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Tips for Determining the Pricing of Products in an Ecommerce Business

Do you know the actual worth of your products? How do you price your products? What strategy is best to choose that can help you determine the product price? With the emergence of great competitive pricing tools, determining the most profitable and customers winning worth of a product can be a daunting task for eCommerce retailers.



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5 Ways to Incorporate Live Video into Your Content

Incorporating live video into your content can make a tremendous difference in your digital presence. Yet to leverage the power of live video, it needs to be seamlessly integrated with content. When used effectively, live video helps businesses to succeed at a fraction of the cost of most other marketing tools. To learn about five ways to incorporate live video into your content, read on. 

Get Your Voice-Over Right

To incorporate live video satisfactorily, you…


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6 Qualities To Look For In A Web Development Agency

If you are looking to create a standout blog or website, you need to be sure that your designer is going to bring out the ideal balance between art and business. That sounds easy until you get an appointment for Web Development Consulting. You must give out the necessary details including the message you want to convey to your target audience, your values, and how you want people to react to the interface. Do not be like the…


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Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Brand and Trademark

Selecting a brand name, obtaining a trademark, and protecting it, are incredibly important steps for any business.

Your brand is how you build your reputation and grow your business. If you want to avoid letting another business…


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Online Reputation Management: A Service Needed by Every Organization

In ever-expanding internet culture, it’s important to not only create and market, but also protect the organization's identity. Many firms understand the value of creating & marketing their brand but are unaware of the vital nature of protecting a brand. Creating brand value & marketing requires a strategic approach. In a…


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How to Write a Business Plan for a Small Business

When it comes to starting a business there are two most important things that the individual needs to take care. One of them is to seek capital in form of new business loans from financial institutes or organizations and secondly to come up with a detailed business plan, so that you can easily and…


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4 Things to Take Care of in a Data Center

In 2017, at the Worldwide Developer Conference, in the opening video, Apple showed a very interesting thing. They wanted to highlight the fact that the world cannot be without apps. A data center employee accidentally unplugged the servers to plug in his waterfall, and in doing so, turned off the data center. This turned off all the apps and there was an APP-pocalypse.

What this also highlighted was that without data centers, most apps would stop…


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How Public, Private, and Consortium Blockchain Differs?

Blockchain is a technology, which grants permission to corporate organizations and individuals to carry out prompt transactions on a network without the interference of intermediaries. Transactions carried out on blockchain are secure and safe. The records of transactions on blockchain are hardly altered.

There are different types of…


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5 Cloud Security Testing Steps for Startups

Startups have a small budget which limits their ability to invest in testing. On the other hand, their popularity is low, making them less vulnerable to attacks from hackers, who usually go after larger platforms. Startups lack experience and help from experts can only be beneficial. Yet, they are utilizing their meager resources to the maximum, to have any spare time for extensive testing. These arguments can be used to make a case for or against investment…


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How to Buy Power Plug Adapters for Your Travels

When you are planning for travel, electronic gadgets need a proper planning as well. And when doing so, it is important to stock up right power plug adapters in order to save power. And there are almost 12 types of power sockets in-use universally. Because of this, users tends it get confused while selecting the power plug adapters.

To get over this issue, here are six tips to help you buying the right one:…


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Impact Of Blockchains On The Healthcare Industry And How Developing Your Healthcare System

Blockchain technology has been the protagonist in recent years mainly with the support of the blockchain development services. From that circumstance and the exposure that the cryptocurrency ecosystem has given it, it has been noted in different industries as a mechanism to improve their processes and new healthcare application development.



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Protect You and Your Business with Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance (sometimes also called professional indemnity insurance) is a type of liability policy that insures professionals against mistakes they make while at work.

A professional is anyone clients depend on for accurate advice and well executed professional services. Failure to properly render these services could cause clients to suffer financial loss or bodily injury resulting in a professional liability…


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Promotional Products – Are They Becoming Redundant?

promotional products.png Some Marketing Managers choose not to use promotional products to promote their business. This is because they feel that the idea of gifting items to potential customers will not work as well as other advertising methods.

With social media as an effective and inexpensive way of showing a business’s latest products or advertising an offer…


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How to Improve Online Reputation?

Want to improve online reputation? The article will cover some tips to improve online reputation. First of all, why is online reputation is so important? Everyone looks online for reviews and before they call or fill out a form, they first search brand name and the word “reviews” on search engine like Google. If the businesses don’t have reputation and losing out on a lot of business and in fact, the recent studies show that 86% of people when they go to website and do some research and…


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Office To The Max: Tips For Optimizing Employee Productivity

Infographic created by Truss Holdings Inc

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Customer Portal: The Unique Needs of the Pharma Industry

The pharmaceutical industry ties in very closely with the medical industry. For an industry that deals routinely in drugs of varying…

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How Web Development Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies

Web Development Company in Bangalore – Vistas AD Media

Web Development Company in…


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How Businesses Can Leverage Risk Management

The reality is that every business operates within a risk-filled environment. How such risks are managed is what will determine whether your company will remain effective. Risk management is the primary approach you can use to identify, evaluate, assess, and mitigate risks daily. By leveraging a risk management approach, you’ll have a better understanding of your environment and take active steps towards avoiding business disruption.

However, a risk management…


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Helping Enterprises Benefit From IoT Via Mobile App Development

The Internet is changing and evolving at a fast pace. At the opening of the internet, there were several communication protocols such as Token Ring, IP, and AppleTalk, but now the Internet is easily regulated over IP. But the long-expected pathways of extensive information have evolved and the physical world itself has become a kind of information…


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How to Get More Insurance Leads from Facebook Ads

With 1.49 billion daily…


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