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How to Develop Your Internet Marketing Department

As a business owner, you recognize that your company isn’t growing at the rate it could, and you know the internet is the key.

Maybe you’ve already seen inklings of the potential through running a PPC campaign or starting a company e-newsletter. Or perhaps you’ve just started dabbling in internet marketing by assigning certain tasks to existing employees – someone in sales writing a blog now and then, or a tech-savvy receptionist running your social…


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4 Free Small Business Apps You Need to Download Today

A smart phone is a small business owner’s best friend. It’s your lifeline to the business world, your office away from home and if used correctly, it can help you with every aspect of your job – from balancing your budget to managing your website’s back end. To get the most utility from your smart phone, though, you need to use the right apps. And while some developers offer costly, comprehensive app “suites” specifically designed for small business, such as…


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Learn about Your Customers: They Are Speaking to You Louder than Ever. Are You Listening?

Prospects and Customers are more accessible than ever, when we get them to engage with a brand. Engagement in a digital environment leaves a data trail, as searchers interact with our content. As Marketing professionals, we have access to more data about customers than ever before as we build out a content strategy to attract and retain clients.

For many, marketing activities are still a rear-view mirror activity. Research can take weeks or months, and…


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4 Must Haves For Attending Your First Business Conference

So your business has been growing, and now you’re on your way to attending your very first conference. Well, let me be the first to congratulate you. Attending conferences is a great way for small business owners to take their companies to the next level. You can get tips from industry pros, expand your network of contacts and even add a name or two to your client list.

However, conferences don’t last forever. You’ve only got a day or two to make “the magic happen,” so to speak, and…


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5 Web Apps To Keep Your Small Business Organized

Starting a small business is hard, but growing a small business is even harder. One challenge all fledgling companies face is staying organized. Fall into disorder early, and it can undermine your best efforts for growth. Stay organized, though, and you'll see many paths open up for you and your business.

The web has given us many tools that can help us stay organized in any environment. Here are five that can help your business grow without the entanglements of disorder along the…


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Rethinking 4 Clichéd Interview Questions

So your startup has expanded out of your basement and into an office downtown. Your client list is growing, as is your list of obligations, and now you find yourself in need of more employees. So you publish a few job postings and start scheduling interviews. This should be easy enough, right?

Think again. As many small business owners will testify, the hiring process isn’t exactly as clean and simple as it used to be. Everyone is looking for a job these days, and positions at…


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5 Ways to Use Time-Tracking Data to Improve Your Freelance Business

Time is your most valuable resource as a freelancer, and it always seems that there’s never enough. With several online tools to choose from, freelancers and other soloprenueurs are increasingly turning to time-tracking apps to record their billable hours. But there are some other, less obvious ways to use time-tracking data to improve the way you run your business. Here are five of the best.

#1: Avoid Overbooking Yourself

Freelancers often use their…


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