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How to Use Custom Labels for Marketing Your Business

In today’s world, the most successful business people are the ones who know marketing their businesses well. In the marketing of your business, you apply several tricks and techniques. Using custom labels is one of them. They are excellent means promoting a business. You can come across several ways to incorporate them into the things that are used in everyday life. As fun items your followers will like, custom labels are designed as per your business nature. Have a look at the ways you can…


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Medical Mobile Apps: Building the Future of Digital Healthcare Block by Block

The emphasis on how technology has greatly penetrated into our day-to-day lives cannot be made enough. Both, our daily routine and the technologically driven world have merged into one. Take into account the Healthcare industry. These organizations are incessantly harnessing the power of intelligent technologies in order to deliver personalized, efficient and well-informed care. However, as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility, in the same manner, this innovation…


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9 Common Web Design Mistakes that Small Business Make

Today, most consumers rely on the internet to find information that will help them to make smarter decisions. This behavior trend emphasizes the importance of online presence for a business. 

If you are a booming business in today’s modern marketplace, you need a professional website that can enhance the growth of your…


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How Rank Checker Tool Can Help To Improve Your Online Business?

When we utilize any kind of search engine for locating an internet site, whether it is Google, Bing or Yahoo, it will certainly give us with thousands of search results. Some sites are noted on the initial page, some on the second and so on. How is the placement of a website determined? There are different aspects that can affect the rankings of a site in search engine outcomes. Online search engine such as Google make use of an approach called the domain rank…


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DisplayPort AND HDMI: No Longer a Debate | You Need Them Both

The battle between HDMI and DisplayPort is not new. But if you really understand them both, you will know that each serves its own purpose. In this blog, we will talk about how to get the best display results with the use of these two cables.

A wide range of devices come with HDMI port, from TVs to laptops and projectors. DisplayPort, on the other hand, has a much more niche usage (or acceptance or requirement). It is great for a gaming setup and…


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7 LinkedIn Tips for Increasing Followers

Linkedin is about making connections with people (aka “leads”) you know, or want to know. One of the most valuable goals on LinkedIn is to grow a following. Increasing your following leads to a greater organic reach, meaning more people will be looking at the content you post. Below we have come up with 7 LinkedIn tips…


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The Website Development Trends: Game-Changing WordPress in 2019

Amidst the glitz and the glamour, hardly anyone would remember the groundbreaking features of the first version of the patron player WordPress. Isn’t it? Just like Fashion Week shows, trends in the website development don’t remain the same. Every season, every year, you witness hundreds of new requirements popping up for increasing the customer’s engagement. And WordPress is no different. 

The big deal was incepted in May 2003, which is 16 years ago and is acing every…


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Cat5e Cables: The Unsung Hero of a Connected Smart Home

Cat5e cable is an upgrade to the cat5 cable. The ‘e’ stands for ‘enhanced’. A cat 5 cable can transfer data at the maximum speed of 100Mbps whereas the cat5e cable can go up to 1000Mbps. However, when we say fast, it is not always obvious that it is reliable. The cat5e cable is the more reliable one out of the…


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Augmented Reality is Building the Future of Consumer Experience

In this era, every business today is a digital one. The reason? Every customer today is now a digital customer. And if we want to see digital consumers interacting with digital businesses every second, we need to turn our heads towards the retail arena. 

With the use of social networking and mobility to transform their purchasing experiences, customers are changing the phase of eCommerce. To respond with the rising…


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Benefits of Having a Print Shop Workflow Software for Your Business!

Amazon, the ecommerce giant recently received an approval on a patent for On-Demand Clothing Manufacturing Warehouse. This news has been doing the rounds on the internet recently. For those who are unaware, Amazon will come up with an ecommerce automation system that enables personalized end-to-end printing and warehousing operations. You can read one of these news pieces if you want to know about the numerous ways in which it is going to benefit its customer…


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Know How You Can Protect Your Digital Signature from Unauthorized Use

Just like a physical or 'Wet' sign, an eSignature is a mark that affirms your agreement with the document it's related with. As the word 'mark' proposes, it can be almost anything. It doesn't need to look like your name or your 'Wet' signature at all. …


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5 promising EdTech trends that will dominate 2020

Technological trends in education for the future 

Educational industry has been evolving along with the evolution of technology too. With every new technology various educational institutions look for opportunities to…


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How smart contracts Blockchain supports government in shaping the future?

Blockchain has several potential applications for the government and the public sector. Due to smart contracts blockchain technology, governments can now enhance the way they deliver services, thwart online fraud, eradicate paperwork, and lessen waste. Digital cash transactions accompanied by these contracts can help reshape financial transactions between the…


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Supply chain and logistics using Blockchain technology

Crypto App Factory has the privilege to successfully completed 30+ end to end ICOs with different combinations of tech stacks (Like using the ERC20 token or own Blockchain and Minable coins) and ICO Marketing.

 We are expanding our offerings  into STOs and creating security tokens in own blockchain and a centralized exchange which can support utility coins and security tokens.…


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When Technical Service Outsourcing is Preferred by Many Companies

We can define outsourcing as the strategic use of outside resources to perform activities customarily ran by internal staff and resources. Outsourcing is a strategy by which an…


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Fiber Optic Cable: Key to A Reliable Smart Home Routine

The Ethernet cable has been around for over 35 years. It is difficult to remember a time when you could use either your house phone or the internet via a dial-up connection. This changed when you could use both at the same time but still with an Ethernet cable. The cable got better in terms of speed and reliability. Then we…

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What is the role of a branding agency or an external brand consultant?

Competition has increased;

Consumers are distracted;

Businesses are fighting for customer attention.

On the top of it, with digital proliferation, the game of marketing has completely changed.

The importance of branding as a competitive tool has increased because competition is intense in every industry and a brand needs to…


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How To Prevent Hacks At Your Business

Online businesses are becoming prone to cyber threats, and hence, owner and leaders are taking the need for securing their devices and network from these attacks very seriously. Some ways can all be used to inflict malware to systems such as data breach, causing a significant effect on your business. According to reports, smaller companies are more likely to suffers most consequences from cyber threats compared to a larger enterprise.…


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Management Skills — How to Successfully Lead and Manage a Team

Management skills are special abilities that only a few individuals possess and execute properly within an organization or establishment. Managers play an important role in building, maintaining and improving a company, industry and other organizations. Some of these skills are developed through learning and on-the-job experience, while others…


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7 Rules for a Successful Mobile App Development Process

For everything in life, there are rules, the development of Android applications is not an exclusion to this fact. Very often, people think success in the Android app development out of the blue, maybe it is. There are ways by which the winning ideas are inspired.

 There are two or three decisions he must first go before a company starts on his…


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