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How To Successfully Split Equity In Your Startup

When a business begins to boom, anyone who helped the startup along the way will want their own piece. It can be difficult to gauge exactly what work each person has put it, and even harder to have the honest conversation of what equity each party will receive.

Arguments are bound to arise, since the process can never seem ‘fair’ to all involved. So, as a founder you need to know all of the standards you should…


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How Email Marketing Can Amplify Your Search Results

Amplifying your search results and bolstering your overall digital presence are essential steps when it comes to ensuring your company’s prosperous future. Despite the ever-growing imperative of having stellar digital operations, however, many entrepreneurs are struggling to master the intricacies of email marketing, resulting in their falling behind competitors who have better search results. In this day and age, having lackluster search results is akin to…


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How to Reduce Business Risks and Protect Your Money

As an entrepreneur, you understand the importance of risk reduction in protecting your finances and in ensuring the proper running of your business. Much like insurance companies who do this all the time by underwriting new policies by estimating all the probable outcomes of an event based on past behavior among other factors.

And insurance companies are not the only ones who employ risk management in their…


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What Does Your Business Cloud Use Really Cost?

The cost of a business cloud is a fairly new IT expense, but one that is becoming more necessary to compete in modern markets. This idea that most of a company’s information can be stored, analyzed, and shared in one place is innovative, and very easily attainable for the benefit of businesses- large or small.

With all of the out-of-pocket costs IT requires, cloud use is not even a large percentage of most…


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5 Things First-Time eCommerce Dropshippers Need To Consider

The burgeoning world of eCommerce is still developing at a breakneck pace, with many entrepreneurs and aspiring professionals turning to new means of doing business in an effort to turn a profit. Few practices have become as popular as dropshipping in recent years, with a spate of eCommerce dropshippers springing up to tap into rising demand for near-instant delivery of products. Despite this growing demand, however, many newcomers to the world of dropshipping…


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How To Do Facebook Video Marketing Properly

Facebook is the epicenter of nearly all online activity in this day and age, yet many marketing professionals are still uncomfortable relying on the platform for advertising purposes because they have little faith in their own ability to navigate it successfully. Figuring out the ins and outs of Facebook has never been easy, and the monstrously-large platform is only growing more complex and confusing to master by the day. Luckily, modern marketers can still…


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How To Invest As A Small Business Owner

The digital era can be unforgiving for small business owners, especially since major corporate enterprises are growing so large as to snuff out nearly any competition in the marketplace. In order for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to survive for long, they need to prudently invest in their future without spending so much that they break the bank and ruin their own company.

Here are some…


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