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Are $50 Logos Bad?

I'm a regular user of the social forum, Reddit. From getting work to getting advice, it's a powerful place to interact with people. One of the forums I frequently visit is r/designjobs. And constantly, there are jobs for logo designers. The type of people posting these jobs range from startups to long standing companies to people looking for a family crest. Posters will…


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How CRM Connects Your Business with Customers and Creates the perfect Synergy?

Business is all about services. Good services! One that makes your customer happy. But, the term “Good Service” is very ambiguous. How to quantify that and put that into practice? The answer is, synergy! The synergy between you and your customer. This synergy takes place when you offer a right product to a right customer particularly when he or she is looking for it.

So, how can you create such synergy for your…


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Color Psychology in Branding

According to a survey by KISSmetrics, 93% of the consumers’ purchase decision is based on color and visual appearance of a new product. Color is also said to…


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Where and How to Hire PHP Developers

Do you have a business? Have you built a website for your business? If not, then start building it as soon as possible. Any business without a professional website is considered unprofessional. Having a website brings in many benefits such as branding, direct marketing, offering information for…


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Importance of Employee Motivation

When running a business, there are not a lot of factors that are as important as having motivated employees. To be fair, there are not a lot of factors that are as difficult to achieve, either. One of the reasons that employee motivation seems so elusive to some is the fact that it is something that needs to become a regular routine, and not just a one-time deal.

Sadly, many employers fail to understand this. This…


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Tips for Better Android Mobile Application Security

Hence, no security measure can be indeed secure and provide fool-proof security for your android application. This means that an in-depth approach is essential for your android mobile security, which should include a good mobile application development lifecycle that includes multiple protection layers. Assess your mobile using a rigorous security assessment…


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4 Ways to Increase User Engagement on Your Website

High user engagement is the main goal of any website, especially one focussed on making sales or generating leads. Engaged users will regularly visit your website and get involved with your social media pages. It is not…


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Get Sponsored – How To Get Sponsored For Your Business

Supporting a decent purpose not just furnishes organizations with helpful publicizing, it likewise makes positive attention that urges potential clients to pick your business.

The coolest part is that you needn’t…


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What Are The Advantages of The Online Ordering System?

The Internet has revolutionized the way of shopping and ordering. Because of the various advantages, more and more people these days prefer buying things online over the conventional method of going into stores. Nowadays people are busy with their schedule and lazy to outside to buy…


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Why Go for WordPress to Redesign Your Business Website?

There were days when the purpose of any website was to look good and educate customers about products and services. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the times have changed. And websites became more attractive, interactive, and above all, responsive. In 2017, talk about setting a simple website and you will business owners will nod their heads in disagreement. However, they do want to have their website on a simplistic platform which has easy backend operations…


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5 Legal Issues that Start-ups often Overlook

Do you remember the scene from Silicon Valley, where the founder gets his first investor cheque? That’s a big deal and a huge cause for celebration. But, what happens after that? When the founder goes to the bank and tries to deposit the cheque, the bank coolly informs him that he has no company.…


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5 Things to Consider Before Hiring New Employees

When hiring an employee, you need to ensure that they are a match for your company on so many different levels. First, you need to ensure that they’re qualified for the position you’re hiring for. Second, you need to be 100 percent positive that they’re a culture fit. Finally, you need to know a thing or two about their past in order to get some idea of their future behavior. Here are five considerations that will help you get these three concerns off your…


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Everything to know about the General Data Protection Regulation

Now that more and more customers are falling prey to the rising issue of security and privacy tampering, data protection has become a necessity. After big ventures like Facebook and Twitter failed to keep the data of its users secured and the hit of the…


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How to Write a Business Plan That Actually Works

So, you have a great plan for setting up a new business venture and you are sure that it is going to be a big hit this time around. Of course, a concrete idea is the first and most important step in regard to your new venture, but that’s only the beginning.  Now that you have your idea in place, the next step is to start putting together a great business plan.…


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Safe And Effective B2B Ecommerce Marketplace Script For Online Business

Usually every online websites have a significant number of users on it, on that list ecommerce websites have became a miscellaneous one for online community. Multi vendor Ecommerce websites are nothing less than a virtual shopping mall, where an user on it can view/search and buy products of his need from multiple vendors. More importantly it is letting its users to discover their needs with many advanced options just on their mobile screen, without any physical efforts. Though many online…


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Tips and Tricks to Marketing WordPress Customer Portal

WordPress is one of the most trending and popular content management systems (CMS) and is a platform used by more many websites. If statistics are to be believed, more than half of the population on the internet depends on WordPress. If you are giving a thought to open your website, you are more than likely to fall into the following categories:

1. You wish to run a website but are clueless about the platform used to build it.

2. You already have an inactive website and do not…


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5 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best for Your Small Business

Having a professional, fully working website is crucial to all businesses these days. But if you’re just starting out or as not as financially fluid as big companies are, hiring a website developer can cost you a lot of money. Fortunately, DIY website platforms such as WordPress are available. By spending a very minimal amount of money to none at all, you can set up a great-looking website that will bring you more profit and help grow your…


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Debunking Common Myths About Cloud Security

Even in 2018, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding cloud security. From the frequency of breaches to the level of difficulty in maintaining it, a lot of confusion remains. The slideshow below debunks five common myths about cloud security.  

Created by OPAQ…

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Does your small business really need SEO?

Not too long ago, search engine optimization (SEO) was a term associated with big businesses and people in the know, now you can hear in bandied about on every street corner and business meeting. Spending money on SEO is all good and fine for big businesses, but as a small business owner,…


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10 Statistics That will Lure You to Have a WordPress Website!

When you open the WordPress website, in the very second sentence it says, “Choose the Software Powering 30% of Internet”. And this website has more unique visitors than Amazon i.e. as equal as Facebook, 128 million a month. Technically this much of power means that WordPress is the engine of Internet. Here, talking about internet includes not only websites or mobile apps, but every smallest unit that works on cybermetrics. Well, that’s impressive! Especially when we are measuring out of…


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