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What is better- Template website or Custom website design?

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Every business owner has the same question running through their minds ‘how to garner more profit from the business?’ Every business owner…


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How to Integrate Your Magento Store with QuickBooks

If you are an ecommerce business owner and using Magento for your ecommerce website, you must have, at some point, grappled with the task of manually integrating all your sales and customer data with your…


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Plantronics: Best Headsets For Home Office

When setting up a home office with another PC, fax machine or maybe even a copier, make certain to pick the correct phone. Your telephone will be an imperative connect to the outside world and chances are you'll be investing…


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What is a Business Intelligence tool?

Business intelligence can be defined in terms of techniques and tools for acquiring and transforming raw data into useful information that can provide meaningful benefits to business operations.


Development of Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence (BI) is a term that dates back to the mid-19th century…


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Working Women? Take Health Along With You On Your Professional Journey

“Women are no Less Than Men” a common phrase that we all are familiar with and which has been doing the rounds since long. However, the phrase is not wrong, it stands true at every place, as the women of the present era are walking hand-in-hand, matching…


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Web Design Trends for 2017

What will be the most important web design trends for 2017? Are there any new business or the old ones are staying? Probably a bit of both. Some things persist based on the material design and other things focusing on the originality will come to the force. However, it is certain that when we take our brand's image seriously and stay competitive, we will not settle for a standard theme.

Focus On Originality and Own Image

Flat design and the rise of material design make…


Added by Ashish Sharma on August 21, 2017 at 6:26am — 1 Comment

The Top Massage Therapy Etiquette Tips That You Should Know

Thinking of getting yourself the best massage treat for your birthday? Nice taste you got there, but before you strip down and hit the massage table, there are usually a few massage etiquettes that your therapist would love you to know.  At our favorite thai massage spot we have compiled them together to save you the pain of having to dig them up alone.

Take A Shower Before Your Session

Well this is never a cardinal rule since in some massage therapies like sports massage…


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Why Company Logos Suck and How to Fix Them

Think of the golden arches from McDonald’s or the swoosh from Nike.

When people see these famous logos, most are able to instantly form associations with the brand. The first with fast food and the second with athletic wear.

If you were driving down the highway and saw the golden arches, you might pull over for a quick bite to eat. Or seeing a…


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12 Things To Consider Before Buying Conference Phones

The Nokia E71 has been contrasted with the Blackberry Bold as far as brilliant email applications. Its striking screen, activity pressed camera, and quick web additionally makes it worth considering.…


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Boosting Productivity In The Office


Checklist created by Rayno Window Film

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Tips on acing your Home Loan balance transfer

Even though it may seem attractive and lead to a lower interest rate, a Home Loan balance transfer is a decision that should be planned carefully. Here’s what you need to keep in mind to get the most out of it.

A Home Loan can be a long-term commitment, and sometimes a floating interest rate can increase your EMIs to an extent when you’re forced to look for the quickest exit. In your hurry to reduce your repayment burden, you may accidently choose to proceed…


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How To Start Your Own Shoe Business

Starting your own shoe business can be overwhelming if you do not know where to start. Unfortunately, having passion for shoes is not enough to succeed in creating your own shoe business. This is because, you need an entrepreneurial role mindset if you want to find success in the shoe business. Beyond purchasing inventory and finding the right target audience or your…


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Fire Damage Restoration: Four Crucial Steps Followed by Professionals

You might have come across the word “fire damage restoration”. It is a process through which professionals reverse the damage caused by fire in your home so that you can get back to your normal ways of living. The companies that offer fire damage restoration services also provide several other services including water damage restoration,…


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HDMI Cables: Debunking Common Myths!

If you are an avid buyer of electronic products, you must…


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Top 7 E-commerce Web Design Trends to Adopt In 2018

E-commerce sales worldwide accounted for $1.915 trillion in sales up to the end of 2016. It is predicted that e-commerce sales will reach $27 trillion by the year 2020. E-commerce is fulfilling some increasingly diverse roles in the world of online selling and has come along way since the days when a little known startup called Amazon began selling books over the internet. The sector now…


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Best Web Platforms for Managing Your Subscription Business

Subscription-based businesses are often seen as a viable alternative to traditional e-commerce websites. Instead of focusing on selling individual items and shipping them to customers, subscription-based e-commerce websites offer a flat monthly fee for a particular…


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Content Writing: 8 Ways to Write Like a Content Marketing Ninja

The job of a content writer definitely has its advantages — for example, you can work from home or do it on your own schedule.

If you are a student and only consider the career of a content writer for yourself, then you should start practicing writing…


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How To Choose A Perfect Mobile App Development Company

Your business is a dream concept of yours, which is built on the seeds of your passion, creativity, and intellect; it can reach the heights of success and expand globally with a mobile app specially designed for your business needs. But wait can you give your dream, your creative notion to…


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Email Deliverability Services – What Affects Email Delivery?

Email Deliverability Services – Despite the fact that today’s a digital era, if you don’t focus on few parameters of email marketing your mails will fail to hit the bull’s eye. For your campaign to be successful, it is imperative that you maximize the potentiality of “inbox-in” messages. With low email deliverability, your brand image will…


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Phone Appending Services – Benefits of Investing in It

Phone Appending Services – Since databases have assisted marketers to carry out their marketing activities without any hassle, genuine and accurate records is the sole solution for achieving desired marketing results. But the irony is, in today’s market around 89% organizations in the United States possess data inclusive of contact numbers, that are not up to the mark.  Whether it…


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