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22 Step Guide to Choosing the Right Project Management Software

There are many vendors out there providing readymade and custom made project management software that caters to most of the industries.

For larger firms, custom software such as ERP can be a desirable option, but it involves a significant monetary investment, time and resources to implement successfully.

ERPs can be disruptive as the transition from manual management to automated management is difficult to implement on an enterprise level.

Further, there are shared…


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Tips To Successfully Run A Web Hosting Business

Operating a web hosting business appears easier than it seems to be. Numerous business house owners are unsuccessful in the course of the first or second tries.…

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British Software Giant Sets Up Shop in Phoenix

The Valley of the Sun is becoming increasingly attractive to tech firms and real estate developers alike. Over the last few years, market analysts have been closely following the transformation of Phoenix as a tech hub that may one day rival California's Silicon Valley, and recent news developments suggest that this Arizona metropolis is headed in the right direction.


In late July, the Phoenix Business Journal published a…


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Startup Tips: Adjust To Delegation

It's a good problem to have, learning to delegate, because it means your business is doing well and is expanding! When transitioning from solopreneur to team leader, however, it's hard to let go of some of the day-to-day tasks to focus on the business as a whole. Your company is your vision, though, so your time is needed to help the business grow. You can't get bogged down in…


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Selling Customized T-shirts: How to Sell Old Wine in A New Bottle?

It’s difficult to put in innovative thoughts to some products that had been repetitive since the beginning of time, or at least, from the time they were discovered or out into use. And you will promptly catch our point if you had been in the t-shirt selling business which offers a very limited variety as compared to other apparels.

But your business might face a brunt if you offer same things every day, and no, customers don’t understand the monotony that you do while selecting your…


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Marketing Strategies to Enhance Your Business

In today’s business world, many companies are striving hard to improve their performance level in the markets for generating more revenues. They even focus more on implementing the latest strategies in promotional…


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Junk Removal Services in Toronto: Helping the Real Estate Industry

Many people naturally assume that junk removal companies only focus on homeowners, when in reality, junk removal services in Toronto also benefit businesses. When it comes to commercial services, reputable companies assist virtually all…


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5 Top Law Firm Marketing Trends in 2017

It is important for lawyers to be more proactive when winning seeking new clients.

As the competition in the legal industry increases, and technology advances, as well as an ever-changing digital marketing landscape, it is only right for law firms to adapt and innovate. Not doing so can cause your law firm to go the route of once former titans such as…


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How to ask for a promotion

When it comes to nerve-wracking experiences, asking your manager for a promotion must be considered one of the most daunting. No matter how prepared you are, and indeed how qualified you are to receive the step-up in your career, it can still be a scary task to ask. So how can you beat your nerves and successfully ask your employer for a promotion? Here are our top tips:

Prepare your case

Just like with an initial job interview, preparation is key when it comes to…


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How to boost your traffic on your site with SEO and PPC

In today’s competitive online marketplace, it’s now harder than ever to make yourself stand out from your competitors and get those all-important traffic rates flowing in. To combat this, you need a way of making yourself more visible, and reaching your site before they do your competitors’.

SEO is the best way in which to do this. In a world where internet visibility is the key to securing sales figures within your sector, this approach to online marketing can revolutionise your…


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How automation is changing the legal sector

Technology is changing, and business is racing to keep up. Though the legal industry is traditionally slow to change, smaller firms have been taking huge strides in harnessing the potential of automation and making changes to the way they do business- and now larger firms are catching up.

The ramifications this is set to have for legal firms, and for its employees, are huge. In a predominantly data-driven sector, automation has the potential to completely change everything from profit…


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6 Tips for Managing Freelance Workers

When people work for you, you always want to do them good. The expectations and rules are different, however, when managing freelancers who are not full-time workers in your firm. How do you motivate people you don’t have full authority over? How do you keep them excited and interested in working when they don’t…


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Essential Questions to Ask Before Purchasing an Exterior Sign for your Business

If you’re opening a new location or starting an enterprise, this might be the first time you’ve ever had to purchase a sign for your business. It’s an important decision to make and to guide you through the process of choosing a sign that represents your company’s image, here are 6 questions we recommend you ask before and during the purchase.…


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How Can Ecommerce Store Owners Create an App Like Amazon and Flipkart?

Every other person we see around us seems to be in a profound relationship with one’s device – especially mobile. Right from connecting with people and playing games to shopping, we have witnessed a paradigm shift in the ways in which technology is used. Talking about ecommerce, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that…


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Safety Measures to be taken while considering Water Damage Recovery

If you have ever witnessed floods before, or are well-informed about the condition, you will know that the real work begins when the time comes to recover your house from all the water damage. When the water is continuously entering your premises, there’s less you can do about it except deploying measures to stop excess water from collecting inside the home and moving your personal property out of harm’s way.

When the…


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Spending Quality Time in a Restaurant for Enjoying Life

Visiting a restaurant in a location brings more excitement for a family which allows children and others to order a variety of foods at one place. The restaurants serve other services along with foods making the visitors to enjoy their life. Moreover, they provide ways for searching foods that are having unique tastes. There are many restaurants that cover well-equipped facilities to customers for hosting dinners to friends and groups with style. Apart from…


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Best Practices for WordPress Website Security

Started as blogging software in 2003WordPress has emerged as most powerful and popular Content Management System. Based on a recent survey, 27.5% of total website is powered by WordPress.

Though it’s widely used open source platform, hackers are taking interest in breaking the security. While WordPress…


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Digital Marketing On A Budget

U.S. companies are expected to spend nearly $120 billion on digital marketing by 2021. Given the rise of social media and the explosion of mobile devices, digital spending…


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Six Reasons Why Information Security is More Important Than Ever Today

With cyber attacks and data breaches becoming more commonplace these days, the global state of online security has never been more alarming. In 2017, the world learned about the public leak of cyber weapons used by the United States National Security Agency as well as by the Central Intelligence Agency. While the leak appears to…


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Attend Events and Conferences Live with Webcasting Services

Innovation and technology has brought the world close and no matter what distance you are at, you can always communicate and engage through internet connectivity. At times during meetings and conferences, despite absence of an individually, he or she is able to communicate with the attendees through live streaming services. It is now possible to share your event in the most interactive manner with someone who is not physically present during the event. The …

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