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6 Things to Do Before You Investing in a CRM

Customer Relationship Management is the key to a successful business. Fortunately, or unfortunately, there are many companies today who risk their core competency by outsourcing their customer service. Fortunately, because this gives you the edge over your competitors who don’t care about their customers, and unfortunately because – I’m afraid if you are the one to avoid dealing with your customers.…


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Here Is Why Your Business Needs Web or Mobile Apps Urgently

The absence of a planned digital strategy comes out as one of the top reasons leading to the failure of a business besides poor management, insufficient capital, bad location, lack of planning and over expansion.

Key Warning Signs of a Business Failure

Losing customers

Is your lead generation or customer acquisition rate going down? And customer churn rate going up? If yes, it's a worrying sign. Brands which are less accessible are more…


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Website Design Tips for Effective Online Marketing

With online marketing, your foundation matters.That foundation is your website design. It’s where all the ad traffic pools in after implementing your strategy…If your foundation is bad, expect to lose out on customers.No one will stick long enough to use your website. Most will leave in frustration or boredom.You have to prevent those two. And today, we’ll discuss some tips on making that a reality!

#1 – Mobile Compatibility.

Does your site load well on…


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What is Expected of Cybersecurity Consultancy

Given the increasing trend of cyber-attacks in the past decade, one needs to have cyber essentials in place to combat the threats. Cybersecurity involves various complexities as one may not be well versed with IT. Installation of antivirus, anti-spyware, or firewall stands at the very basic level of Cybersecurity. An advanced form of Cybersecurity is having a consultant in place. He is adept at defending the cyber-attacks by developing a Cybersecurity strategy.

Small businesses are…


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Five advanced ways to Immediately Start Selling accounting software online

Selling a  software online required the perfect competitive quality of product , and the advanced feature to attract the customer and to satisfied them with their needs , the basic thing which always take under consideration while designing the customer online especially in case of…


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How To Utilise Search Engine Marketing to Get Noticed Online?

The majority of online searches happen through search engine websites. Needless to say, top SEO experts in Sydney can help your website get noticed by your audience. This blog has useful information to guide you on how to make your business easy to find during an online search.

Understanding Search Engine Marketing

Search engine…


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3 Awesome Ways that Inbound Marketing Helps Your Business to Grow

With vast improvement of the digital realm, business owners now have a lot of choices on how they can improve their business’ performance through marketing. Aside from the traditional methods such as print, radio, and TV ads, digital advertising methods are also great options. The best advertising agency in Phoenix knows all of these and they can help you.…


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Why custom t-shirt printing is a successful business model for printers

The global market for custom t-shirt printing industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.3% and cross US$ 10 Bn by 2025 during the period of 2017-2025. The same reports explain the considerable growth in custom t-shirt printing is accounted to rise in disposable income level of individuals, shifting trends towards fashionable apparels, rising penetration of e-tailing in the fashion ecommerce space and stability in socio-economic scenario globally. The customizes t-shirt printing is further…


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How to use Business Name Generating Tools?

More than hundred start-ups are introduced in business world each day related to different markets. Every small scale and large scale businesses are competing with each other to draw clients to their venture. There are thousands of marketing strategies and advertising techniques to promote your business but the most important one of them is to name it…


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4 Unconventional Ways to Improve Your E-commerce Platform

Improving your e-commerce platform is the only way to improve your revenue, future-proof your online business and, overall, lay a foundation for what, one day, may come to be your legacy. This is why it’s important to explore all the options that you have available so that you can pick the ones that suit you the most. Keep in mind that boosting your e-commerce platform tends to be a work in progress, which is why you might get new opportunities with each new trend that appears in the…


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What Does Generation Z Expect Out of Online T-Shirt stores?


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Tailoring Industry and it’s modernization with AI

IDC has predicted that the AI market will be worth $50 billion plus in 2020, growing from an $10 billion market in 2016. As automation continues to penetrate all industries, apparel design software will be at the forefront of the Apparel/Fashion Industry, especially in developing countries. Today, different apparel design software are available to impact apparel styles the world over!

The AI-Apparel…


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5 Proven Customer Retention Strategies

You have a new business, and you want to market it. You want to attract as many visitors to your website as you can and have them become paying customers. Yet, that’s not the only goal you should focus on. Sure, getting new customers is important, but getting them to return for seconds is just as vital for your business. You want to pull as many new buyers in as you can while keeping the older ones. In other words, you must cultivate good customer retention.

Sounds like a common sense…


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How Blockchain Technology Will Turn Our Businesses Upside Down

Blockchain has been a revolutionary thing since the inception of its core idea in the white paper in 1991. No substantial Blockchain Developments took place until when Satoshi Nakamoto published a white paper in 2005, where he conceptualized Blockchain and then launched Bitcoin to the world in 2009. Blockchain Development was happening in the industry but the FinTech domain was not getting the attention it deserved. Later on, in 2016, a large pool of…


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How to select right Business Plan Consultant

Did you know that your business idea is not average? We throw out most of the ideas in the trash bin of our mind. I am saying it because you are one-step ahead to execute the idea into a venture. You got something interesting and seeking the right way to execute it.

Now coming to the point, if you are looking for a person to advise your business strategies,…


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Do You Want To Know Why Are Data Science Jobs High In Demand?

Data is all around us.  Look around you and you would know it for yourself. Every comment, every post you generate on any social media platform, every purchase you make online, generates millions of data. It is believed, presently as you are reading this, more than six billion devices that are connected around the world, are producing millions of terabytes of data each day.

Is it any surprising that…


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Ways to Build a Strong Talent Management Program

The talent of your company is undoubtedly the most valuable asset that you have as they are the ones who shape your business with their unique expertise, skills as well as personalities and lead it towards success. But professional relations are always a two-way street. So in return for what your employees do for your business to help it grow, you have to provide them with worthy compensation packages, decent…


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Benefits of Hiring a Remote Team for Startup

In rapidly progressing tech hubs, like New York, San Francisco, and Austin, building a team in a traditional office environment can be expensive. Here, startups compete for limited talent and expensive office space while trying to build a new company.

Therefore, it is more reasonable and convenient for startups to consider hiring remote when it is time for building a team. 

Why are Remote Teams beneficial for Startups




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No Stress Guide to Software

Microservices is a hot topic of discussion that is on everyone's lips. From Chris Hart of to Mark Russinovich of Microsoft Azure. Almost everyone in…


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