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How to Use an External Monitor for a Better Working Experience

As a consumer who uses a computer for basic tasks like managing a small to medium work database, or some light content editing that is mostly text, you can simply use the new all-in-one type of laptops in the market. One that folds into tablet mode for touch screen web scrolling, and has a full keyboard to type out long emails, or make content strategies. But if you have ever tried to edit video or stream games on one of those laptops, you know that we are slightly far from eliminating…


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4 Types of Loans a Startup Can Take Out

When you’re searching for loans as a startup owner, there are many sources you can turn to. Banks, online lenders and other institutions, there is a plethora of choice. You don’t even have to pinpoint the right kind of loan you need before you approach a lender – they will help you decide what type of financing will suit you the most. However, some basic inputs are necessary in order to have a general idea about the different types of loans so you’ll…


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What are the top features of the robotic process automation?

Robotic process automation which is also abbreviated as RPA is the process in which the advancements in technology are used to configure computer software, or a robot in order to integrate human actions within the working algorithms.

A special software with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities are used in this process in…


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Introducing Theme Scita: The Most Versatile Odoo Theme

We have added one more excellent theme to our ever-expanding list: Theme Scita! Our main aim with this theme was versatility. While making an Odoo website theme, it was essential that we looked at the sheer number of businesses that use Odoo for their stores.

According to Odoo, it has 4 million users!

As Odoo Ready Partners, it only made sense to showcase…


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Google AMP: How To Improve The Speed Of Your Page On Mobile

Google AMP is a technology that allows web pages to load much faster on mobile devices. Even if I call it Google AMP it's not Google's exclusive merit. This time the giant of Silicon Valley has had numerous collaborators worldwide. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, and it is an open source initiative.

It is clear, more and more users access the Internet from their smartphones. In fact, it is very likely that you are reading this post from your mobile. That's why the…


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Becoming a Domain Name Flipper: 5 Important Tips

The internet is reminiscent of the Industrial Age, ushering in its avalanche of unique opportunities. created a new genre of companies employing millions, making sincere social impact, and having huge economic significance. The boom may be over, but the effects remain with us. 

The potential for making money on the internet remains almost immeasurable. Startups and unicorns make all the headlines, but there are numerous opportunities for anyone willing to learn and put in the needed…


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5 Most Important Types of Power Cords

A power extension cord is one of those items which we often take for granted. Even at the time of buying them, we never pay attention to its small details. But the truth is that you need to pay attention while considering it for the important connections of your office or work.

To help you out in selecting the right power…


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The Future of Advertising in 2020

Advertising Agencies in Bangalore – Vistas AD Media

The future of advertising will be customized, computerized, immersive, experiential, and quantifiable. It won't have a craving for advertising.

What is the future of advertising? This inquiry has continued as far back as there were organizations, products, and…


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Understanding the Purpose of Unarmed Security Guards

Hiring an unarmed security guard can be an asset to your business as it provides a non-invasive way of protecting your assets, patrons, or employees.  Merely having a security presence present can effectively manage crime.  When people arrive at your business, they will be discouraged from committing crimes as they will be aware that the area has been secured by your…


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2019 Guide On How to Reduce Your SME In-house Legal Costs

We all know how expensive legal work can be, especially given the skills and time that go into certain cases. It’s no wonder then, that companies are seeking smart ways to do more work, for less money. If you’re wondering how to reduce in-house legal costs, this article explores the best strategies and tools on the market to help you stay on top of your spending.


A recent Law Society report…


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What Corporate Wellness Programs Do

Companies are increasingly under pressure when implementing a Corporate Wellness program that allows their employees to enjoy a better quality of life. Below, we uncover the hazards involved in a stressful work environment and the main reasons why wellness program is the perfect solution for companies to improve the health of their employees.

What are the main symptoms of a stressful corporate environment?

A stressful corporate…


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5 Top Free Travel Journal Apps To Log Your Trip

A smartphone is a traveler’s best friend. With a smartphone, you can stay in touch with people back home, find your way around, and share your adventures without the need for a travel diary. This requires having an appropriate travel app installed on your handset regardless of whether it’s Android or iOS. The right journal app should have an intuitive interface and stunning features to capture memories and geo-tag photos and videos without consuming too much data. Here’s a list of 5 top free…


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How to choose the Right technology stack : MEAN vs LAMP

When you are implementing several technologies, deciding on the right technological stack for your business is not an easy task. By enhancing your technological infrastructure, it always puts you in minor setbacks. However, you are required to do quite often, and you cannot escape that. There are various database architectures and software solutions available, and you are not aware on every one of them, so you can’t figure out which solution to go for and why.

So, in this article,…


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Tips for Hiring Asp Dot Net Developers in 2019

There are many questions you could ask too.Net developers for hire related position.

Characteristics of a decent candidate incorporate high solace…


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Millennials and Loans – How to Sort out Your Finances

Millennials have a unique relationship with money and manage their finances differently than their parents or grandparents. Such differences, as well as biases about millennials, have led to a bad financial rap for Generation Y. Unfortunately, they are also coping with bigger financial burdens than previous generations, including soaring home prices and high student loans. With such added pressure, it’s no wonder that millennials between the ages of 25 and 34…


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5 Industries that Definitely Need a Web Portal Solution

Web portals work as a gateway. Where this gateway leads, depends on the purpose you want to fulfill.

Imagine an apartment building. A lot of people live there. It is a public area but each house in that apartment is private. You can only enter a house if you have a key to it.…


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How Marketplaces Are Remodelling the Traditional B2B Pricing Structure

Marketplaces have changed the whole…


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4 Unconventional SEO Tricks to Impress the Google Search Engine

Google has gained and kept its glitz and glamour in the market for a reason. If it were true that the search engine is popular only in the native country,…


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Why Is It Necessary To Have An Email Security System?

When more than $1.4 billion are lost to email frauds and phishing attacks every year, the reason to have a powerful email security system in place is evident. Phishing attacks are one of the primary causes of loss for a business enterprise along with operational loss, decision making errors, etc.

Now, the threat of phishing attacks is something…


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