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Creating a Residual Income -Nobody Gets Rich Overnight

There are a lot of programs on line that claim you can get rich in a short amount of time with little work.  They advertise with fancy cars and vacations, large stately houses and claims that they set their computers on Auto-Pilot to do the work for them.  I actually tried one of these and will give you some of the insights I…


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List of Top 5 In-demand Ecommerce Platforms in 2016

Ecommerce arena has been buzzing with a range of turnkey solutions better known as ecommerce platforms. For an entrepreneur looking to venture into this sector, finding the perfect solutions can become a long and tenuous task. 

An ecommerce platform must consider several features, which have become essential to succeed in today’s challenging market. Read this post to…


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Implement These 5 Game Changing Conversion Strategies Today to Increase Your Sales

The online world is growing so rapidly and there is so much information floating around that you have to make your offer stick out or it will be lost in the mix.

There are so many strategies out there, but the five I am going to share with you right now will help increase sales for your business.

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10 Finance Tools for Small Businesses

Running your own small business is no small task. From offering a quality product or service, staying on top of inventory, hiring the right people, and more, there are a plethora of factors that play into the success or failure of your company.

Arguably the most important aspect of a small business is the managing of your finances. This important detail typically can’t be handled by one single person, which is why we have gathered 10 of the best tools to help…


Added by Anthony Randall on March 24, 2016 at 1:51pm — 1 Comment

5 Benefits of Investing in Promotional Products

As the time goes by and the entire business world continues to migrate into the virtual environment, the question does one simple promotional product have a place in some elaborate marketing strategy becomes more evident with each passing day. And truly, in comparison with Googlebot, SEO, and even simple banners, branded T-shirts and umbrellas may look rustic, almost ancient-like. But only at the first glance. In reality, such items are not only just as effective as any other, seemingly more…


Added by Lilly Adams on March 23, 2016 at 7:08am — 2 Comments

How to Fix the Simple Mistakes You Are Making in Your Sales Funnel

Your Sales Funnel is what makes your business thrive. However, you could be making several small mistakes that are causing you to miss out on some major revenue. 

For instance, customers want more value out of the information you have to offer about your product(s). Instead of sticking to the basic old school marketing tactics you already know, bring in newer techniques to draw that customer in and push them to buy your product.…


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Traditional Marketing is Not Dead

These days, it is very hard to have any kind serious conversation about marketing without, at some point, completely wandering off into the cyber realm. And truly, the extent in which internet has affected the entire business landscape, marketing included, is still hard to grasp, let alone assess. So, how does this, seemingly obsolete approach to reaching out to your customers holds up in a world ruled by social media, SEO, and Google ads? The answer is surprisingly well.



Added by Lilly Adams on March 21, 2016 at 8:07am — 2 Comments

Key Trends Driving Gift Cards Success

There was a time in recent history when there was expected that the joint forces of mobile technologies, online marketing and social networks will wipe out all the competing marketing platforms and channels and forever change the entire marketing conversation. Although these expectations were mostly met, traditional marketing assets proved to be very stubborn and found a way to blend into the brave new digital world. There is no better example of this than gift cards, which in spite of all…


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Fight Fire with Fire: Digital Marketing For Digital Age

In the modern, high-tech world, digital avenues are the cornerstone of marketing efforts. With the abundance of digital tools, all companies have the chance to make a name for themselves. Some manage to take the market by storm, but digital marketing is more than just a moment of buzz.

It is a constant process of building trust and reputation in a highly dynamic and competitive environment. Do not burn your bridges playing with fire, but use it…


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Combining the Power of SaaS and Facility Management

The SaaS model is beneficial for small and medium businesses. As it allows them to access high-end business functionalities without paying much for the software license. Mostly available with a monthly fee subscription option, SaaS requires no additional hardware installation. As a result, businesses don’t need huge capital investment for IT infrastructure installation and its maintenance.…


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Cloud Computing: Converging Business Strategies and Technology

There are various reasons why a business enterprise must adopt cloud computing. It allows SMEs to improve cost-effectiveness, productivity and helps in growing at a faster rate. Plus, with the high flexibility and scalability being offered by cloud computing, expanding into new verticals has become very easy.…


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5 Best Entrepreneurial Options with Low Investment and Higher Returns

Building a business is the most uncertain investment of all. Aspiring entrepreneurs are often puzzled when it comes to starting a business because they have a hard time figuring out the best business opportunity to invest in. Building a business is taxing, thrilling and engaging. People devote a lot of time and skill in building a business. However, finance proves to be a deterrent for many aspiring entrepreneurs. Here is a list of 5 best entrepreneurial options with low investment and…


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How to incentivise your employees without breaking the bank

It is now well researched and documented that your employees value some rewards higher than others. Gone are the days when you can offer a financial reward or bonus to all your employees and expect them to remain motivated and loyal to your business. However, for people starting a business it can be difficult to know what incentives to offer their team whilst keeping an eye on cash…


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Why Xamarin is So good for your Business

When it comes to mobile app development, there are two major opinions. The first one states that native development is the only way to make a decent mobile application with its providing best user experience with full access to the APIs of a platform and fast performance. The second one is more concerned with…


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Microsoft MB2-712 Dynamics CRM 2016 Customization and Configuration Certification

If you invest your precious time in getting knowledge about technological innovation of your organization, you will get top agreements like no other. Along with that, you will also have a benefit adjacent to your colleagues. Your promotion will improve considerably as knowing regarding technological innovation and develop capabilities. Customers will want to do projects with you and people will look up to you as the only person who can do the job accurately. If you want that, the doors of…


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