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Skill Gap is a serious issue in most industries, especially for new and small start-ups and businesses. Skill Gap is essentially the mismatch between your employees’ current skills and the skills expected of them.

According to recent studies, about 80% of small business owners hare having serious productivity issues because of the chronic issue of skill gap.

So how do you assess a skill gap and what are…


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How to Save Your Startup from Drowning?



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10 Great Designer Baby Boy Clothes You Need To Know About



Babies have become so trendy that you can't even imagine how choosy they are regarding their clothes. Even, moms are not behind too as they want their babies to look fashionable and trendy. Therefore, they continue following fashion tips and the designer clothes collection. Here we'll explore about only Designer Baby Boy Clothes and some of…


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Ways Using Telemarketing Can Help Your Business Grow

We live in the age of Internet, where there is little place for phone conversations. In fact, most people find texting and instant texting greatly preferable to actually having to talk to people. It’s true, calling is significantly less effective than it used to be, especially when you consider the use of voicemail, opt-outs and multiple layers in organizations and business that has made having an actual phone conversation with the other party simply harder.

This, however,…


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How to Write Content Attractive to Both: People And Search Engines

You can concentrate on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and user experience at the same time. It is not as difficult as it seems. In this article, you will find numerous methods for pandering to the Google and Bing/Yahoo search engines while also enhancing your reader’s user experience.

Pick A Primary Keyword And Tag Any Other Important Keywords…


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Top 7 Reasons Why Startups Fail!


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7 Essential Principles for Growing Your Business

The efforts you’ve put into starting your own business are just the beginning of a long and challenging journey. To rise to the top, you need to build a strong company based on a well-structured business plan and authentic idea. Only when you’ve laid the foundation can you move on to expanding your business. With a strong plan, hard work and clear objectives, you can achieve success and sustainable growth.…


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SEO Tips for Magento Store Owners

If you are one of the brick and mortar store owners who have recently moved to having a Magento store, you might find it challenging to attract traffic on your ecommerce website. With so many…


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5 Quick and Easy Tips on Your Career Planning

Planning is important in life and it helps in leading a happy life. Planning is required in every step of your life like you can rollover a 401K to gold IRA to plan your retired life. Career planning is important for achieving success in life and it lets you know about the path that you…


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7 Scientifically Proven Tips in Building a Home Office (that Works Better for You!)

A company spends a lot of time and money in research in pursuit of improving office design. You hire workplace designers to combine what's creative, practical, and functional in order to make the dreaded office into a happier place.

It’s a different story with home offices. Most of the…


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How to Integrate your Marketing with your Packaging

In an increasingly globalized world, the standards that marketers are held to are higher than ever. This is more relevant for physical goods, where the advances of marketing have set the bar so high that sub-standard packaging that does not resonate with the consumer is either ignored by consumers or can make people avoid making the purchase. For companies today, there is a significant push to get packaging in tune with the rest of the marketing message and be an asset, not a liability, for…


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5 Actions to Combat Complaints on Your Social Media Page

Are you worried about negative comments and complaints left on your company’s social media page? Sadly, it’s impossible to please everyone 100% of the time. As useful as Social Media is for businesses, it can also be potentially damaging too.

However, complaints left on your social media page aren’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, if handled correctly they can…


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Avoid Legal Issues with Expert Attorney

Some issues are not actually legal or are not exclusively legal and can be managed, at least in part, with the aid of other professionals, such as analyst, doctors, psychologists, the reverend, or any other counselors. But many issues do have a legal measure and need a help of the lawyer.

Why you need Personal Injury Attorneys?

The reality that accidents are fairly common place does not lessen the pain and disorientation that can…


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Science Behind Online Forms And Brand Experience An Essential Guide

Online forms are the easiest way of feeding your information for whatever the required purpose. Instead of paper forms, Online Forms are quite convenient and convincing. Because they are not bulky or you can say online forms doesn't create any fuzz, they just need your concentration and time. Using Online forms are beneficial in many ways like you can save it in…


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4 Ways To Find A Bank That Can Meet Your Business Needs

Like any relationship; whether it’s a friendship, marriage or a business partnership, it’s critical to find the right match on the basis of your needs, expectations and shared values. If it was easy, we’d all just count off and pair up with  the any person standing next to us. On the other hand, the right match helps you realize your full potential, brings out the best…


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Wrangling the Internet of Things: Data Growth Problem with Hadoop


Agility and expansion have become the standard call to arms for technology and data evangelists warning businesses and consumers of pending change or emerging technology. A few decades ago, the common example of technology change was the VHS vs BETA wars that saw the inferior VHS format crowned the champion while sending BETA to the appendices…


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Shipping Drums - Decoding Packing and Shipping Food Regulations

Shipping drums may not be the most common method of packaging items for overseas shipping,  however, they are still very useful and versatile in certain shipping situations and for some particular types of cargo. These drums are typically filled to the brim, making them an excellent choice for shipping heavier types of cargo.

 Often, these barrels are used for food, items of clothing and dry goods. Today, it’s not uncommon to find barrels…


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9 App-Builders You can Use Without Programming Experience

1.)   Appery.io: This is a cloud-based mobile app builder that you can use to create apps for Android, Windows Phone and IOS.

2.)   BiznessApps: Allows you to create apps for businesses, including many common features such as food ordering, shopping cart, etc.

3.)   TheAppBuilder: You can use its online toolkit and the training provided to build the apps you want.

4.)   Mobile Roadie: This allows you to create manage IOS and android apps.

5.)   Good Barber: This…


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Top Tips for UX Researchers

Are you a UX researcher who want to improve your results? Below are top tips for UX researchers.

Things to Consider Before the Test

-       Team diversity is crucial. Not just in terms of ethnics, but also in terms of background, academics, and career. A more diverse team means that more problems can be spotted, more solutions reached. A diverse team is also effective in seeing things from new and different ways.

-       Don't neglect relationship…


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Developing Leadership in Your Employees

While you may want to control everything in your company on your own forever, that is not possible. Some things must be delegated for a business to operate properly. Furthermore, you need to think about the future of the company without you. If you want your business to have a lasting legacy, you need to be constantly thinking about the next generation of management. If you don’t, the entire business may collapse as soon as you step aside.



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