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5 Legal Issues that Start-ups often Overlook

Do you remember the scene from Silicon Valley, where the founder gets his first investor cheque? That’s a big deal and a huge cause for celebration. But, what happens after that? When the founder goes to the bank and tries to deposit the cheque, the bank coolly informs him that he has no company.

Few entrepreneurs…


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Best Among Lot Video Streaming Clone Script For Live Streaming Business

Mobile phones aren’t a miscellaneous one in day to day life. But it has been made as one because of many social media apps and mainly video streaming apps. These apps contains many intriguing features on it for liking of its users. So it has emerged and it is getting well accepted by its…


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Plagiarism is a robbery: Ways to come out from this burglary zone

Plagiarism is no doubt a larceny, it is a burglary and it is just similar to the act of robbery. It is a dirty act which can leave any of the victims in a complete panic zone and without a doubt in hot water as well.

Do you know about the legal and ethical terrible outcomes and moral repercussions when you are going to steal other intellectual property, a heavy penalty is handed over to that person by Google. Copying the other person’s writings means your content is falling right…


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4 Reasons to select Online tailoring Store with apparel design Software

Often people related to tailoring industry ask us, why to choose e-tailoring store having apparel designing software?

You will come to know about apparel designing software in depth at the end of this article. This tool can help in making custom tailors as professional tailors. When it comes to fit, custom tailoring industry will never go down, people who are using it…


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5 Factors to consider while upgrading your eCommerce site into a marketplace

The multivendor ecosystem is one of the must-haves for the eCommerce sites owing to the competition in the industry. In the consumer-powered industry, a single-vendor store might fail to meet their expectation. This is when a multi-seller setup might come to your rescue. With this, the third-party seller can list their products. This ultimately increases the options for the customer. Over top of this, the store admin need not maintain their own inventory.…


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Time Attendance System: 5 Benefits of automatizing it

The world is rapidly evolving fueled by new technologies that exist to create efficiencies never thought possible. In workforce management, many companies are considering the adoption of new technologies such as time attendance system to create efficiencies and save money.

Keeping track of employee’s time and attendance is one of the central tasks of any business.…


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Top Features of Android P you must Know

Android P i.e. Android Pistachio is launched over the upgrade of Android Oreo. At the recent conference of I/O, Google revealed some of the new features of this new upgrade of the Android. You can easily try most of them signing through public Beta. These advanced features are more or less revolving around the efficient management of task of users as well as artificial intelligence. It will be a…


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Make Your Best Friend Feel Special by Surprising them with Personalized Gifts

Friendship gifts are the perfect way to celebrate friendship day. If you haven’t marked it yet, then you must do. Friendship day 2018 is 5th August. This friendship day, let your friends know about how important they are to you and show them love with gifts, perhaps something personalized to strengthen your bond.

When it comes to gifts for best friends, go for something special and extraordinary.…


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Your Complete Guide to Wood Fired Ovens for Commercial Purposes

Wood fired ovens can be used to make a multitude of dishes aside from greasy and gooey pizza. Some of the few delicacies you can make using a wood-burning oven are slow-cooked beans, roasted meat, savoury pies, and hearth bread. Typically, a small oven will cost you around £1,100 while larger ones can go up to £2,200, depending on the materials used, the design and the included features.

While it can be costly to invest in a wood-burning oven, it does pay off at the end of the day…


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Role of UI/UX Design in The Development of Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are designed and developed to execute certain business objectives such as generating new leads and yields, increase brand equity, increase user engagement and beyond. Today, market conditions have turned into such a scenario that there are innumerable options to choose from and because of this, it has become quite a task to get a positive response from the target audience and encourage them to download your app as well as to use it frequently.…


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How to Write Your Most Popular Post Ever

Sites for bloggers It can be a tough blog-eat-blog world out there. How can you increase readership and garner traffic to your new blog post despite all the competition? Learn how to write your most popular blog post with some easy steps. 

The basics: know your audience and how…


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Ways To Make Sure Your Facebook Ads Convert

For many small business owners, Facebook can be an incredibly effective way to build trust and establish a relationship with their target audience. However, with Facebook's changing goalposts when it comes to showing your organic content (anything that you post which isn't paid for), it can be extremely difficult for small business to ensure that they are able to spread the word about their products or services. 

Enter Facebook ads. I'm going to be straight and say, almost all…


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Comparative Analysis of CAT Cables: Choosing the Right One!

From connecting our computer network to distributing video and TV signals, we rely on category cables, i.e. Cat cables for almost everything. And with technological advancements in a short time, Cat cable has become a preferred option over traditional coaxial cables. But, a confusion still pertains as to which category cable is the best suitable; when it comes to industrial and commercial network design and data cable installation.…



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How to Engage Your Customers and Make Money at The Same Time?

Often, we get impressed and intimidated by the success of other businesses. And to find out what made them successful, we investigate the strategies they applied. Things that turns tables around for their business. Of course, we do not need generic tips like “Loyalty Programs Always Work.” When it comes to engagement models, we look into the substantial things that worked. It may be a mobile app, a referral program, or a discount scheme.…


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Complete Guide to Using Twitter to Grow Your Business - AYN-InfoTech

How you ever thought of how Twitter can be useful to grow your online presence and How can it be improved your SEO? Being top ranked on Google Search Engine Page is always a good thing. Twitter provides you an opportunity for your website, article, blog or even for your twitter profile to be ranked top by Google authority.

With each passing day, a virtual world is taking over the real world and people are…


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How Companies Help Employees To Achieve Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is consistently cited as important in employee surveys of job satisfaction. While in the past, employees worked endlessly, seemingly without complaint, today’s employees want more time with their families or to pursue other interests, because they realize that time and life are short. In addition, the concept of the workday and the workplace is…


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The most effective method to Make Enterprise Mobile App Development Easy

Here are some Enterprise Mobile App Development tips that make such application Development simple, without getting hindered with pointless confounded and broad undertakings.


The fundamental Enterprise Mobile App Development tip, to which…


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Professional web design or custom themes for wordpress?

Is your website looking so 2008 instead of a new refreshing 2018? If yes, it’s time for you to upgrade. Whether you are updating your website or creating a new site, there are two ways you could go. You could hire a professional Web Design Agency or you could turn to WordPress for a premade website template. There are obvious pros and cons for each option as we shall now see.


WordPress Web

WordPress is one …


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Safe And Effective B2B Ecommerce Marketplace Script For Online Business

Usually every online websites have a significant number of users on it, on that list ecommerce websites have became a miscellaneous one for online community. Multi vendor Ecommerce websites are nothing less than a virtual shopping mall, where an user on it can view/search and buy products of his need from multiple vendors. More importantly it is letting its users to discover their needs with many advanced options just on their mobile screen, without any physical efforts. Though many online…


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Magento Delivery Date Scheduler: A Smarter Way to Deliver Deliverables!

Ecommerce is growing by leaps and bounds. Several businesses are emerging online to outrank and crush their competitors. What yesterday was a luxury, is a necessity for a business today to survive in rapidly disrupting marketplace.

Here’s what facts & figures have to say:

71% of shoppers believe they will get a better deal online than in stores.

80% of the online population has purchased something using the internet, 50% of the online population have purchased more than…


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