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The State of Unified Communications in the Enterprise

Time, talent, and customers are three essentials that relate to every business. They also represent three challenges that many organizations can address successfully with unified communications.

XO Communications has created an infographic that describes the state of unified communications in the enterprise. (See below)

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Easy Way to Build or Rebuild Your Credit

I deal with many customers that have experienced setbacks with their credit rating. The reasons are many, from employee theft to drastic market changes to divorce. I get a lot of referrals from credit repair professionals that have small business owner clients. Because of that I've become aware of a program many smaller banks offer that can help people looking to rebuild, or if they're younger just build, their credit.

As far as I know larger banks do not have this product, although…


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5 Keys To Achieve Internet Marketing Success

Internet Marketing, which is also referred to as online marketing, internet advertising, or online advertising, is a type of marketing that uses the internet to promote messages on businesses and services to consumers. Most of us are familiar with internet marketing even if we don’t know it: mobile advertising, web banner advertising, and the pop up ads we see on the internet everyday are all examples of internet marketing.

If you have a product or service that you would like to…


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Basic SEO Tips to Follow While Optimizing Website

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Before going to share few tips about SEO for beginners, here is a brief introduction about what SEO is. Search engine optimization if done in a right way on website can help in making a very good improvement in website visibility on search engines. If you are not are much technically linked with…


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Top 4 Reasons the Bank Declined Your Loan and What to do About it!

Most of the potential customers I speak with have become a bit fatigued. Hours of preparing financial statements and projections, writing out a business plan, and filling out applications have them worn out. Especially since they can't find a lender willing to back their venture. They're about to give up, forgoing growth opportunities to spare themselves further frustration and dejection.

I've found one of the primary reasons for this is that most business owners are not aware that…


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Best Ways to Improve your Content Writing Skills

Those who choose content writing as their profession must follow the right approach that can help them becoming an ace writer. Below are the tips and different ways a writer should follow for the betterment in their content writing skills:

Keep your Basics Strong: This is the initial thing in which should have a strong hand. Most of the people who are having good communication skills start writing but they should follow golden rules of English grammars on writing a…


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How to Spot a Fake Network Marketing Opportunity

All the economic turmoil we have witnessed over the course of the last few years introduced a lot of uncertainties into people’s lives. The increased need for alternative career options, and additional income flows lead to the real explosion of various network marketing options. Today, 15.8 million US citizens are working from their homes full-time, while 50% of American homes are, in some…


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Benefits Of Management Software

Facilities maintenance can be a serious challenge. The prolific use of maintenance management software will allow a manufacturer or service provider keep track of assets. Even with multiple branches to a network, the entire network can be managed effectively with this software. Think about the legs of a spider. They have to move in coordination for the whole creature to do what it must most efficiently in order to survive. The proper software assists with all machines tracking as well as…


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The Best Financial Apps on the Market

We’ve all been there, it’s the middle of the month and we find we only have £50 left in the bank. Why is there too much month at the end of your money? Maybe if you hadn’t bought lunch the other day you could have got that taxi home instead of walking for 40 minutes in the rain!

Most people feel comfortable and…


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Getting the small business loans online is easier

Many people are doing small business through online that suits the amount they have in hand. To develop the business to move to the next level people need financial assistance for their business. You can find many online lenders on the internet stating, “Getting small business loans is easy in simple steps easily”. Many online lenders are saying just for attracting the people towards them. After that they will ask you to enter some basic details through online. But they don’t give the surety…


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Outsourcing Havens around the Globe

There are two major reasons for a company to resort to outsourcing. First one is of purely financial nature. Namely, sometimes hiring an in-house team to deal with one aspect of your business is not an option (especially for startups or small and medium businesses). Second reason is the quality of service, since even if you do assign this particular job to some of your employees, the results still won’t be as satisfactory as if you hired a professional. In both of these cases,…


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What good would happen if you didn't micromanage?

Dashing through the thick forest that represents your business, how many days have you sent rushing from tree to tree, stomping out fires

Small business owners are chronically busy & sorta proud, as if swamped meant loaded.

outsourcing naturally asks you to take the bigger view of your biz, to see the entire forest, not just the nearest redwoods.


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Manage the Surge In Unstructured Data

Business everywhere are having to deal with more and more data every year. By 2020, most businesses will have to be able to manage about 50 times more data than they are managing currently. 

XO Communications has created a infographic that describes this surge in unstructured data. Please check it out below.…



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Essential Considerations When Designing Your Next Website

Photo Credit: Descrier

A website is not a physical object, but it should be brought into the world like one. A website should be prototyped, developed, tested, and tested again. A website is so much more than just an arrangement of element on a page. Great amounts of thought go into…


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How To Apply For A Patent

Intellectual property is best known as a patent. The trouble with patents is that if the paperwork is incomplete or you do not fill it out properly, you risk the patent being rejected or the idea, concept, or copyright not being protected correctly.

Here is a how to article to help you with getting your patent submitted and filed:

1.    You need to first find out if the idea that you are seeking a…


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4 Tips for Diving into the Freelance Marketing World

As a freelancer, your time is often divided between seeking out new clients, maintaining current clients, and then, occasionally, actually doing the work. The good news is that you can combine the first two activities with surprisingly little effort. Here are some ways to dip your toes in marketing your designs through existing clients.

Display Confidence…


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The Most Overlooked Lead Generation Resource

Most companies have access to a drastically underused resource that makes lead generation significantly easier.

Marketers miss it. Executives overlook it.

What is it?

Your sales team.

You could probably be learning much more from your sales team about lead generation than you realize. Marketers tend to work in a silo that’s separated from sales. We fail to formally agree on a definition of…


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25 Things every small business website needs

Nearly half of all small businesses don’t have websites. It’s incredible, but true, at least according to the infographic, Customer-Friendly Websites, published in December of last year. According to this study, only 51% of small businesses have a website.

If you’re the owner of a business without a website, maybe you’re putting it off because you think most people don’t…


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Merchant Cash Advances: It’s Not At All a Business Loan

What do you do if you are a little entrepreneur searching for some additional cash? Possibly it is around the holiday and you have eased back to a creep, yet despite everything you have to pay your bills to keep the business running until it grabs once more. The answer could fall into your lap as a merchant cash advance. It is not an advance from the bank it is a way that entrepreneurs get capital now…


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What You Need to Know About Blog Post Promotion

Guess how many blog posts get published every day…  1,000? 10,000? 100,000?

No, there are 2 million blog posts published every day.

There are some common reactions to this information.  For someone with a blog, they realize they publish in competition with those 2 million other blog posts. They see their one little blog post as barely a drop of…


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