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10 Amazing Tips To Improve Your Customer Service [Infographic]

Providing customer service is something you should do before, during and after a customer or potential customer makes a purchase. By creating a connection with customers and potential customers you will automatically develop a relationship with them that will make purchasing and repeat purchasing more likely.

 Here are ten amazing tips to improve your customer service.

  1.  Anticipate customer needs --  You should know your customer inside and out. Conducting…

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Does Your Website Pass The Test?

2012.  It's a year where social media is coming into it's own and a year where, more than ever, the future of your business is in the hands of your customers.  Customers have a voice online and are demanding transparency, information and delivered superior service.

With this in mind the days of a static site are over.  Your website today is the hub which pulls in all information on the web about you and/or your company.  Your website content should constantly be changing as your…


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How to Grab Customers Before Opening Day

When you think of "opening day" you usually think about sporting events. Opening day is usually one of the most anticipated days in sports, so people bring their families and friends and pack the stadium. What many people do not realize, however, is that getting these people interested took time. The team had to win, they had to advertise, and they had to create a solid…


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How To Create A Great Impression With LinkedIn Invites

Having a coffee this afternoon the the deck with the iPad on my lap (a quick catch-up with social media activities) I had a moment!  You know, one of those moments where you wished the undo button worked in real life.

How To Create A Great Impression With LinkedIn Invites

In checking my LinkedIn profile views I saw a connection from another platform whose opinion I value and quickly pressed connect.  Argh…


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Rebalance: How to Bounce Back!

Making a mistake sucks, doesn’t it.  You didn’t want or intend it and it hurts. Sometimes it’s hard to bounce back and regain your confidence.  But it can be done.  Gabby Douglas and the women’s gymnastics team comes to mind.  It’s about what you do after failing that makes you great.  So let me share my secret for crawling back up when I slip on the climb to success.

How To Rebalance after a Mistake

Did you ever notice that the toughest questions to answer are also the…


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The Top CRM Resources for Small Businesses

Customer Relationship Management is more than just a type of software but it is also a way of caring for customers. It is a business strategy that will reduce costs, increase sales and improve profits  through relationships. By making CRM your most important business strategy you'll see huge improvements quickly. Not only will you increase your profits, but you'll increase customer loyalty, as well as better employee relations too. People like working for companies who are customer centric…


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Cloud Computing is a Game Changer for Small Business

In the not so distant past, it was hard for a small business to compete with large corporations due to the lack of access they had to effective software such as, project management software, collaborative software, accounting software, sales force automation software, and large storage solutions. But, today, a small business has access to all of this software and more, due to…


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