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Why We Need Answering Service for Healthcare Industry

Today, it is difficult to predict when someone might require a healthcare service, at home or outside. At these times, a healthcare answering service comes to the rescue for both healthcare organizations and patients. As not many people are aware of this concept, below we have listed the value that can be added with these services in our lives.

We live in an era of uncertainties. It is unpredictable to predict which situation might call for an immediate healthcare attention. Upon…


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Part II: 40 Free Tools and Resources to Help Grow Your Small Business

As promised, below are the next 10 in the list of 40 of the best tools and resources to help grow your small business.  Hopefully you’ve had a chance to review and make use of some (or all) of those mentioned in last week’s post!  To recap, as a small business owner whose mission is to help other small businesses grow, I’m constantly on the lookout for these kinds of resources,…


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Does Mobilegeddon Really Even Matter?

Unless you’re Kimmy Schmidt, you probably heard some buzz (or as the case may be, panic) about Mobilegeddon over the past few weeks.

On April 21, Google launched its new algorithm update, designed to alter the ranking of its mobile search results to favor mobile-friendly sites and ultimately, to provide a better search experience for mobile users.

For most of us, the world…


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Financial risk management and its types

One of most important finance Related problem is risk. Losing or gaining of financial wealth, health or social status termed as risk. It is always uncertain and differs from each person because some of them may take more risk than other. Risk occurs in various fields such as economic, health, Insurance, Business management, Informational Technology, Finance and human factors. Economic risk occurs due to sudden rise in the cost of raw material, natural calamities and new competitor with best…


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Customer Feedback Will Always Be Important for People and Businesses

Nowadays, people have more ways to complain and rant. They have access to phones, emails, social media and customer review sites where people complain endlessly. They can also write those long, traditional letters and mail them to people all over the world. You will hardly ever hear about businesses without hearing about all of the critics. No one can ignore the importance of feedback, which has evolved into a number of different forms today. Learn all of the reasons why individuals and…


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The 2 critical factors to business growth that no one else talks about…

In recent months my business partner, Mike Brunel*, and I have been helping a number of small business owners overcome their blocks to business growth. And as we dig deeper into what it really takes to grow a business, we have had an epiphany that we’d like to share with you…

There are 2 critical factors to business success that NO ONE talks…


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3 steps to turning your business into a valuable asset

The Liber8 team held a powerful workshop a few weeks ago.  Twelve people in a room had the courage to look at their mindset around money, wealth and business.  On their feedback sheet after the workshop, 80% of them mentioned the realisation that a business should be an asset not a job, and the keys to getting there were key out-takes for them.  This is what we teach at Liber8.…


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How to Build Your Own Skin Care Clinic and Spa from the Ground up Even if this is Your First Business

For newly licensed estheticians, the path is pretty straightforward: start your own practice or apply for a job in a clinic or spa.

Working in a spa or clinic, however, is by far the safer choice for people with no experience or contacts in this field. Going solo is risky so you may not last long enough to build a steady client base if you don’t have enough capital. Equipment lease, rent, and utility expenses will quickly run you dry.

Still, building your own skin care spa from…


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