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Business Mentor Tip – The 80/20 Rule of Leverage

Everyone should be familiar with the old 80/20 rule as it seems to apply across most things in life.  In business it generally means that 80% of your income comes from 20% of your clients.  Or that 80% of your trouble comes from 20% of your clients, which is usually about right…

But I believe there is another 80/20 rule in business.  I believe that you should be spending 80% of your time working ON the business and 20%…


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Putting Your Man on the Moon – A Business Mentoring Tip from Space

One of my favourite business mentoring tips is to plan your business as if you were NASA planning to put a man on the moon.  This is what I learned to do at the 1991 Accelerated Business School for Entrepreneurs with Robert Kiyosaki in Hawaii.  The teacher was Blair Singer and the business planning technique we used was based on PERT (Programme Evaluation and Review) planning technologies, which apparently is what NASA used…


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What are the Key Functions that Every CRM App Should Offer?

Marketing, sales and customer service are the three key functions of any CRM software. Realizing this will make choosing the right CRM app easier because by looking at the three components of CRM software you'll know what needs to be covered. Some CRM software only focuses on one aspect of customer relationship management, like sales, and you want a system that focuses on all three. The only way to apply customer relationship management correctly is to find a system the encompasses all three…


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11 Easy Ways To Improve Your Time Management

7 time management tips Constantly interrupted by emails, phone calls and can't seem to get achieve your goals?

Spend all morning at your desk with nothing on paper to show for it?

A common denominator with my clients and connections is the challenge of managing time.  Most of us simply have too much to do in the hours we have available.  And a confession, time management is my biggest challenge and something I'm…


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Telling Disorganized Clients What To Do- In a Good Way

  Asking someone to change their behavior is tricky, to say the least. You want to say the right things to encourage compliance while avoiding giving offense.

Using an ‘I Statement’ can help you articulate your needs in a neutral, non-threatening way. Your request is made in a manner that allows the other person to hear it well and act upon it.

The best part is…


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Social Media and You ... how hard can it be!


You're busy, not enough hours in the day.  You're either already active in social media but could be doing better, being told you should be active but not sure where to start, or you know what you're doing but don't have the time to maintain a presence consistently to achieve the results you desire.


Many aspects of your social media can be outsourced…


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The Latest Greatest Gagdet

Owning my own business, there are things that you have to have. A register, printing paper, ink, etc. When I was visiting my favorite bakery the other day, the owner rang me up on her ipad and had me sign my name with my finger. She asked me if I needed a receipt and then informed me that she could e-mail me the receipt. Genius! Of course, I had just purchased a cash register and took HOURS reading the manual and setting everything up. After packing everything up and returning the…


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How to Participate in LinkedIn Discussions (Q&A)

A new client signed up with me for LinkedIn assistance which includes optimising her personal profile, identifying and joining 'best fit' groups on her behalf and I'm researching a weekly list of discussions I've for her to comment on.

This last item has raised excellent questions on her part about how to participate in discussion and got me thinking…


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Small Business Entrepreneurs – How to Raise Funds and Manage Them

On 3rd October, 2012 during the presidential debate small business and the financial policies in order to make them survive the economic calamities have been the center-point of the discussion. Both President Obama and Presidential candidate Mitt Romney have stressed that small businesses are very crucial for generating jobs. So,…


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Email vs Newsletter: What Makes Me Click

Click rates, open rates, Mailchimp, information overload ... we are constantly being bombarded with content.  There is one blog site I will always visit, here's why.

Part of my day to day tasks involve sending out newsletters for clients.  My preference is Mailchimp but I also use Aweber,…


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Halloween: Is it for Fun or for Profit?

I know, it's not Halloween yet...or as it used to be called "All Hallows Eve". Whichever terminology you decide to use, just know that as a business owner, you don't have to celebrate Halloween in order to profit from it. Yeah, I know you may not even think of it when the day arrives, however, just like any other major holiday, you stand a chance of profiting off of this day just like the average retail business owner.

DID YOU KNOW??: The National Retail…


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Sunshine Through the Cloud?

‘Cloud computing’. If you’re not tech savvy, you may not know what it is. With IT heavyweights such as Microsoft, IBM and Google, all investing millions of dollars into research, you’ll soon be using it though. In fact you probably already have without  even knowing, such is it’s growing prominence in the computer industry. For the small business owner still trying to get their head round the phenomena here’s a brief lowdown on what it is and, more importantly, how it can benefit your…


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From PowerPoint to Prezi [Death to PowerPoint?]

Following Tuesday's post on PowerPoint Presentations For The Busy Manager I'd like to introduce Prezi.  This online presentation tool will give your PowerPoint slides the magic needed to help you stand out.  Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that opens up a new world between…


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Business Start-Up: A Guide for the Emerging Entrepreneurs

Millions across the globe set out to make it big in the world of business. However, there are certain guidelines that every budding entrepreneur must be aware of and implement in their business development activities. Though there may be some repetitions of the most clichéd business start-up tips, these are extremely crucial for all emerging entrepreneurs’ success. For instance, some tips have been provided so that entrepreneurs…


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Speaking up Matters

You know we all want to change the world. Aptly written by John Lennon. I want a revolution, for sure.  I'm leading the charge for anyone who wants be powerful without being pushy!

Nobody want to speak up

Speaking up is complicated, some say.  Most people, maybe you, envision someone getting a gleam in their eye, straightening their back and taking in a breath to give someone else a good piece of their mind…


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Turning your SMART Goals into reality

Every business needs goals and SMART goals ensure that your goals are specific, measureable, attainable, relevant and timely.  While my previous article looked at how to set achievable goals using the SMART goal system, here I explain how to turn these goals into reality.

Using a…


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Why Would Someone Invest in Your Business? Or Why Wouldn’t They?

I’m currently looking at my investment portfolio and deciding how much of my wealth I want tied up in businesses… my own and others.  Investing in business is a high risk strategy as so much depends on the people running the business and their understanding of what business really is.  I’m always on my soap box about small business owner operators needing to grasp the basics of what makes their business valuable.  I know what I think, but I wanted to see if other business experts think the…


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Planning Your Exit

More from my night at the Institute of Directors, this time my notes from Matt Kenealy. Matt was a co-founder of Axon Computer Systems in 1986.  He was the majority shareholder when it sold to Integral Technology…


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The Purpose of an Entrepreneur

I have just been working on a talk I am giving this Wednesday on an entrepreneur’s perspective of the role of a Board of Directors.  I only have 5 minutes to speak so has been a very good exercise in making it short but real.  So here it is… you can have a sneak preview of my 5 minutes of fame:

The purpose of an entrepreneur is twofold:

1.  To build a company with a higher purpose (think Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Anita Roddick and others such…


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3 Reasons to Start Your Own Business

Why do people get into business for themselves?  When I present to business groups I often ask people why they decided to start a business.  The answers are always the same.  To be my own boss/to be free to choose how I work/I’m good at what I do… so why should I line someone else’s pockets/I’ve got a great idea, I know it will work…

The reality of owning your own business is that it is hard work, it is high risk, it takes its toll on your time, your pocket and your energy.  In the…


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