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How can your business obtain a time-efficiency boost and productivity increase?

Climbing the ladder of success in a competitive industry requires a lot of effort and implication from your part, but in order to actually move further, before investing in expensive marketing strategies, you should first take a look around your…


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How a Magento Multi-User Extension Enhances Your Ecommerce Business

When a business grows, web traffic to its ecommerce site equally increases. Conscious owners have to keep up with web store maintenance so as to serve added volume of visitors. Like they have to give answers on live chat, update blog and content, take backups, approve or reject orders, add new items in product catalog etc. When only single Magento admin account is available, it has to be shared amongst all staff. This is not desired and has security leaks. Buying or installing a multiuser…


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How Multi Vendor Shopping Cart Could Help Your Ecommerce Business Ideas


The idea of multi vendor shopping cart has given aspiring entrepreneurs a fresh air to breathe easy in the world of ecommerce business. This idea handsomely overtook the single ecommerce shopping website with its best ideation.


What is attractive in this for entrepreneurs?


Single Ecommerce website in its name itself it suggests that is for a single vendor ecommerce business, in which an admin can post and sell only his/single vendor…


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How SugarCRM Survey Plugin can Help You Take Your Business to the Next Level?

How SugarCRM Survey Plugin can Help You Take Your Business to the Next Level?

Business is all about adding “value” to the lives of people around us. If you want to thrive in your business and dominate the marketplace, it is important to find a way to add value to the lives of people in more ways than one.. Without value creation, a business can’t exist.

If you are reading this right now, I’m sure you already have a product to trade for, that adds value to the lives of many. The next question you…

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Top Cybersecurity Challenges Of Growing a Business and How to Tackle Them

Small businesses often resemble families with interactions and decision-making based on trust and unspoken agreements. Chances are that you never really needed a conversation about cybersecurity and could rely on good faith and common sense to keep your commercial data secure. In other words, everyone just knows what to do, and formal cybersecurity processes never were a necessity — at least just yet.

Things are…


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4 effective ways to grow your SME on and offline

If you want your business to become the go-to brand for local customers, capture passing trade and expand its operational footprint, combining online and offline tactics is essential.

Focus solely on offline strategies and you’ll miss the opportunities digital offers to connect with online customers when they need your services most — but ignore real world networking opportunities and you’ll never have valuable face to face interactions that build trust.

So it’s best to adopt a…


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Telecommuting – The Trend On The Rise

Internet is a thing that is now available in the hands of every person and it has influenced the life of people to a great deal. With the advancement in technologies, several companies are now setting up their business online without the need of bearing huge expenses in the form of rental space, electricity bills, additional facilities to the employees etc. Now, most of the companies prefer hiring employees online and using the latest software they keep a track of the employees. With so many…


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How to Enhance your Magento Store Product Delivery Process?

UPS’s recent study shows that 59% of respondents prefer online shopping. Therefore, one can say online shopping has a become a favorite activity among avid shoppers. In addition to this, the fast-paced world not just demands unique products but also a swift product delivery. So, having one of the most reckoned Magento based e-store does not suffice.

You also need to provide a customized product delivery option to your customers. Temando conducted a survey and found that nearly 77% of…


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How to Implanting Business Intelligence with Mobile CRM Applications


Mobile Apps have made human life convenient and easy. It is doing the same with businesses. Today, leading brands of the business community are opting for the “smartphone approach - run anywhere, anytime” as their organizational workflow. Moreover, employees and users also find the smartphone approach more useful than old school methods. And why shouldn’t they? After all, nothing makes their jobs easier than commanding tasks on…

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Importance of Cyber Security for Small Businesses

Cybersecurity threats are a significant concern for small businesses. In fact, it's reported that about 50 percent of small businesses experience some form of cyber attack. Unfortunately, many are not able to recover after such an ordeal.

Despite the startling evidence, many small business owners do not have proper cybersecurity protection. A lack of…


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Practical Knowledge for Online Trading and it Benefits

Online trading is a process that allows investors to buy and sell securities through an internet platform. An online trading platform is operated as a website that has the ability to take orders from customers. Brokers process the orders with an exchange and collect fees for their service. Online trading is now a standard way that investors trade securities. The information presented here will help you to understand online trading and the benefits that it can provide for you.…


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Google Algorithm Updates: Impact on Internet Marketers

Google uses a combination of algorithms to analyze data and provide the user with the best search results. These complex methods of ranking keep getting updated every now and then. Every website gets affected by these updates and changes in one way or the other. But,…


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Understanding the Right Approach Towards Responsive Web Design


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Social CRM: Best Practices for a Successful Business


Social CRM is the company’s programmatic response to the customer's control of the conversation.…


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Exploring New Website Possibilities with Odoo themes

When you search “Odoo Latest Version” on the Google, one of the top results you will see says, “Odoo Nightly Builds”. Going further by clicking, you will see a page with the same title. Here, what it says in the very first line is; “Every night, a new set of packages is…


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Beyond the world of currency: implementing blockchain technology in business

The biggest challenges facing small ventures, especially during the first years of operation, refer to client and founder dependence, effective cash flow management, achieving quality-growth balance, local and regional economy, recruiting new…


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3 Most Important Factors that Affect Laser Cutting!

LASERCUTTING_850x500.jpeg Recently, two laser cutting engineering experts, Steve Pugh and Danny Lerman presented a survey reports at FA BTECH in Las Vegas. The report’s name is “How Different Steel Surfaces Affect Laser Cutting Speed and Quality?: A Quantified Case Study”. Their findings say that different surfaces of metal behave differently to laser cuttings. It also proves that better the material surface, better the laser cutting.

But when we talk about laser cutting, material surface is not the…


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3 Tips You Must Follow for Efficient Press Braking!

When you see a steel table, do you see any ore and other metallic impurities in it? No, you generally don’t, until and unless somebody has made it too messy. But actually, that’s what every single metal table is made up of. So you can…


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European Startup Outlook: Cities that Rule the Roost

With the startup boom still very much in full swing, Europe’s metropoles are racing in an effort to draw entrepreneurial talents and create a positive ecosystem for startup hopefuls. While the usual suspects - the traditional business hubs and industrial centers - still lead the race, the European startup map is constantly evolving, with cities and countries taking great steps to present themselves as desirable destinations for new businesses.

Let’s take a picture…


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How to Register a Domain Name

Are you ready to take the first step towards establishing an online presence? If you don’t have a website for your business or brand, then you’re absolutely missing out on a huge audience.

The first step towards creating an online presence is to register a domain name.

You might think to yourself, “how to register a domain and why it’s so important?”…


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