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Slow Loading WordPress Website? Fix It Now

“Every second counts”. The same applies when people click on a website and it buffers taking forever to load. That’s what irritates them. Nearly half of the customers expect a website to take less than a few seconds to load. A second’s delay in your webpage to open and your conversion rates decrease to 7% and the page views by 11%. That is huge!

Now, we are well aware that WordPress powers almost 30% of the…


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6 Tips to Start A Successful Industrial Business

To start business is probably the set where one looks for the insights and advice from experts or from the entrepreneurs but there are other perspectives that are also taken into consideration and leads helpful for starting a new successful industrial business.

  1.  Make Sure You Have Right Products to Sell

    Is it true that you are…

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How SD-WAN Helps With Remote Offices

SD-WAN simplifies the process of connecting multiple offices to one network. Check out the accompanying infographic to learn more about the key benefits of SD-WAN and how it can help connect remote offices.

Infographic created by S-NET…


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What you need to know to keep your small business afloat during a difficult financial period

Business can be an unpredictable, having unexpected changes in cash flow, market competition, and consumer preferences. Every…


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Pros and cons of starting a subscription business in 2018

Subscription business has shown a commendable surge lately. As a feature loaded business model, it has profiteered a lot of businesses as well as the customers. While many people are already enjoying the attributes it has to offer, others are willing to do so.

Having little and no knowledge about the good and not so good aspects associated with a subscription model, however, keep such aspirants worried about their…


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Fashion Brand: Game-Changing Marketing Techniques

Building a fashion brand from the ground up is a daunting task. You may feel like your work is done once you’ve designed meticulous pieces of apparel and found a quality production partner, but the truth is that your work is only getting started. It is one thing to have a good product, and a whole other thing to reach an audience and convince it of its…


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3 Reasons That Compel you to Hire Certified Magento Developer

Ever thought of developing your ecommerce store to make it more exciting and lucrative? There are various ecommerce platforms available in the market that can help you revamp or develop your store. When we think of any such tools, our mind halts at Magento. Why Magento you may think! Magento is flexible, easy to modify, versatile and consists of various features in addition.



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New Trends Reshaping E-Commerce Solutions 2018

Gone are the days when customers prefer to shop online. In today’s digital age, online shopping brands replaced the offline shopping to a great extent. Every day, people purchase products from online stores. The main reason for this is the shop from home facility. The latest trends in the technology have made e-commerce solutions industries grow faster. Online stores let…


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How to Find Out If Your Ethernet Cables Are Authentic or Not?

We do not take cables seriously. And that being said, we tend to buy the connectors for our precious devices from anywhere we like. Sometimes, from a friend, sometimes from a brick and mortar store nearest to our houses and sometimes, online. Least aware that there is a huge market of counterfeit ethernet cables out there which can be a real disappointment! So, what are fake cables like? How are they different from the authentic ones?…


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Your Comprehensive Guide to Magento 1 & 2 Australia Post Shipping Extension!

You own a Magento store based in Australia. That’s cool! But, if you want to make it more competent with excellent features, the time is now! If you are looking for ecommerce shipping solutions in Australia, our shipping extension is for you. We, at AppJetty, have designed Australia Post Shipping extension to provide you a superior online retail experience.

Using it, you…


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How Can Employing Web to Print Software Solutions Help You?


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Additional Funding Sources for Your SMB

If there is one thing anyone entering the world of small business comes to realize, then it has to be the fact that a good idea is simply not enough. What your small business needs at its initial stages is a little meat on its bones, that is – money. More often than not, small business owners bite off more than they can chew and the expenses of running a business soon get out of hand. However, if you plan ahead and consider each and every source of funding,…


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7 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blogs Traffic by 100per

Are you from one of those who is looking to grow your blog and make it popular and visible to the audience, then there is only way, just expand your blog as much as you can or else wise, there are tremendous digital marketing companies who provide SEO services and can make your blog popular worldwide and get traffic on your blog.

In this article, I have listed some key ideas…


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Understanding Payment Processing for Small Businesses

For any business, whether a physical store or online, accepting credit card payments is important. Many customers prefer the convenience of paying with a card over paying cash, and therefore, the potential for sales is exponentially higher for businesses who accept credit cards. As a small business owner, it's important to understand how credit card processing works in order to find a merchant account that's going to work with your specific needs.

How Payment Processing…


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Tips to check before choosing apparel software development company

"All things considered, acquiring a word content manager for exactly dozen Euro and building up the same for a few million Euro, it's clear that the second choice won't justified, despite any potential benefits, and it doesn't bode well all. In addition, there may be numerous valid justifications as an organization to go for redid programming instead of picking a pack box programming.

To select this street might be distressing. Supervisors on board…


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E-commerce technology: Three revolutionary breakthroughs that disrupt the way you shop

Technology has become a major player in the retail space of ecommerce and one that has involved a lot of resources from manufacturers down to smart logistical and operational models managed by IT support services.

With everything going digital, more players come into the picture. Simple products are matched with the most sophisticated resource solutions to make sure that it gets to the consumer right away.

Here are…


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Reasons Entrepreneurs Preferring Multi Vendor Marketplace App

Marketplace app is a platform for multiple individual vendors to sell their respective user demand meeting products. So further down let's see what is there in this multivendor marketplace app which is making entrepreneurs to prefer this business.


Meeting user demands


#Fashion and #Trend is evolving from time to time and these #tags aren’t going to go…


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Tips From Android App Development Experts

Making it on top is one of the difficulties each application developer is confronting today. Regardless of whether you are a free Android application developer or works in a group in an Android application development company, being effective in your profession is one of your objectives throughout everyday life. Yet, with a huge number of Android applications accessible in…


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Social Media Trends coming in 2018

Social Media plays a very important role in the digital marketing these days. It plays a very crucial role in promoting the various products and services of the brand and makes it possible to target the potential customer base all around the world. The digital marketing agencies have considered the following social media trends…


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Top Trends of Enterprise Mobile App Development For Business Growth

Building a strong Mobile App will take your business to the following more elevated amount. Individuals these days found the application as the best medium to oversee things in like manner. With a quality application, you can reach the same number of clients as you need. This is the most ideal approach to extend your business all around and increase gigantic benefits and increment deals.

  1. 24*7 Business Availability…


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