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How does Odoo Report Designer Enhance the Information Reporting System?

It is the MIS reports that help the business owners to evaluate their daily activities. They are able to resolve the problems that arise, make decisions, and track the progress. So, proper reporting on every activity in the e-store becomes inevitable.

But, the pain for every Odoo e-commerce merchant is that they remain stuck with default reports pre-packaged with the software. This software forbids professional look to the reports and customization options. This leads to poor…


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Marketing Your Home to Sell Fast: The Value of An Estate Agent

Presentation is everything when you want to sell your home fast. Thus, you need to come up with a good marketing strategy so that you appeal to the right audience. If you are working with an estate agent, you will do well to speak with them so that they let you in on the best marketing channels that they employ, the fees involved and if there are any additional charges. Among the things you need to do to make sure…


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5 Different Ways To Raise Funds For Your Small Business

As the Government of India is promoting the concept of self-employment, there have been various schemes that have been launched to help you realise your dream of owning your own business. It is a dream come true for many working professionals, to have your business which you can run your own way. But before you take a decision on starting your own business, there are various factors that you need to consider. One of the most important factors is to meet the funding requirements of your small…


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All You Need to Know About Progressive Web Apps

Every  has taken a breath of relief. The growth of mobile app development is undisputed. According to a survey, users spend 70% of their time on the mobile internet.  Smartphone users are increasing every day and so is their usage of internet data. Google is helping users get more friendly with smartphones and is enabling ease of surfing…


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Here is What You Should Keep in Mind to Avoid iOS App Rejection

With over 2.2 million apps available for download, the App Store is an overcrowded market. The rising number of apps across different genres have made it hard for any new players to get succeed. Another nail in the coffin is the Cupertino Company Apple has tightened its norms for approval of the apps.

It is really frustrating for an iOS app development company that after…


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How To Improve Driver Performance with Delivery Driver Management Software?

Organizations in the delivery-based businesses across the globe have been seeking ways to increase the safety of their fleet and drivers, while protecting their bottom line. With rising costs and customer demands, businesses are on the lookout for leveraging modern methods to ensure timely delivery under controlled costs. This helps achieve customer delight as well as cost-effectiveness. There’s little wonder that technology has been leveraged for facilitating smooth operations and…


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How Much Should I Budget For A Website Design?

Deciding the budget for a website is not a simple task that can be approached easily. It depends on a lot of factors. The cost of building your website boils down to four resources: how much time you are prepared to commit to the project, your technical knowledge or interest to learn to code, your design skills (or willingness to learn them), and of course – money. However, money is the most flexible of all these elements. Depending on the amount of budget you, or your organization, can…


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Retail Display Tips

When designing your retail store, it’s important to keep a few factors in mind to make sure you get the most out of the chosen retail display system.

First, determine the image of your retail store. The in-store space should be designed to match the image of the store. It’s also important to design your store according to the amount of customer traffic it gets. Make sure to leave plenty of aisle space for customers to navigate the store, and…


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Why a uniform when working from home can be so useful

You might think working from home would be the perfect reason to get away from what you feel is a more limited and narrow corporate uniform. You might feel like a uniform just isn’t necessary when your office is barely a minute away. Or you might even be operating your own business from home, and feel like there’s not much point, because you are your own boss.


Well, that may be the case, but the right home office…


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Why Is React Js Development Perfect for Getting Unmatchable UX/UI?


When I hear the words “UX and UI,” I often compare them with fashion. Some believe that it is good to dress simply and be yourself. But, if you put on stylish clothes and look attractive, you are sure to grab some eyeballs. Same goes with website UX/UI. A website with poor UX and UI not just fail to impress the customers but also creates a bad image of your business.

Moreover, the millennials demand everything with a rich feel and robust appearance. They want a…


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Online Taxi Booking Software Helps You To Instantly Start Your Online Business

Online taxi booking is greatly connecting and benefitting users on both ends. So many entrepreneurs are craving to start an online taxi booking business. This business idea has swiftly transformed into a successful one with good and reliable revenue generation option. So in your quest for immediately starting an online taxi booking business, you can avail the readily available online taxi booking software.



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How can your business obtain a time-efficiency boost and productivity increase?

Climbing the ladder of success in a competitive industry requires a lot of effort and implication from your part, but in order to actually move further, before investing in expensive marketing strategies, you should first take a look around your office and see if productivities at its peak level. Time efficiency and productivity as two essential things in the business…


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How a Magento Multi-User Extension Enhances Your Ecommerce Business

When a business grows, web traffic to its ecommerce site equally increases. Conscious owners have to keep up with web store maintenance so as to serve added volume of visitors. Like they have to give answers on live chat, update blog and content, take backups, approve or reject orders, add new items in product catalog etc. When only single Magento admin account is available, it has to be shared amongst all staff. This is not desired and has security leaks. Buying or installing a multiuser…


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How Multi Vendor Shopping Cart Could Help Your Ecommerce Business Ideas


The idea of multi vendor shopping cart has given aspiring entrepreneurs a fresh air to breathe easy in the world of ecommerce business. This idea handsomely overtook the single ecommerce shopping website with its best ideation.


What is attractive in this for entrepreneurs?


Single Ecommerce website in its name itself it suggests that is for a single vendor ecommerce business, in which an admin can post and sell only his/single vendor…


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How SugarCRM Survey Plugin can Help You Take Your Business to the Next Level?

How SugarCRM Survey Plugin can Help You Take Your Business to the Next Level?

Business is all about adding “value” to the lives of people around us. If you want to thrive in your business and dominate the marketplace, it is important to find a way to add value to the lives of people in more ways than one.. Without value creation, a business can’t exist.

If you are reading this right now, I’m sure you already have a product to trade for, that adds value to the lives of many. The next question you…

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Top Cybersecurity Challenges Of Growing a Business and How to Tackle Them

Small businesses often resemble families with interactions and decision-making based on trust and unspoken agreements. Chances are that you never really needed a conversation about cybersecurity and could rely on good faith and common sense to keep your commercial data secure. In other words, everyone just knows what to do, and formal cybersecurity processes never were a necessity — at least just yet.

Things are…


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4 effective ways to grow your SME on and offline

If you want your business to become the go-to brand for local customers, capture passing trade and expand its operational footprint, combining online and offline tactics is essential.

Focus solely on offline strategies and you’ll miss the opportunities digital offers to connect with online customers when they need your services most — but ignore real world networking opportunities and you’ll never have valuable face to face interactions that build trust.

So it’s best to adopt a…


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Telecommuting – The Trend On The Rise

Internet is a thing that is now available in the hands of every person and it has influenced the life of people to a great deal. With the advancement in technologies, several companies are now setting up their business online without the need of bearing huge expenses in the form of rental space, electricity bills, additional facilities to the employees etc. Now, most of the companies prefer hiring employees online and using the latest software they keep a track of the employees. With so many…


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How to Enhance your Magento Store Product Delivery Process?

UPS’s recent study shows that 59% of respondents prefer online shopping. Therefore, one can say online shopping has a become a favorite activity among avid shoppers. In addition to this, the fast-paced world not just demands unique products but also a swift product delivery. So, having one of the most reckoned Magento based e-store does not suffice.

You also need to provide a customized product delivery option to your customers. Temando conducted a survey and found that nearly 77% of…


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How to Implanting Business Intelligence with Mobile CRM Applications


Mobile Apps have made human life convenient and easy. It is doing the same with businesses. Today, leading brands of the business community are opting for the “smartphone approach - run anywhere, anytime” as their organizational workflow. Moreover, employees and users also find the smartphone approach more useful than old school methods. And why shouldn’t they? After all, nothing makes their jobs easier than commanding tasks on…

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