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Simple Guide to Intellectual Protection for Businesses

You’ve seen them all. The ©, the ™, the ®, even the “pat. pending.” What does it all mean? And how can understanding trademarks, patents, and copyrights help to protect your business’s intellectual property?

Once you start to understand the differences between each type of licensing for intellectual property, you can start on working to protect them. In general, copyrights…


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Can WordPress Be Used For E-commerce?

Starting as a blogging medium in 2013, WordPress has now become one of the popular content management systems in…


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How Do I Improve SEO to Increase my Business Revenue?

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  1. Decorate your internet page loading pace

Your web page loading time is crucial for some reasons. To begin with, in case your load pace is actually too slow, Google will understand this, and it will damage your ranking.

however, a…


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How an Effective Sales Training Program Can Change Your Life

Whether you are a veteran sales professional or a newcomer to the rewarding world of sales, you may find your new career track by enrolling in a rigorous…


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7 Web Design Hacks to Help Your Small Business Stay Competitive

If you are confident with your product, your brand, and your plan, the next step is to build a website.

These days, businesses need to use websites to reach more customers. A website is crucial to your success since 97 percent of consumers search for products online before making a purchase.…


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Debunking Top 5 Myths About Inventory Management Software Solutions


You run your business on products. So, technically inventory is the heart of your business. All your business offerings depend on it and just a clumsy errors in maintaining your inventory can lead to a long hard work or even a probable loss as well.

So, you can say that it is very important but it doesn’t mean that it is complicated. For example, if you are operating on a Magento based eCommerce website, then using a…

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How to Run a Successful Small Business Website

In the online world where everyone and their dog has a profile on social media (and surfs the web), there is really no justifiable reason why a business, big or small, shouldn’t have a website and a killer marketing strategy to boot. The digital audience is growing with each…


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Do I really need a CRM for my small business?

Are you are looking for a better way to manage and grow your small business? 

Then yes, a Customer Relationship Management…


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5 Common Online Form Mistakes

We use online forms to complete just about every online activity, from shopping for new shoes to signing up for an interesting newsletter.

However, many online forms suffer from design flaws that can confuse users, or even drive them away. In addition to losing out on a sale or other conversion, poorly designed online forms can leave users with a bad impression of a company.…


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5 Team Management Hacks for SMB Owners

In a small business, the owner is often also the manager, the CEO and the overall leading spirit. Your people will look to you for inspiration and guidance, and you will be the one making all the most important decisions.

This is why you need to be a very good manager – and know how to inspire your team to give it their best, even when they don’t quite feel like it. You will need to know when to be tough and when to be a friend, yet never lose the respect and trust of your people in…


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PSD To Wordpress Conversion: Everything Enterprises Need To Know!

Wordpress is one of the perfect choices for Content Management System. Available in the web world since 2003, this technology has achieved immense popularity. Embraced by most of the blogging website worldwide, the Wordpress has even become a buzz term in the world of non-blogging websites. With the huge fan following over the years, it can be easily deduced that there’re certain exclusive and amazing features, one can only find with the Wordpress.

So, if you want to throw a…


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3 Key Traits of Mobile CRM Solutions That Can Drive Business Growth


In any business world, time is the most precious aspect. For every second saved, you coin up more money, you optimize resources. This can be done best with an optimized business process. When you drive your workforce in an organized method, it becomes easy to operate. To make your business processing proper and organize your workforce, you shouldn’t think twice about embracing Mobile CRM Solutions for business.

One of the…

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6 Ways Marketing Content Can Support a Customer

In most companies, a lot of money is spent on the customer support team as they are the team that directly faces the customers. So, a company’s success is indirectly influenced by how the CC team interacts with the customers and provides solutions to their queries.

There may be times when the customer support team doesn’t have answers to certain questions a customer asks. This may put off the customer, who may finally decide not to avail the product or service at all. This is the…


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Why is Mobile CRM Strategy Important for Your Business?


A good business is all about happy customers and happy customers are about good services. You cannot render good customer services completely from your office. Your sales team need to go out and connect with customers. Likewise, customers will also have to come to you for their request and queries.

So, either your sales team and customers need to make physical visits or there is no work done. But there is third…

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How to Manage Your Business's Online Review

From generations, humans have depended on other people’s suggestions and reviews before they purchase something. The simple concept of word of mouth has now taken another shape in the form of online reviews. Regardless of what business you are running, if you do not have positive reviews, you will never have any chances to get ahead in the competition. Investor's recent surveys have revealed that over…


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The small business guide to employee travel

You’re the person in your office appointed to book the travel arrangements for your colleagues. That means making sure their journey goes off without a hitch, finding them a hotel close to whatever meeting they’re attending and, if you’re extra-helpful, booking them a nice meal nearby.…


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Webinars, Self-Study Courses And Conferences: Which Are Best For You?

As a professional in your field, you’ve likely completed your formal education — whether years or decades ago. Regardless of when you earned your degree, the need to expand your knowledge and expertise never ends.

Disciplines such as accounting are subject to constant change — including new technologies and techniques, along with modifications to state and federal statutes. To stay current, you’ll need to pursue some form of ongoing training.

These days, industry professionals…


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4 Dangerous Myths about Disaster Recovery Planning

What to Avoid When Setting Your Disaster Recovery Plan

For many companies, their data can be the most valuable resource. That means that businesses must find ways to ensure said data is protected. The fact is that neglecting to keep the online…


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Key Ways to Make Your Business More Transparent

Key Ways to Make Your Business More Transparent

Key Ways to Make Your Business More Transparent created by Track Your…


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