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Tips To Boost Your Magento Web Store Sales

If your business does not have an online presence, you are still living in the 20th Century. It is imperative that you move to the online platform. Having your web store built in Magento, it is clear that you are ahead in the race. However, that is just another level of the race. There are millions fishing in the ecommerce domain and everyone is merely surviving.


So, the million dollar question is, how to step ahead of the race? How to jump start your business…


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5 Mistakes You Might Have In Your Pitch Deck Designs

Venturing out as a start-up is scary, intimidating, and nerve-wracking. And it often culminates in one moment – delivering the pitch. You poured hundreds of hours into your business plan, and you deeply believe in it. But now you have to persuade someone else to believe in it as well: investors.


Investors are the primary source of capital for many start-ups, so delivering an effective, professional pitch is vital to your success. And to…


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8 SEO Trends You Need To Know in 2019

Every year, we get new trends in SEO that every SEO expert needs to work with so that search results will go in their website’s favor. If you are not an expert in SEO, it is best that you go for SEO services in Seattle so that you will not be making mistakes. But if you want to learn SEO and how to utilize its trends then you can get a head start in 2019 by knowing these trends.…


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How A Workplace Chat App Can Keep Your Team In Sync?


Communication is the key aspect of any organization. Be it a low-level knowledge transfer or a message circulated from the management authority it should reach the right personals then and there. It requires some common communication medium.


Emails are meant to do that work, but recently it is rendered to be ineffective due to the many…


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Top Tips For Staying Mentally Well At Work

Physical and mental fitness are important in every workplace. Although you might know this already, you can turn your lunch break into a fruitful one (Healthwise). Here are a few tips how.

  1. Organize a picnic with colleagues. Avoid having your packed lunch on your office desk and take advantage of the clean air outside. Take a friend or two during lunch break and have your lunch seated someone outside…

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5 Techniques to Improve ecommerce Business with AI

To welcome the change is the bit crucial as it takes such a tremendous amount of dynamism for being a part of something. It’s difficult to oppose and step out of the “Comfort zone”, and that is what human instinct is. Indeed, the best and giant organizations welcome and greet the change, looking towards opportunities to win. This insists them to take smart mover advantage. Empowering for the creative and sound guide, the attitude to disturb helps the whole firm to execute the strategic…


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Challenges Face During IIoT Implementation and How to Overcome Them?


‘Internet of Things’ – is a concept heard of, for sure. ‘Industrial Internet of Things’ – might be a fairly new concept for you. Industries that are willing to boost their productivity by working smoothly, safely and efficiently often opt for IIoT solutions.

Recently, Forbes questioned 500 executives about the challenges they face while working with IoT capabilities. Out of these, nearly 29% said that they had issues with the average…


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Investment Tips For Business Owners

Are you a business owner looking to make some extra cash from some wise investments - if so read on - we’ve some great tips for business owners.

  1. Look At Penny Stocks First

The term 'penny stock' is used to describe a stock with a selling price that is lower than a dollar. Although these investments involve a lot of volatility, their low value makes them a good option for…


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3 Features That Define A Quality Real Estate Website Design

Every Realtor dreams to own a quality real estate website design. Having a website is not enough if it’s not designed to deliver expected results. A quality real estate website is the trick to get an edge over competitors in the market. This is because a great design will have potential customers finding their war easily to your site. Getting to this requires hiring the best web designers on the market. Here are 3 features that define a quality real estate website design.…


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Best CRM for Startups in 2018

Best CRM for Startups in 2018

Customers are the most important to the success of any business. A company…


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5 Ways A Video Wall System Can Help Boost Your Business

Technology is not only shaping our lives but is helping us earn our bread and butter, better, every single day. It is in such times, that embracing new, innovative and conclusive gadgets/innovations, to boost our businesses as well as creating and impacting the lives of those we seek to improve, should be adopted wholeheartedly.…


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Retail Secrets: 8 Crucial Elements of a Store Design That’ll Attract More Customers

It’s no big secret that a great retail design can do wonders for every facet of your store. If done right, it can spruce up foot traffic, increase sales, and eventually improve overall store revenues. But the bigger question is: how can you design a retail store that’ll pull in customers from left, center and right?

Here are 8 amazing tips that’ll help you take your retail store design to the next level.

  1. Keep Displays within Customer’s Eye…

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How to Create a Movie Streaming Website & App That Users Love!

Earlier in 26th August 2014, Amazon acquired Twitch TV(a startup video streaming site) for $970 Million by vanquishing a bidding combat with Google.

But Why?

The number of global digital video users is expected to rise 800…


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Techniques to drive down the Mobile App Development Cost

Simply consider the numerous platforms and devices types on which the application must run, also every one of the distinctions in screen sizes, resolutions, storage, performance, security and innumerable different points of details. This is over negotiating the coding languages, software developer’s kits and techniques that accompanied every platform. …


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How CRM Integrated Surveys Can Help Businesses

With the rise of business opportunities & concerns, modern businesses are looking forward to integrate online surveys with CRM. Everybody is raving about CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems these days. We see dozens of system integrations are available to help leverage business data as efficiently as it comes in. CRM integrated surveys help businesses of all sizes become a lot more…


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How Can Your Customers Create Better Labels?


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5 Social Media Marketing Strategies That Shouldn't Be Used Anymore

It was a decade and a half back when social media platforms emerged and were used for personal communication purposes only. Then, businesses started creating their presence on social media to market their products in a faster and better way. Within a time span of 5 years, social media evolved…


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Why Should You Move to CRM from the Existing ERP?

When it comes to investing more in technology, it appears to be a tough decision for companies. Though such investments deliver a good return, it happens in a long run. The problem here is, it asks for the business owners to be deep pocketed as of that moment. One such decision: is it good to upgrade your existing ERP system or move on to a CRM solution investment? And will it return more for the time and money…


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What to do if your employee gets injured at work?

Workplace injuries are one of the harsh realities of doing business. Of course, they mostly happen in manual labour industries, worksites that deal with heavy machinery and power tools, as well as jobs that necessitate the use of hazardous chemicals and substances. But, remember that an employee can even get injured working in an office.…


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Why Indoor Air Quality Is So Important In the Workplace

A large number of people in Canada work in an office environment. They carry put their duties in commercial workplaces or, less commonly encountered, punch their own clock from home. What they do not realize is that the office environment is killing them. It is not the workplace, but the air that is killing them. The quality of the indoor air…


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