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How To Send Money Quickly And Cheaply

Seas, mountains, and boundaries are never enough to separate people, no matter the distance between them. Whether you’re working overseas, spending your vacation in a far off land, or just taking a trip out of town, you will need to connect with those near and dear to you once you reach your destination.

While technology and the internet have made it possible to communicate with people all over the globe with nothing more than a click of a button, businesses and companies have come up…


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How To Buy Business Insurance

If you run a business, then you have likely been looking at all of your options when it comes to purchasing business insurance. There are so many different choices out there that it can make it quite difficult for you to know who to go with. That being said, what can you do in order to make sure that you get the best insurance? What sorts of things should you be looking for? Here are a few tips that you can consider during your search.

-          Talk to other business owners to…


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How to Cross Train Your Marketing and Sales Teams Today

If you’ve never cross-trained your sales and marketing teams, this is a great place to start.

Cross-trained employees who have a working knowledge of different roles and responsibilities are more in sync and tend to reach goals faster. This method is especially important for sales and marketing, which are notoriously tough to align.

Sales teams ignore as much as 80% of marketing leads, according to recent…


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7 Reasons Why Social Media Tracking Can Improve Your Customer service

Social media is probably the biggest revolution in industrial since the industrial revolution. Never before has it been so easy to connect with such a wide range of people at the click of a button! It is now possible to communicate instantly with customers and potential customers anywhere in the world.

The development of social media has also opened up many new possibilities in respect of marketing and product testing. The traditional methods of TV, radio, billboards and even…


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The More Human You Are, the More Successful You and Your Company Will Be.

With texting and emails and less and less personal contact, some of the human touch seems to have been lost.  And that can be a crucial difference in how you communicate and address issues that help you as a leader and drive your company’s success.

The New York Times runs a column called “The Corner Office,” every Sunday in their Business Section, where they interview executives across industries, from entrepreneurial to Fortune 500 companies.  Recently they interviewed…


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3 Ways to Reach Your Target Audience Without Breaking the Bank

Whether you’re selling a product to consumers or promoting a service to B2B prospects, the endgame is getting your message in front of the right person at the right time.

There are lots of ways to connect with target audiences. The challenge is how to create connections that drive conversions in a cost-effective way. This task can be especially daunting for entrepreneurs…


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SMB Benefits from Switching to a Cloud-based Communication Solution

Small businesses tend to think of their telephones as a utility that is necessary, but somewhat of a depreciating asset. While some look at a handset as an antiquated piece of technology, the desk staple is more than a paperweight and can actually work as a revenue-generating tool.

By continuing to rely on traditional analog phone systems for service, SMBs are missing out on the efficiency and revenue-generating capabilities offered by integrated…


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Importance of Social Media Marketing

Being good in marketing nowadays means that you have to adjust to the changing rules which govern the Internet, otherwise you might fall back and it is hard climbing back from a chasm. Being a strong part of modern marketing strategies, social media networks are indispensable tools to use as a viable marketing tool.

Lowering Your Marketing…


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IT Stressed Out? - 3 Process Improvements that Can Help

Henry Ford

Henry Ford did not invent the automobile. He figured out how to mass produce them by adapting the assembly line, which was actually invented by Eli Whitney to manufacture muskets. Prior to Whitney, muskets were made one at a time by a craftsman’s hand. Whitney invented the assembly line and built muskets with standardized and interchangeable…


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Implementing Google Apps for Work

For a real businessman there is nothing more important than equipping your office adequately. Proper equipment can easily utilize the way your office works and significantly increase productivity. However, you have to bear in mind that in the 21st century equipment is more virtual than material. What this means is that today when equipping your office, it is an imperative that you find the right apps. As always, when in doubt, Google comes to the rescue.…


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Tips to Successfully Manage a Business Website of any Size or Function

It is just not enough to just have a run-of-the-mill website for your business any more. Your business website needs to add value to the services and products you have to offer, and showcase your brand and company ethics properly.

If you want to be taken seriously as a business, you have to be credibility online. Fact.

If you are the most efficient and…


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I Saved This Company $14,000 in One Month. Here's How You Can Too.

It’s a well known thought that it usually takes an increased amount of revenue and resources for businesses to acquire new customers compared to retaining their existing customers.

With that said though, if your business is actively using pay-per-click platforms like Google Adwords and Bing to find those new customers,…


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Developing an Explosive Content Marketing Campaign

There comes a time in a business’s lifespan where it must branch out into the world of online marketing, and as technology become increasingly relevant, this time is appearing much more early within the life of the company. While this is not a bad thing, many businesses are missing out on a large amount of potential. Content marketing.

What is content…


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A Corporate Christmas Party – Can you afford not to have one?

Whether you love or loathe the festive season, for many the corporate Christmas party is one of the biggest social events on the company calendar, even if you are just a small business. However, with many businesses looking to cut costs in a tough financial climate, the office Christmas party may be seen as an unnecessary extravagance by some management teams.  Before axing the idea…


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Small Business Saturday is a Boost to Start-Up Business

Have you ever heard about Small Business Saturday?

I am sure if you live in the USA, this is not new to you. Well for those not familiar with Small Business Saturday, this is shopping holiday held annually in the United States of America. The Idea behind Small Business Saturday is to promote local shopping among the Americans and give the start-up businesses an opportunity to market their products. The shopping holiday aims to promote the local entrepreneur by…


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Running An e-commerce Website on a Budget

Between web-hosting, security and the many other expenses that must be put into an e-commerce website, many of these startups run into financial burdens that can cripple or even kill the website entirely. The risk of these setbacks sends many aspiring store owners fleeing at the first site of failure without exploring the alternate opportunities available for these sites. Thankfully, there are many low-budget opportunities for e-commerce websites to succeed on the web today.…


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Importance of Good Ecommerce Store for Your Business

It is obvious now that the world is moving rapidly into the digital realm. The area of business is not excluded from this path. A research done by Coleman Parks found that 21-40% of business’ incomes are a direct result of ecommerce and that number will probably grow even more in the next couple of years. Ecommerce is also a cheaper option than traditional brick and mortar store and it can save time for both you and your customers. For an entrepreneur striving to retain a competitive edge,…


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Utilising the Power of Classic Marketing for Your Small Business

Working on growing your business to become big and successful will require a bit of know-how, and of course some good old marketing to attract more customers. However, you will have to look into different approaches you can have, and go with the ones you can afford.

Let people talk about your business

Instead of spending a lot of money on advertising, it is best to let your customers do it for…


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How to Improve Your Website Engagement With Quality Photography

Images are not used only to fill in the empty space on a website. They help making the whole website look better. Just entering the website and reading the text is something people no longer do. They want to experience the whole page. They want something interesting, something that will easily grab their attention.

Quality photography is exactly this. Not only that you can find photos that are connected to the content of your website, but you can also find high…


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8 principles of brand building every business owner must know

Ok here comes another rant.  Something else I feel PASSIONATE enough to SHOUT ABOUT IT. Today’s outpouring is about your brand… and why if you seriously want to grow, you must take this subject very seriously indeed.

I do believe the power of a company’s brand is the single most misunderstood and under appreciated aspect of doing business.

I also believe…


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