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Which Accounting Software is Best for Your Small Business?

Running and growing a small business is pretty fun. Paying taxes for that business is not. Thankfully, accounting software can help make the process a little less painful by tracking your accounts payable and receivable, your payroll, your inventory and all of your banking activity for you. However, with so many different types of software available on the market, it can be difficult to choose which accounting platform is best for your business. To help you make an informed decision, here’s…


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Business Hours Giveaway - is kicking off their Business Hours Giveaway today. The giveaway is eligible to the first 5000 business owners that claim a free window decal for store hours. works with many small businesses and is trying to give back as well as help small businesses in the tough economic climate that still exists in many parts of the United States.

Full details can be found in the press release found…


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Expand your Business Like Wal Mart.

Expanding your business and growing in to new sectors can be a difficult task. In the era of climate control concern, re-thinking your environmental policy can result in growth into new, previously unexplored and untapped areas. For example, getting your business an environmental management system like an ISO 14001 accreditation can help you reduce your environmental impact. ISO 14001 does not discriminate between industries and sectors and is…


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The Pros and Cons of Incorporating Your Small Business

So your small business is thriving. You’ve doubled your number of employees in one year, you’ve opened up three new brick-and-mortar locations and your online store is doing better than ever. You’re ready to take things to the next level, and now you find yourself asking that all-important question – to incorporate or not to incorporate?

Incorporating a business can be a good idea for some entrepreneurs, but it certainly has its drawbacks as well. Consequently, it’s important that…


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What’s the one question every business owner should ask to decrease owner dependency and increase value?

When I interviewed 2012 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Sam Hazledene, I asked him about his strategy for growth.  This is the guy who built the largest medical recruitment company in Australasia from scratch in a few short years.  He told me that he’d grown organically, starting out with just himself and his wife travelling the country trying to convince hospitals to use…


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Just Doing It Just Got Easier: 5 Simple Strategies to Avoid Procrastination

One day a gentleman visited his good friend who owned a busy advertising company. It had been months since he visited his friend's office.…


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If life is a game of soccer, which half are you in and how well are you playing?

Here is another extract from Liber8 Your Business, the soon to be released must have hand book for every small business owner.  In this chapter I talk about the importance of being a visionary, starting with a concept called ‘The soccer game of life”…

“Earlier in the book I talked about successful people having an ability to see their success ahead of them – and…


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7 Ways a Marketing Strategy Will Grow Your Business

“What is the best money I can spend in marketing to grow my business?”  Without a doubt, this is the question I’m most frequently asked by small business owners.  It may seem like a question that is promptly followed by an “it depends” type of answer, however, it’s actually quite easy to pinpoint one tool that is relatively inexpensive, delivers a high ROI and, sadly, is not commonly found in a small businesses’ toolbox.  It’s a marketing strategy.…


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Local SEO and Retail Marketing: Who Are Your Customers and How Can You Reach Them?

For any location-based business, such as a restaurant or retail store, the key is foot traffic. You need to get people in the door to make sales.

But how do you reach customers? Who are they? And where are they located?

Technology has made the process of researching local restaurants or retail stores easier than ever for your potential customers. Building a customer profile is no longer something only major national brands can afford. Any business – whether a regional chain, a…


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