tool, Buffer.

Someone read my article and left a comment describing a very similar tool called

After doing a little bit of research, I determined that this…


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Why Blogging Is So Important For Business

One of the items I always recommend to the businesses I work with, especially those who are new or launching a new website, is blogging for the business. But here, like no other place, I am often met with groans about not enough time or a lack of refined writing skills. We get it, blogging to some may seem like just one more thing you have to do in an already busy day, but it…


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