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Secretary Services for Enhancing the Functions of an Organization

A company secretary is an important person in an organization who plays various roles in the development process. Organizations that are willing to plan their operations successfully must work with a professional for obtaining optimum results. It is necessary to consider some facts before hiring secretarial services from the markets.

What are the duties of corporate secretary?

A corporate secretary is responsible for the efficient…


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Thinking Through Your AWS Migration? Five Planning Considerations

A leading international marketer and distributor of agricultural products and specialty chemicals, with more than $3 billion in sales, planned to build its own IP in the precision agriculture space to deliver smart agriculture. The company found a solution in Amazon Web Services (AWS).…


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Advantages of Accepting Online Payments

If you are a business that exists online, then you definitely need to offer your customers the choice of making online payments. If you do not, you are losing a great deal of income. Of course, some people are not entirely confident about making online payments thanks to credit card theft and other online scams. However, since technology and cyber security has vastly improved, there is no need to worry about such problems anymore. If you are still not confident about utilizing this method…


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Latest Trends in the field of iPhone App Development

Apple’s iPhone is the most favorable brand in the market of mobiles that is loved by many, despite its high cost as compared to other smartphones. With a number of iPhone models launch till now, the company has been generating huge revenues over the years.

The App store of Apple has…


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Tiny Productivity Killers That Eat a Lot of Your Time

Do you hate yourself when you waste time doing some unnecessary things instead of working, studying, training, or just doing something worthy? That’s because of some loopy productivity killers that often tempt you. Fight them and you’ll become more productive in everything you do. Here are some of the most common time-killers along with tips on how to kick them out of your day.



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The Ultimate Solution For Online Surveys

Get your customers’ surveys (feedback, reviews, comments, answers) combined with CRM data & know what makes your customers satisfied. Survey Rocket, a feature rich tool automates feedbacks and augments business relationships with your customers.…


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Useful Excellent UI Design Tips For Mobile Apps

The use of mobiles has increased massively. People are accessing the internet more through the mobiles than the traditional computer sets. As online sales have increased, the role of the mobile apps has a great deal of importance in the business transactions of the current age. These apps…


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7 Big Money Saving Tips for Your Small Business in 2017

Any person in the planet would gladly take the option of saving money over spending more. No one in the right mind would pay a higher amount for something than what is possible. For small business owners, this sheer will to actually save money is amplified tenfold not only because of the desire to widen profit margins but the need to do it as well. In order to survive as a business long enough for them to realize gains, a small business must be able to ride the volatile…


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The Ultimate 2017 New Year’s Resolution for Small Business Owners Broken Down Into 15 Steps

According to Statistics Brain, only 8% of Americans that make a New Year’s resolution, achieve their resolution. Even though that’s a disheartening statistic, we want to help you be successful in keeping your business goals this year.

As such, we bring you the ultimate 2017 New Year’s resolution for small…


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Simple Strategies to Become a Productivity Superhero

Every time I feel that my productivity level falls down I start to wonder what pill I need to take to become a productivity hero. Nowadays, productivity defines the leaders and helps you stay atop. If you do not show stunning results within the short period of time, you are just another person who is capable of mediocre results. But do you really want to be one of the average-level employees or do you deserve something…


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4 Ways to Cut Business Expenses With Technology

No matter how the current level of productivity of your business, there are things you can do to cut your business expenses and maximize your profits. Technology makes it possible to do this in many ways. Here are four major ways you can cut your business costs with technology.

Opt for the Cloud…


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Top 5 Tips to Manage a Small Content Agency

If you’re serious about content marketing or producing content in general, there are going to be more than one person involved. After all, effective content marketing isn’t solely the domain of marketing for they don’t know everything that matters in a company. It’s something that the whole company…


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3 Simple Ways to Build a Strong Online Presence

A strong online presence is a key element for online marketers. You have to possess the ability to connect with your business whenever you want. Strong online status is something really important for online marketing despite the size or type of your business.…


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Significance of Having Loyalty Programs for Customers

Every business is competing with one…

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A Message for the Entrepreneurial Set: With a New TMS, Every Day Can be Small Business Saturday

It wasn’t that long ago – 2010, to be precise – Small Business Saturday entered, stage right, onto the American economic scene.  It was on the day after “Black Friday,” the post-Thanksgiving launch to the Christmas shopping season.

As a promotional idea, Small Business Saturday was brilliant. Did you know that its origin was the 3/50 Project, a brainchild of Cinda Baxter of Minneapolis? Until recently, I didn’t either.

Back in March of 2009, Cinda suggested that if half the…


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5 Ways to Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value


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How to Start a Virtual Office Business from Scratch

We’re quickly approaching 2017 and you’ve finally decided to turn your dream of opening your own business into a reality. You’ve realized that you can build your startup with little to no capital if you keep your overhead costs low. The practical and affordable virtual office business model seems very attractive to you and you’re ready to push forward.  

In this special article, we give you a basic understanding of …


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Top 7 Tools for Successful Content Writing

Since the creation of the first online websites, content has become a critical aspect of any online company. In fact, content has always been important: magazines, product descriptions, advertisements, they are basically content pieces that customers consume each and every…


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