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9 Smart Competitor Analysis Tools to Spy on Competitors' Websites & Strategies

In order to stay ahead of your competitions, you need to make sure that you are analyzing and implementing some of your competitor's strategies that brought them success. Until you start a process of monitoring your competitor websites and their organic and paid campaigns regularly, you are bound to miss a lot of actionable data insights and potential opportunities.…


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9 Questions to Ask Before Investing in a Magento Product Designer Tool

With the evolution happening in the printing industry, it is no more dependent on offset or physical stores. The way the printing industry is growing after stepping onto the digital platform, its potential seems endless. Talking about its adoption, people are loving the way it provides the freedom to apply their own creative ideas on the products of their choice.



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How To Invest As A Small Business Owner

The digital era can be unforgiving for small business owners, especially since major corporate enterprises are growing so large as to snuff out nearly any competition in the marketplace. In order for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to survive for long, they need to prudently invest in their future without spending so much that they break the bank and ruin their own company.

Here are some…


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How to Get Your Work Done While Traveling

My friends are often amazed to learn that I complete a large portion of my work on planes. They ‪think it's practically outlandish for various reasons, including absence of room. In any case, me: I believe it's the most ideal approach to relax.

When one…


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Top 5 Ways CRM Mobile Apps are Changing the CRM Industry

tapcrm -suitecrm mobile app

More than half of the world’s population is now online. Yes, you heard it right. Internet has taken us and everyone around us by the storm. The year 2017 experienced was big for IT industry. According to the Global digital reports by We are Social and Hootsuite, about quarter of a billion users came online for the first time in 2017.

Internet is changing the way humans lead their everyday lives and there is no doubt that…

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The Need for Requirement analysis Process for Software Testing

Every software project arises out of a business problem. The requirements analysis procedure aims to look for the business problem to be understood and possible characteristic a software product requires as a reply for the business problem. Requirements analysis is the formation on which software is created.

Dealing and collecting requirement…


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How to Be the Worst WordPress Designer on the Planet

WordPress is one of the efficient sources for website creation. It is one of the powerful website content management systems. Going back to its history, WordPress initially emerged as a blogging tool and it became successful thereafter. But in this present era it is not just seen as a blogging tool, its usage is much more than that.

This blogging tool has emerged over time and is also now being used as an enterprise level CMS. Since the last two years, this toll has become…


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5 Amazing App Features For Better Employee Engagement

Are you using a mobile app to accomplish various tasks related to your office? Aren't they very useful? 

Indeed, such applications are providing immense relief to both employees and employers.

Since the mobile application development trend has grown, a number of businesses are obtaining different types of mobile apps for various…


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Your Checklist For E-Commerce Data Backup And Security

We often underestimate the word backup. And mostly, it passes under the radar without people noticing or paying heed to. Only when we experience an anomaly, we tend to realise the importance of it. Backups are like an insurance policy for you, for your ecommerce store. The store that you value so dearly. Sometimes, we do consider backing up the data but it doesn’t prove instrumental at the required time.

The main…


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How Can Mailchimp Help Magento 2 Ecommerce Websites Make Money?

Is email marketing dead? Nooooooooooooo.

With so many ways of communicating with your users and potential clients, some ecommerce business owners have forgotten email marketing for making their sales grow. Small ecommerce stores to big online retailers can use Mailchimp to grow their ecommerce sales. It is easy to connect your store with Mailchimp and start shooting out emails to your database. Almost all the ecommerce business owners…


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A Must-have Shipping Extension for Your Magento Store

We are moving towards an online world. The days of going to various stores to buy anything we need are long gone. We have e-commerce giants as well as some specialized e-stores that sell everything from big machinery to knick-knacks. It is literally possible to be in one corner of the world ordering a specialized item from another corner. Just power-up your phone and the world is at your fingertips.

In 2017, around 21.8% of all the people in the world shopped online. And…


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5 Stupid Mistakes to Avoid Making When Branding Your Business Online

Branding your business online has a number of benefits that are pushing today’s entrepreneurs onward, motivating them to invest ever more into the efforts that are being put into building a home for themselves online.

Most of today’s conversions, in any given industry and within any and every field, are fueled by what those potential customers and clients find online.

According to statistics, more than…


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A Complete Guide to DB Style Connectors & Cables

Originally known as ‘D-subminiature’ DB style connectors are common UFD connectors or say monitor cables which operate in computing devices, audio/video, and data applications. DB25 and DB9 serial cables are the renowned types of D-sub connectors, used in PCs for serial and parallel ports.

The High-Density DB style is another type of D-sub connector which looks like a regular DB connector. Often called ‘HD’ connectors they have three rows of pins instead of two. HD15 is the most…


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Tote Bags-Best Marketing Tools for the World on the Move

You will be very aware of the fact that today's world is fast-paced. As the famous poetry goes, “People don't even have time to stop and watch." This is where the promotion of products and brands gets complicated. With little time to stand and look at the fantasies of the world, how can people find time to see the ads of the products? Statistics indicate a…


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How Staff Name Badges Make a Difference At Your workplace?

Name Badges have a significant role to play in the business world. It helps to promote strong communication by building strong personal relationships between employees and customers… Yes, nowadays all the organisations make use of name badges to improve the growth of the business. They can be used in many business environments including Hospitals, Hotels and Restaurants, Banks, Schools and Universities, as well as in various corporate offices.

Here is…


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WooCommerce Designer Tool: A Customer-Centric Product Designer Tool

E-commerce websites have become a part of our lives. Each one of us likes to surf online before opting to buy anything in general. As a result of this increasing trend of e-business, every business owner is leaning towards creating a virtual shop of their own. And when it comes to hosting your business online, WooCommerce is one of the most renowned e-commerce platforms. It is free, open source, and comes with great features compared to other…


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7 Critical Magento Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Online

Every year Magento manages to handle over $100 billion of gross in merchandise volume. There is no doubt that Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms trusted by thousands of merchants worldwide. As startups, SMEs, and large-scale corporations love this platform, Magento has a secured place among the top eCommerce platforms throughout the years. …


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How Can You Finance Your E-Commerce Business?

You’ve decided to start your own e-commerce business. You’ve done your research and you’ve found the gap in the market which you can fill. Now it’s time to think about the financial aspect of setting up a company. Depending on your goals, the expenses will vary. If you’re thinking about a low-cost drop shipping business, you’ll need anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000. On the other hand, if you have something more ambitious in mind and you plan on having a warehouse for your business, this…


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6 Mistakes You Make While Setting Up a Computer System

Remember the time when your father bought the first ever computer in the house? You used to observe him set up the whole system him and imagined yourself setting up the system in the same way. If you are a tech nerd you will surely relate to such situations. Unwrapping the new computer set, reading its user guides, spending hours setting up your systems is what all tech nerds love. Although it’s been never been easy. You can easily screw it up by messing up with your …


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Quick Tips To Switch Your Unlinked Brand Mentions to Backlinks

People spend a lot of time and money behind reputation management i.e acquiring new leads, getting people to read the promotions and get the sale.  But what about unlinked brand mentions? Aren’t they the best source to increase brand value? …


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