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6 Steps to Follow While Setting Up a Phone Case Print Shop in 2019

“What’s better, an SME or a start-up? “

It’s an endless debate. Especially when you’re starting one. But deep in the crevices of our hearts, we all know it. Start-ups are cool.

They have flexibility and flair that traditional businesses cannot offer. Consider, for example, a traditional print shop and a niche…


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How to Choose Your Perfect Investment Property

When thinking about long-term investments and deciding on the best asset you can invest in, you should definitely consider investing in a real estate property. However, when choosing a property to invest in, there are a number of factors you should consider depending on the type of property you want to invest in that will make it easier for you to choose.

Of course, you want to make sure that you’ve made the best…


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Safety Guidelines to Choose the Right Extension Power Cord


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14 Artificial Intelligence Applications That You Never Know Exist

Human-made reasoning resembles the universe of sci-fi.  However, it will astonish you once you discover…


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Know How to be Successful in the App-based, On-demand Business

On-demand taxi business, uber clone

Ever-evolving On-demand Business

Whether it may be a service or product, getting things on demand will ease life far better because we can receive what we want on time with a professional touch. Such on-demand concept has come into play after the advent of mobile-based applications, especially taxi-booking app like…


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Mobile GPS Tracking: A Cost-effective Alternative to GPS Tracking Hardware

A poorly performing fleet is a massive challenge for any business; mainly if it's a part of the logistics and transportation industry because logistics isn't just a business function that they have to manage, it'is their whole and sole business! Being in the transportation…


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6 features of Node JS that makes it a perfect choice for enterprise app development

Node JS is an open-source server-side platform that is mainly built on the JavaScript engine of Google Chrome. It was developed in the year 2009 by Ryan Dahl. It is mainly used to create a fast and scalable network environment.  has been using Node JS for developing a data-intensive real-time software application.  The best thing of Node JS is that it can run on any type of operating system…


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5 Little Details You Might’ve Missed about Web-to-Print

With giants like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart battling for a monopoly on the e-commerce front, it is very difficult for small scale companies to find their position. Everyone, right from the producer to the customer is moving online, and it is just a matter of time before you too need to move your store online.

Brands have realized that the brick and mortar showrooms are meant to…


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Why Cross-Platform App Development Is a Sure Shot Ticket To Success?

Budget restrictions definitely do not apply to excellent mobile application ideas. Therefore, the development of cross platform app development in this respect calls for a professional mobile app development company with years of experience in the same industry. A faster development process and lower costs are the two USPs for this type of cross-platform mobile development platform.…


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Effects of Artificial Intelligence on E-commerce

It’s 2019 and robots are taking over the world! But before you panic, I don’t mean the types of Robots we saw in Will Smith’s 2004 ‘I Robot’ ( though we’re not too far off! )


I’m talking about ‘Artificial Intelligence’. It’s becoming more and more essential to our…


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Enhance your Website with These 6 Key Tactics

The presentation of your website has everything to do with the success of your small business. With the internet being the easiest method used to view and judge businesses, it is imperative that your website tells your story and gives the visitor a positive lasting impression. Below are 6 tactics you can implement to enhance your website and…


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A Complete B2B Marketplace Guide for Startup Business in 2019

Business to business (B2B)…

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PayPal Solutions For Magento Based Ecommerce Store – 2019


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6 Must Have Odoo Products for 2019

A website is an amalgamation of various web components. But an impactful website is the reflection of a well-thought user interface and experience. It represents a deep understanding of your customer base and your intention of providing a smooth experience to users. In order to give your customers exactly what they want, it is important to form a proper and deliberate sitemap to navigate your prospects to your money page.

A website is like the front door to your business. The…


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Does artificial intelligence affect web development? Why? How?

Web development is an ever-changing area. Customers constantly look for rich stories and personalized content. In the end, all they need is the smart net application which contains hyper-custom designed user experiences.

However, this makes a hard activity for the…


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What It Takes To Succeed In Business!

Depending on who you listen to, there are somewhere between 120 million and 150 million entrepreneurs working from home.

Again, depending on where you get your statistics from, a staggering 94-96% of those home-based business owners will not succeed with their enterprise. These figures are troubling for those of us who have

achieved success in this amazing industry. Is there a hidden success formula that only a select few stumble upon?

For some time now, we have been…


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Why iOS platform is beneficial for startups

One question that rises up pretty frequently is whether or not to choose android or ios app development. ios and android are broadly used systems to build apps. considering the modern call for each, which one can we pick?  we've noted down few reasons to pick ios platform that might assist in concerning the necessities with the platform in order to be selected. a common notion is that maximum of the improvement agencies construct apps for apple clients first. as an example, apps like…


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Why The Mobile2Print Solution Is The Next Big Thing In 2019 After Web-To-Print

The internet penetration across platforms including mobile has increased tremendously, with 83% of mobile users stating a seamless experience across multiple devices as very important. 

Therefore, it isn’t surprising to see a wave of 79% of consumers advocating the use of smartphones to shop. According to Nectafy, 88% of consumers who search for…


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The Significance of Maintaining Cyber Security in Your Business

Your business requires protection because it cannot afford to lose its data that may result in shutting down of your business altogether. No matter how small your business is, you need to keep it safe from the outside threats lest it is breached and hacked by the scammers roaming around on the internet. They could take advantage of your personal data and use it for their benefit. Small businesses are facing many more threats than bigger companies. It is because the small companies do not pay…


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