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How a WordPress Client Portal Can Help You with Client Servicing

You have all heard that the client is always right. It means that you have to take care of every interaction with your client, regardless of whether that interaction is via phone calls, your website, email, or in person. If your primary interaction is frictionless, you are more likely to retain them.

These methods of interaction are also slowly getting old. Businesses…


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Essential Security Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Cryptocurrency Exchange:

Cryptocurrency Exchange is a platform that allows you to trade digital assets such as Bitcoin. Depending on the exchange, you may be able to trade cash for digital assets, or you may be able to trade one digital asset for another.

It makes the Bitcoin business software faster, more powerful, secured, flexible and easier to use.Cryptocurrency business enthusiastic can get the business script as software package which can be…


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A beginner’s guide to starting an overseas business

Going global will always be a goal for entrepreneurs. If you follow the right steps, you will have no problems in succeeding. With the help of specialised services, you will complete the process fast. But, make sure you are starting an offshore business for the right reasons. More and more people decide to go abroad because they want to perform tax evasion or money laundering. If you want to start an offshore business because you want to address a wider public, then you are on the…


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Start with these steps and you will begin to improve health and wellbeing in the workplace

It is no secret that employees are the most valuable intangible assets of the company. The staff members are the main link to the customers. They are capable of identifying clients’ needs and address difficult issues in the workplace. Most importantly, employees breathe new life into the organization, initiating change and suggesting improvements. As…


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All About The Why and How of Supplier Management

Managing vendors successfully is the key to success for any business. In this article, we will explore what supplier management and its benefits and the best practices for the same.

Supplier Management:

In simple words, supplier management is maintaining healthy and productive…


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What you need from a financial advisor.

What is a financial advisor?

A financial advisor is a professional who renders financial services and makes suggestions to the client after examining their financial situation. In many of the countries, it is mandatory for the financial advisors to have proper training and a license for advice. Here at growth financial Australia, we have nothing but fully trained and license advisors just for…


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How to Promote an ICO? What are the Strategies

After all the planning, you’re all set to rake in funds for your startup with ICOs. The initial impression you make will determine the success ahead of you. Will you convert enough ICOs to at least achieve the soft cap? Dispel doubts and be surer of your prospects with these ICO promoting strategies.

Start with your niche audience…


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Cyber Attacks will Be Smarter in 2019

Cybersecurity is a major concern among the people of this age. While the millennials might be well versed when it comes to making use of technology, the fact is that they too are a victim of the cyber-attacks. Because the hackers have smart ways of fooling you into believing that a website or an email is authentic or safe. It is for this reason that you should opt for Frontier packages or the…


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Cat 8 Cables: Soon to be a Boon in An Average User’s Life

Cat 8 cables are still new and shiny. Pretty much no one uses them at home, yet. They are incredibly fast at 25Gbps to 40Gbps speeds. That kind of speed is only useful in a more industrial setting and after all, only such settings can afford the cost of it.

The question to ask is what are the possible uses of such an extravagant speed that this particular network cable…


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How to Switch to a New Career with No Relevant Experience

So, you have already decided to switch to a new career and move out of your current career. You have experience only in the current career and absolutely no experience in the new career you wish to switch to. How do you do it and will you succeed?

I have met many people who are successful in their career and when I have asked them about their entire journey, most of them…


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What is LinkedIn SSI Score?

In the 21st century, marketing is all about networking, establishing the right connections, etc. And, most of these connections are established online, especially through social media channels. Marketers have found LinkedIn to be the best platform for connecting with B2B buyers. The reason is that key decision makers of businesses are active on this platform. As all sales reps make a beeline for networking with buyers on LinkedIn, it is vital that you understand where you stand as a sales…


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Ways To Ensure Mobile Banking Apps Are Tested Thoroughly

A thoroughly tested application doesn't bother its users with bugs, glitches and performance issues. Therefore, a mobile application testing company invests its time and money in extensive app testing efforts. To improve customer experience and retain them, testers test mobile banking apps rigorously. It also reduces the costs of fixing bugs and maintenance before the software launch.



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Practical Tips on Promoting Your Mobile Application

The development of mobile applications is on the rise. Without the use of the proper promotional strategies, you will fail to introduce your mobile app to the market. Here are some practical promotional tips.

The ability of the mobile application developer to create a great mobile application will often mark the opening of massive opportunities…


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How to Use an External Monitor for a Better Working Experience

As a consumer who uses a computer for basic tasks like managing a small to medium work database, or some light content editing that is mostly text, you can simply use the new all-in-one type of laptops in the market. One that folds into tablet mode for touch screen web scrolling, and has a full keyboard to type out long emails, or make content strategies. But if you have ever tried to edit video or stream games on one of those laptops, you know that we are slightly far from eliminating…


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4 Types of Loans a Startup Can Take Out

When you’re searching for loans as a startup owner, there are many sources you can turn to. Banks, online lenders and other institutions, there is a plethora of choice. You don’t even have to pinpoint the right kind of loan you need before you approach a lender – they will help you decide what type of financing will suit you the most. However, some basic inputs are necessary in order to have a general idea about the different types of loans so you’ll…


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What are the top features of the robotic process automation?

Robotic process automation which is also abbreviated as RPA is the process in which the advancements in technology are used to configure computer software, or a robot in order to integrate human actions within the working algorithms.

A special software with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities are used in this process in…


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Introducing Theme Scita: The Most Versatile Odoo Theme

We have added one more excellent theme to our ever-expanding list: Theme Scita! Our main aim with this theme was versatility. While making an Odoo website theme, it was essential that we looked at the sheer number of businesses that use Odoo for their stores.

According to Odoo, it has 4 million users!

As Odoo Ready Partners, it only made sense to showcase…


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Google AMP: How To Improve The Speed Of Your Page On Mobile

Google AMP is a technology that allows web pages to load much faster on mobile devices. Even if I call it Google AMP it's not Google's exclusive merit. This time the giant of Silicon Valley has had numerous collaborators worldwide. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, and it is an open source initiative.

It is clear, more and more users access the Internet from their smartphones. In fact, it is very likely that you are reading this post from your mobile. That's why the…


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Becoming a Domain Name Flipper: 5 Important Tips

The internet is reminiscent of the Industrial Age, ushering in its avalanche of unique opportunities. created a new genre of companies employing millions, making sincere social impact, and having huge economic significance. The boom may be over, but the effects remain with us. 

The potential for making money on the internet remains almost immeasurable. Startups and unicorns make all the headlines, but there are numerous opportunities for anyone willing to learn and put in the needed…


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