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Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best Online Shopping Cart Software

The steady growth in the popularity of e-commerce over a past decade has made many aspiring entrepreneurs incline towards this online business. So if you are about to sell a product or to list a service, an E-commerce website is crucial for it to capitalize on this explosive online sales growth environment.

The easy access to technology has brought a plethora of options to choose from. But how do you know you are choosing the right one?. This post could well guide you for it with… Continue

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7 Social media marketing solution for WordPress development Firms

The business started looking at Social media presence as an important marketing avenue quite recently. But after that, there was no looking back.

Being just present on every Social Media channel was never the aim. Facebook is brimming with 2.2 billion active monthly users closely followed by YouTube at 1.9 Billion and then with Instagram at 800 million. Yes, the number is huge but it will not add to your revenue unless you have a top strategy in place.

"Be wary of…


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Advantages of Integrating WordPress & Salesforce You Must Know About!


Talk of CRM and one name that always ranks first on the list of sales professionals is – Salesforce. And why not? It is quite obvious for them to lean towards a tool that offers excellent functionalities for organizing and storing the company’s data. The value of this data upsurges when you integrate it with a CMS.

That being said, WordPress is one of the most used Content Management Systems in the world. Today, we will talk…

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Deciding on The Type of HDMI Cable You Need, How to Go About It?

What is the best part about HDMI cables? "They make the connections of HD components in my Home theatre easy. And I can enjoy movies in a stress-free way." You may say. Well, that is overwhelmingly true. However, there are a number of HDMI adapters and cables available online and each of them come with certain capabilities and specifications. The type of cable you choose depends on the…


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Advantages of the Business Process Outsourcing

Business process outsourcing is a method where one company provides its work to another company for performing different tasks (process). The parent company provides details of the process and tasks to other company. Other company hires employees for performing such tasks. The parent company provides revenue to the company. The business operations are explained by the company to its clients.…


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Addiction in the Workplace: Advice for Employers

Substance abuse and addiction isn’t a new problem; it is something that people have struggled with for many years, and decades. What is new, is the sheer number of people who report a substance abuse problem. The American Addiction Centers' statistics show that more than 21.5 million adult Americans, those ages 12 and older, are currently battling a substance use disorder. And those are just the ones who have reported a…


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Users' Anticipating Attributes On A Rental Booking App


Either you are owning an online rental booking platform for booking the house rentals or rentals in a specific destination or being a travel guide for the vacationers. You will exactly need an advanced online booking portal to garner the customers.


Are asking why?. Holiday rental scripts allow customers to reserve the rental services…


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Odoo: An Application Suite with High Customization Capabilities

ERP isn’t a hyped concept. Especially when it comes to large enterprises; investing into a good ERP software has become crucial. Since its introduction in the 20th century as a basic software, to being the most adopted IT solution; ERP has come a long way. It gives your business a competitive edge by integrating different functionalities into a single application.

Odoo is one such…


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Advanced SEO Techniques for Better Ranking of Your Website in 2019!

Advanced-SEO-Techniques-for-Better-Ranking-of-Your-Website-in-2019.png Say “S” “Sssssssss” Say “E” “Eeeeeeeee” Say “O” “Ooooooo” Say “SEO”

No matter how loudly you may reiterate the word or flaunt your knowledge about Search Engine…


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5 Best Business ideas With Live Streaming Apps


Have you ever tried live stream? Have you ever felt any moment worth and thrived to share with your lovable one? When you are about to meet the old group of buddies isn’t it worth sharing their expressions on their face to your friend's network to cherish for lifetime?. The present live streaming script has got covered up all these needs at best.


But this post reveals the best possible ways to generate revenue from the live streaming business.



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Blockchain Technology Can Create Wonders, But What Risks It May Carry

Life with blockchain:

The blockchain is a digital platform where all transactions of information or funds or data take place and stored. Since the time of blockchain came into existence, transfer of digital currency in the form of cryptocurrency has become easier and more feasible. Blockchain supports all kind of cryptocurrency and it allows the user to have…


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Why is CRM such an important tool for an organization in the year 2019?

Regardless of the industry, customers are an important part of the ecosystem. It seems everything the business does revolve around them. Business spends a lot of time and effort in nurturing a relationship with the customers. This is where primarily CRM comes into the picture. CRM is the tool that deals technically with the customer relationship aspects for an organization but why does it become so important is what we are looking for.…


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How to Align Your Online and Offline Marketing Efforts

Marketing has always been an integral part of a company’s success, which is why investing in marketing campaigns is highly important in the business world. However, many companies still struggle with making both online and offline strategies shine. New technologies have made it easier for companies to spread the word to their potential clients, and online marketing has opened many doors and makes it easier to bring in more clients than ever before. However, you shouldn’t forget about offline…


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All About Small Business Website Marketing On Social Media

There is always a factor of risk in any kind of a business, not to mention the time and efforts that go in to bring a certain degree of stability in it. While traditional marketing methods have their own positives, what cannot be neglected is the fact that social media marketing is no more an optional path to take for any business. It has become more of that obvious tactic to…


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What Makes Magento a Stepping Stone to Success For Ecommerce Businesses?

Magento, an open source e-commerce platform, is one the best CMS than can tackle your eCommerce orders and appropriately assists the online merchants to make the ‘User-based requirement site.The realm of ecommerce is growing exponentially. It's not new to spectacle a new ecommerce store mushrooming every other day.

If you have been mulling over the idea of migrating your business…


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How to Choose the Right Logistics Delivery Management Software?

Similar to several other businesses, logistics and transport businesses are in the lookout for top-notch logistics management tools. Of course, there are quite a lot of options available in the modern world, but selecting the most optimal and viable software solution may prove tricky to fleet owners and entrepreneurs in the delivery business. Software solutions offer great choice and scope; it requires diligently understanding and picking the right one. The ideal solution must have useful…


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Why Should You Invest into Superior Quality Fiber Optic Cables?

When it comes to having a robust network infrastructure, Fiber Optic cables are the best choice. And if you have zeroed upon this choice, it is important that you undertake the task properly. If the cables are mediocre and cheap, they are sure to give troubles like faulty performance, hazardous environment, and low performance.

Hence, you must invest into superior quality fiber optic…


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6 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Strategy

The digital media has taken over all the major spheres of our lives. It is predominated businesses across industries and drastically changed how audiences consume information. It is inevitable for companies to stay abreast with all the technological advancements taking place. Internet marketing agency account that how people online consume content nowadays has affected the entire marketing game. Marketers at such firms have adapted to this trend and…


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3 Simple, Actionable SEO Tips for SMBs

Here a Digital Hothouse , we work with clients large and small. Whilst it’s great working with bigger brands, we enjoy the challenge of working with SMBs who are fighting those bigger brands for a slice of the organic pie.

For as many companies as we take on as clients, we have to turn twice as many down. This is often down to budgetary constraints – we simply can’t deliver ROI with the budget available, especially for small businesses.



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What Should I Expect From A Security Tech Company?

One thing you’re guaranteed to get from a security tech company is reports. Their software is continuously updating them about everything safety-wise, which is a great thing for the clients, but a pain to read.

One of the defining features of the times we live in the fact that we are so integrated with technology. This makes communication simpler, it makes certain areas of life more efficient and certainly adds comfort to our lives, but it has a downside.

Almost every piece of…


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