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How to Prevent Affiliate Marketing Frauds

Listed below are essential pointers on how to spot and avoid online affiliate frauds:

  • Check the company’s reputation. Before joining a company offering an affiliate program, check its background and reputation.  Affiliate marketing scammers may put up a website that looks like the real thing overnight only to disappear after victimizing people.  Never sign up in a rush or without conducting your own investigation.
  • Don’t…

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5 Tips for Using Google+ for Business

Google+ now has over 90 million members... and has achived this in only a few moths! You need to be there are be one of the pioneers.

Google+ allows for business pages, like Facebook does. Here are 5 quick tips on how you can use Google+ for Business Pages.

You Can +1 a Page to Show Support or Add Them to Your Circles

You already love some brands and businesses. Others you may want to show a quick note of support, but not see all their…


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Business Loan Types You Can Post for at Weemba

It can get confusing, trying to pick exactly which loan type or purpose to use when creating your project. Here’s a list of types…


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Get Genuine Windows Kit (and get a legal copy of Microsoft Windows)

Today we’re going to go over how to make your copy of Windows legal (assuming it isn’t). Perhaps you bought a computer from Ebay  or Craigslist or a friend or family member ‘worked’ on your computer and installed a bootleg copy of Windows from a shady site.

The latter happened to a client of mine and she called saying she was getting pop-ups (from Microsoft), letting her know her copy of Windows wasn’t valid.

If you get WAT (Windows activation tool) popups saying your copy of…


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How Weemba Compares With Other Sites

Weemba is unlike any other existing site, with different characteristics of the internet, blended to create something new and unique.

By now you’ve probably seen some info on this site that tells you…


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What is Weemba?


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You want it? Then you better be ready to fight for it.

I firmly believe that we are all capable of accomplishing our goals, but only if we're willing to put in the blood, sweat and tears it takes to achieve them. Yet, so many people make excuses. It's like they want to skip over the hard part (the actual work), and just magically become successful. I'm sorry, but it doesn't work that way. You have to hustle, work hard, and sweat it out in order to get what you want. For most of us, very little will happen until we're ready for that kind…


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How to SEO and getting your website to rank

Here is a list of seo tricks you should know, it is an original post by me and offers some advice on what you need to know before hiring someone to do SEO work for your business. 

Following that you can read my post on Discover how you can get your website to the top page of Google results…




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FREE B2B Advertising

I offer free business-to-business advertising on my business blog. For more info please visit

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FREE Marketing Checklist - 47 Business Booster Ideas

Sign up to my blog to receive your FREE copy of my marketing checklist - 47 business booster cheats for marketers >>

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Have you seen this yet? Facebook offering Free Ads to Small Businesses in early 2012

“Facebook along with the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, is launching a program called, Facebook Small Business Boost, which is giving away up to $10 million in free advertising in early 2012.

Each business that qualifies can…


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1 (Often Ignored) Clue That Could Boost Your Engagement on Facebook

*This post was originally published on*

While big social media campaigns, contests, and landing tabs can certainly increase your fans on Facebook, sometimes, all you have to do is pay a little more attention to the small signs in the social network.

When you’re logged in as a page admin on the social network, take a closer look at the “Recommended Pages” section that can be seen at the right-hand side of the page. This is where Facebook lists…


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Six Reasons Micro-Business Owners Fail & How to Avoid Them

If you’ve ever told anyone about your plans to go into business for yourself, it’s a pretty safe bet someone has replied, in no uncertain terms, that you’re doomed to failure.

Then you nod and smile and keep walking your path. As well you should.

The problem…


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Tips on Handling Clutter

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I’m not one to do that because I feel that if something needs to change, why wait for a new year – just get going with it!  Perhaps many of you have thought about having a cleaner office or home in 2012.

Do you find yourself postponing opening mail or organizing small stacks of paper and then the small stacks get larger and soon you’re avoiding the stack and hoping it’ll all resolve itself? Here are a few tips and suggestions that…


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You Can't Ignore This in 2012

According to Google, consumer engagement increases by 85 percent when a mobile website is available.

This is what small business owners don’t know and in this economy, if a micro business didn’t know that this is a fact and not fiction they might become history and we would not…


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Building a Social Media Strategy is Like Building a Home

Every element of virtual visibility comes back to your relationship with the customer.  It’s about engagement…about the conversation. 

Let’s think about it another way.  Let’s think about Facebook, Twitter, YouTube…they are all different neighborhoods.  Each neighborhood has a different vibe and the houses in each have their own flavor.  The homeowner’s association sets the rules about how the outside of the house can and cannot look but what goes on in your own house is a bit more…


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Small Business Grant Program

A grant program was just launched by Brother and StartupNation. They will be awarding five $5,000 grants in March, and winners will be selected based on their business plan.

You have plenty of time to create or improve your business plan and enter the competition! Imagine what you would do with $5,000 in your business. …


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Small Business Owner Resume Template

Last year, Simon Salt wrote a post on the Bonfire blog about why a business owner needs a resume. It outlines a few situations that might make sense to have a resume prepared.

I recently expanded the list of…


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Professional Photo Retouching and Restoration Services

Color Experts International (CEI) is an US based online photo retouching service provider. We have experienced photo retouch artists who are using digital photo retouching techniques with creative mind to provide the quality Photoshop retouching, basic…


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Happy New Year!

Our first blog entry for the new year! Wow our vacation from our blog lasted much longer than expected. In the meantime we have been working hard to figure out how to make our blog better. After all, if we don’t enjoy writing our blog, who will enjoy reading it?

Our first New Year's Resolution is to revamp our blog. How? By choosing topics that are interesting and relevant for us and our readers. By incorporating more resources for our readers, including an interesting read for each…


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