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Benefits of hiring your kids for your small business

By Bert Seither, Director of Operations at Corporate Tax Network

About the author: Bert Seither is the Director of Operations at Corporate Tax Network, a national accounting and business development firm. For nearly 10 years, Seither has assisted small business owners to help put their companies on a path to prosperity.

Smart and successful…


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Very successful business people practice the 3 ‘D’s’ of business. Find out what they are and rate yourself here…

Every day I work with small business owners who dream of making it big. And every month I interview successful entrepreneurs who have made it big. The big guys all started small. And they all (without exception) practiced the three D’s of business. I’ll outline them here and then ask you to rate yourself…


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Which is more important… delivery or sales? Should you be in doing or out selling? Learn the 5 steps to the ‘The In-Out Dance” here…

As a small business owner you’ll be familiar with ‘The In-out Dance’ I’m sure.  It goes like this.  You are busy in the business, delivering your service or product, working hard, working hard.  There’s too much to do and you need help.  So you hire some people and now you have to spend…


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Can describe your business in one word? Take the challenge here…

Here’s an interesting…


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You Can Build These 4 Pieces of Your Home Office

The home office has made a radical transformation in the last five or so years. What was once a place of necessity, where you could retire to catch up on some work during off-hours, is now a place of great value. For many people the home office has become the primary office. With that revelation comes the desire to make home offices wholly ours.

Perhaps I'm biased, because of my line of work as a home contractor, but building something, rather than buying it, provides a much more…


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The Do’s and Don’ts of Throwing an Office Holiday Party

The holiday season is here again, and if you’re a small business owner that can only mean one thing – it’s time to start planning for the annual office holiday party.  Quotidian though they may seem, office parties have become an important part of the American workplace over the years. While many offices tend to be less productive during the season, a good holiday party can help your employees…


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What You Must Know When Starting a Business

Even if you are running a small home-based business, you will have to comply with many local, state and federal regulations. Avoid the temptation to ignore regulatory details. Doing so may avert some red tape in the short term, but could be an obstacle as your business grows. Taking the time to research the applicable regulations is as important as knowing your market. Bear in mind that regulations vary by industry. If you’re in the food-service business, for example, you will have to deal…


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Biz 911: Creating Fast Cash When You Need It

If you have a boutique biz, this is the perfect time of year to kick it into high gear - especially if you’ve been feeling stuck, stagnant, under earning or suddenly your back is really against the wall! Here are a few things that I have found work well and work fast when you need … oh, well… instant results!

1. Work ONLY for MONEY $$. This may sound basic, but it’s easy to get lost in a long list of “to-do’s”. Let go of growing your list, improving…


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What Small Business Owners Can Learn From Big Corporations

Sometimes it can seem that your business has little in common with large, multi-national corporations. Whereas they have thousands of employees, huge marketing budgets and international brand recognition, your business has a handful of workers and your marketing budget is often non-existent. 

Saying this, although all companies are different, there are some useful tips small business owners can pick up from watching how larger companies operate. Here are five lessons small business…


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The Importance of Getting Your Recruitment Process Right

Have you got a strong team of talented workers behind you who you know will put in the extra effort to ensure your business is a success? If not, you need to look again at your recruitment process, as it is from the moment you advertise your job roles that you start building your team of dedicated and hard-working employees who will help your business grow. 

Getting the recruitment process right is vital to the success of a business, however so many small business owners are keen to…


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